United Colors Of Benetton (UCB) Customer Care Phone Number, Office Address, Email


United Colors Of Benetton (UCB) Customer Care Phone Number, Office Address, Email

United Colors Of Benetton (UCB) is a multinational company founded in Italy by Benetton family in 1965. It is one of the most popular brand spread all over the seven continents. This company mainly deals in clothing lines under brand names like Under Colors of Benetton,  Playlife and Sisley and travel bags. Benetton is also known for sponsorship of various sports. Benetton Group has 120 centers managed by around 9000 employees all over the world. It manufactures clothes for men, women and children. Its products also include stationery and eye wear. It also manufacture branded watches and perfumes. Here is the full contact details of the company puma which you can use in time of your queries.

United Colors of Benetton (USB) Customer Care Contact Details

To know about all the products of Benetton Group and for customer care support. Unfortunately, we couldn't find USB toll free helpline number of customer care number. But we suggest you to follow the below mentioned email id of Under Colors of Benetton customer support service.

Under Colors of Benetton Customer Care E-mail Id : info@benetton.co.in

If can be used for details, complaints, product queries, inquiries, suggestions, reviews and feedback related issues.

United Colors of Benetton Head Office Contact Details

Alternatively, you can also go through with the UCB India head office too. The details included full address of Gurgaon based office withe phone number. UCB Office Address : B-25, Infocity, Gurgoan, Sector-34, Haryana - 122001 (Delhi NCR) UCB Office Phone Number : +91-124-4323333 UCB Official Website : www.benetton.com UCB E-mail id : info@benetton.co.in

Important Links

To get full information about products of Benetton Group, their warranty or replacement, go for the links given below Bentton Grouphttp://www.benettongroup.com/ Get whole information about Benetton Group including its popular brands Careerhttp://www.benettongroup.com/work-with-us/ By this, interested customers can contribute and participate in the success of Benetton Group Social : To get to know about Benetton social highlights like all social updates, events, photos and videos Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/Benetton To get facebook updates of Benetton new range of products including new offers to buy Twitter - https://twitter.com/Benetton


  • narges

    2014-03-18 15:41:48

    hi i stay in india ( bangalore) and i want to order Orange Velvet Touch Basic Trackpants size small but i could'nt find any in your store so is it possible to manage it for me becuse i realy interested about this product... thanks

  • Farooky

    2014-08-27 15:14:55

    Hi Team, Not sure if I am addressing my grievance with the correct team, if not request you to guide me to right team. I have purchased 2 pants and 2 shirts of Benetton Brand from KJ Fashions and Designers Pvt ltd(Kidds shop), Inorbit Mall shop No F-13 1st Floor. Opp Durgamcheruvu, Madhapur, Hyderabad. Phone: 40274085 Tin: 28867081392. CN No: 455-19684 dated 23/08/2014 13:20:49 Sales staff: Lokesh Out of four cloths I found one pant rare pocked cut(damage). As my son was staying in my home town 300mils away from Hyderabad. I found this out the same evening when my son was checking the fittings. When I brought back the damage pant for exchange, the shop staff straight away says that the damage was done by me only. As a customer it is not possible for me to check every edge of the cloth. I do show trust in the sales staff and purchase the cloths. But the way Benetton India staff treating there customers is highly disappointing. This was not expected with and United Colors of Benetton franchise. I would also request shop staff to take the help of cc cameras as well. Requesting someone from UCB team to look into the issue at the earliest . Kindly provided me the right contacts or redirect this e-mail to appropriate team. Kindly do the need full Best Regards, Farooky

  • Dipen Parikh

    2014-09-28 17:53:27

    Subject: Discrepancy in offer at two different outlet of UCB Dear sir, This is to bring to your kind notice that we have purchased from M/s Saffron lifestyle traders pvt.ltd CM no: 804-2965 and 804-2970 dated 28-09-2014 amounting to ?2198. We have been told that there is an offer on purchase of ?5000 that is a free bag pack. After purchasing we went to outlet of UCB at lifestyle store at Phoenix mall. There we found that they are giving the offer of free bag pack on purchase of ?3000. In the above scenario we would have made a purchase worth ?3000 and availed the offer. Why there is discrepancy in offer at two different outlets of UCB? Please do the needful as we would like to avail the offer at M/s Saffron lifestyle pvt.ltd. Awaiting your positive reply. Regards, Dipen Parikh,Hemal Parikh. Contact no. 9819890119/9819790119

  • Krishna Babu

    2014-12-22 11:29:04

    Hi Team , I have tried contact customer care of UCB and got info like they were on leave for two days office has been closed to go on picnic? Is that true as its people belive as great brad cant be supported customers well???? this is a great disappointment I have never see such type of support. Thanks. Krishna.

  • Purvi

    2015-01-12 09:43:55

    Hello Team, I have purchased a overcoat from UCB outlet at GVK Hyderabad. The garment has faded its colour in one wash . I went to the out let and they denyed to accept it back . Kindly let me know the next escalation level.

  • ajay yadav

    2015-04-15 12:26:29

    i want to open a store of UCB kids in sirsa haryana....help me out investement in this...i have my own stores...

  • sumit

    2015-05-05 12:53:50

    i have purchase a shoes from UCB outlet in kurukshetra kessal mall 17 sec on 21-04-15 but now colour is totally fade in not a useual shoes plz contact... mb:-8950663338

  • Payal Narang

    2015-05-19 10:10:31

    Bought a jeans approx 2 mnths back and it feels like i bought it 2 years back,disgusting cloth material. jeans got whitish colour frm many parts Need the replacement

  • tarun

    2015-05-25 06:58:10

    I want to open UCB store with full range in sonipat , haryana.

  • prabhat Nag

    2015-05-28 00:06:36

    Bought a T-Shirt from the store from Ranchi spring city mall outlet in 2599? but after one week in first wash the colour fed away, is the the quality you are giving to the customer, store Manager Mr.Gaurav Said I will not take it back, is the the international brand UCB providing customer a third class fabric and service even not refunds. From now I will never purchase anything from Bennetton, please donate my t shirt to anyone because I don't want It any more. The fabric, with a service by Benetton even I will suggest all my friends and colleagues to never by Benetton brand ever.

  • shashi kant beriwal

    2015-06-27 08:18:55

    I want to open UCB store with full range in raigarh,chhatisgarh

  • Vaibhav Thakur

    2015-11-24 17:09:13

    I brought a UCB Shoes and with in a month it's front part is getting out It is a brand and like that I will never buy this brand at all Please Take my shoes back and refund it

  • Vijay Dhar

    2015-11-27 17:08:40

    I am regular customer of your products and I have bought kids wear, shoes, jeans etc many times from your shops. Last month I visited MG road Pune branch of your company UCB. During purchasing for kids, I was told that if I buy for over Rs. 6000.00, I shall get a cash voucher for Rs. 1500. I agreed and brought some more stuff and paid by Credit card for shopping for over 6000. I was given a voucher for Rs. 1500.00 duly by staff there. However the voucher fell from my bag and on next day itself I visited the shop and informed that I lost the voucher and they should issue a duplicate voucher on which I could have done some additional purchasing, They asked me to come again after a few days. After that I went there two more times and on last visit they told me that the request for duplicate voucher has been declined. I asked them to give a complaints book to which they told me that they can complain on website. This is very poor of UCB. I demand that the voucher should be given to me. My phone number is registered with the shop and with benetton and details of my purchase are there. Please look into and oblige or else you lose a customer for ever and also I will never refer anyone to your shops

  • Sumanth

    2015-12-03 15:50:39

    Hello UCB, I am Sumanth from Bangalore, India. I am sure you don't really get this every day, but I have a complaint against one of the product you market. I have purchased a Leather Jacket from one of your store a year ago and surprisingly after one year, I've noticed few pores on it with all the powder coming out. It didn't really take long for those pores to turn into holes which really freaked me out. I've taken it to the same showroom I've purchased from and they have taken a complaint against it and promised to do the needful. A week later, I receive a call from them stating they cannot help me with it, giving the below 3 reasons. 1. You haven't maintained it properly. 2. It's been one year. 3. It's just Rs.6000/- sir. Firstly, strongly disagree with the first one as I have maintained it really well. Secondly, I wouldn't have minded if it were a T-Shirt or a Jeans as one cannot really complain against a cloth after a year. But this is a Leather Jacket and I was hoping to use it at least for 2 years. Finally, "Just 6000/-" ??!!!!! I am sure 6k is not much for you guys, but it is my hard earned money!!!! and even after having many options to buy from, I still chose UCB because of the promising quality. And when there is a genuine issue, I don't understand why is the customer that is being blamed. I have been using UCB products for many years now and this is the first time I am raising a complaint. I expect you to re-look into the issue and help me out with a proper explanation. Thank you for your time, Sumanth Vasa.

  • aren

    2015-12-10 16:23:34

    i want some UCB items for my livelihood, as iam a educated women and taking care of my family but iam unemployee , just house wife. so..if you have some factory reject item s then i want to try those to buy some cheap rate and manage my family by selling those . please acknowledge asap thank you.

  • akshay raj

    2016-04-11 11:58:32

    hey friends i want to make alert to all that .. colour of my jeans that i had buy from united color of beneton is fell down in 1 st wash nd the jesans color is faded . earler same condition was done with my jeans is previous year bt it was return by beneton nd i get the new one bt this tym they are not taking it back nd they are not replacing my jeans ... its my request too all not to buy jeans frm beneton

  • krishna kumar sinha

    2016-07-13 07:56:35

    dear sir, I have just lodged a return complaint of one of the T shirts [the striped one ]purchased from myntra.com [DELIVERED Order No: 130095514 Placed on Sunday, July 03, 2016 / Rs. 1,888.74 / 2 items] The T shirt lost its black colour in the first wash in normal water and black stains are all over the t shirt. Colour not fast, The quality issue is very serious , and i shall take it up with the manufacturer as well and go to the consumer court if you do not address the same ASAP.


    2016-08-02 08:28:29

    My ucb watch has currently stopped working.Please suggest me a service centre nearby for the same.

  • Deepak

    2016-08-11 13:06:53

    Hi, i have tried to email regarding my last purchase of sweater 9 days ago at the ucb store near my home in hyderabad. The product was the final piece and was XL in size, They made the billing and said no return nor exchage because it was the last piece of one of its kind. I require some support to exchage it with L size. I'm looking forward for your quick response. Spreading Love with colours, happy anniversary ucb :) . God bless you.

  • Ashish Gupta

    2016-08-19 11:16:44

    Need under garments (under colour) for shop.

  • aslam

    2016-08-19 13:08:56

    Sir Maine jeans 32 w Ki thi Jo 1st wash Ke bad hi 36 w ho gayi

  • Bhaskar Misra

    2016-08-25 17:53:17

    I have a UCB watch. Very frequently it either stops or becomes slow. Battery ok. Kindly provide me the address and contact no. of the nearest service centre in Raipur or in Chattisgarh.

  • Shayan Paul

    2016-10-15 11:40:59

    hi i had brought a benetton bluetooth headphone from your store in guwahati.. the headphone is not working properly.. what to do know? its only a month old


    2016-10-24 10:10:04

    Dear Sir I had purchase september 2016 first time a red colour t shirt from Bindal stoare V3S MALL LAXMI NAGAR DELHI . but after first wash t shirt colour had been fade. i realy very disappoint that a hig class brand which has know about colour quality. could you do something. Regards Rohit Gupta c-45 GM-2 SHALIMAR GARDEN EXT-II SAHIBABAD -201005 GHAZIABAD U.P MOB- 9358251660

  • navin

    2016-10-31 13:16:25

    sir i bought t shirt from brookfields mall showroom coimbatore..just after one wash t shirt got shrinked ,,im really upset with quality of the product i paid premium to get best quality ..... so either i need refund or exchange the product

  • Praveen Tiwari

    2016-11-01 15:22:35

    Its really sad that you selling very poor quality of product...And there is no any helpline moreover your mail id is also not working...??? Praveen Tiwari 9235233333

  • Praveen Tiwari

    2016-11-01 15:25:07

    Really poor product Praveen Tiwari 9235233333

  • alex

    2016-11-04 13:13:59

    watch glass was broken

  • Christine Grimshaw

    2016-11-27 12:45:32

    07803514468 I have ordered a coat online and need to return it but there is no invoice in the parcel. How do I return it

  • Sneha

    2016-12-02 03:29:52

    I have purchased a UCB track pant and a tshirt.. have wore both the stuff once and bobblings started appearing... Now what to do with it as the quality been given is vry poor compared to the price i gave paid

  • Neha

    2016-12-10 13:18:22

    I had bought few clothes for my kid a week back but had to excahnge 2 as the size was not proper.. I called the store before going there and they said exchange is possible but when i went there, they denied me to issue a credit note and asked me to buy something then and there. I mean i have been a revular shopper at venetton and have never faced any issue but this time it as ridiculous. Do you guys have any idea how harrassing it is for customers if u force them to buy stuff and do not give a credit note. I met mr prajapati, the sales guy at your malad infiniti store who conveyed me that issuing a credit note is not possible. Would really want a solution to this Thanks Neha

  • Kannu

    2016-12-13 15:05:20

    Nice product

  • Tushar sahu

    2016-12-16 11:04:30

    I have made a purchase at lucknow central but having some issue i want to exchange but they are denying even for exchange..kindly comtact me 8423476861

  • Khushal

    2016-12-26 05:27:16

    Very bad service No exchange Very rude nature of the manager Karnal haryana


    2016-12-31 14:02:20

    Dear Mam / Sir, I kashif Rahman is a regular customer of your products. I would like to draw your attention towards one of the product that I purchased. I bought a jacket (14A2FS1C9012I) worth of Rs. 7000/- from Shri Rani Sati Enterprises, United Colors of Benetton, Sheikhpura, Raja Bazaar, Bailey Road, Patna (Transaction No. E46S14-1891). At that time I was posted in Nalanda and I travelled more than 100 Kms. to buy that jacket. After that I have used the jacket for 5-6 weeks and washed it three times. After washing three times, fabrics of jacket became defective (Photos attached herewith) and jacket became useless. I am not writing this e-mail merely as a complainant but also a well wisher of your brand. As I mentioned, I have purchased various UCB made products both online and from authorised dealers / showrooms. Currently I am using UCB made 03 Nos. of Jackets and 3 Nos. of T shirts. All the products are of good quality except that I mentioned above. This particular product has completely shattered my faith in manufacturing unit of your company. Hence you are requested to kindly take up the matter and resolve the issue or suggest me whether I should dump the mentioned jacket in my closet. For you, Rs. 7000/- might be a small amount but for me it is half of my one month salary. Find the photos of defective parts of the jacket. Waiting for your positive response

  • Gagan maan

    2017-01-03 07:21:07

    My perfume why not exchange ... its not working proply..plz do chng

  • Deepak Mishra

    2017-01-27 08:53:27

    I want to promote my company brand through your ucb t-shirt, Please mail me and send me your contact number for the same.

  • shubham totla

    2017-02-08 17:26:24

    sir i am purchase UCB shoes and the quality it is very rough the soul for shoes is very bad i am not happy for the product, even i am purchase 17.12.16 and wear only one time and soul is start tore

  • Harlewn

    2017-02-14 08:49:18

    Sir, This is to state that i had purchased a monochrome shorts of your company from Jabong under size - 40 against Order No. ending 64155 . Since the product didnt fit well & is under not exchangable / returnable category on Jabong website the jabong customer case have expressed helplesness to exchange my product. You are requested to kindly exchange the size with size-44 since it is in stock on jabong ; otherwise my product will be totally useless. I have already paid through netbanking . As i am a regular customer of UCB & Jabong you are requested to kindly look into the issue. Harleen.

  • Harleen

    2017-02-14 08:51:11

    Sir, This is to state that i had purchased a monochrome shorts of your company from Jabong under size - 40 against Order No. ending 64155 . Since the product didnt fit well & is under not exchangable / returnable category on Jabong website the jabong customer case have expressed helplesness to exchange my product. You are requested to kindly exchange the size with size-44 since it is in stock on jabong ; otherwise my product will be totally useless. I have already paid through netbanking . As i am a regular customer of UCB & Jabong you are requested to kindly look into the issue. Harleen.

  • Pratik

    2017-04-08 07:35:16

    Very bad customer service experience at UCB store VR mall Surat.. since three days visiting your store at VR mall Surat for redemming my point for the last date is 9th april and still getting the same reply System not working. System is not working but you can avail other offers at store for which the system is working. Is this a joke.

  • Aayushi jayaswal

    2017-05-14 12:14:14

    Greetings This is aayushi jayaswal residing in India kolkata salt lake city FD344 purchased a laptop bag from myntra.. I had an accident on 6th may due to which the bag is torned and I want to get a service done I think it is under the warranty this is the code of the product 1687638. It's a request kindly look into the matter and revert back as soon as possible.. Thank you

  • Patel kiran ishavarlal

    2017-05-27 09:06:28

    Please send me benetton store mumbai international airport tarminal - 2 departure area phone number and email address. ( Kiran Patel from surat, mobile number- +91 9712526736 )

  • Patel kiran ishavarlal

    2017-05-27 09:09:43

    Please send me benetton store mumbai international airport terminal-2 departure area phone number and email address. Kiran Patel from surat, mobile number +91 9712526736 thanks

  • Manu

    2017-06-27 10:19:42

    Can I have the contact number of Benetton store MGF metropolitan mall Gurgaon.

  • Lavanya Shama

    2017-06-30 14:23:17

    Very bad quality of shoes, my shoes got damaged in 4 months I bought them from WTP, Jaipur. One should not buy shoes from UCB NEVER! disgusting quality of threading in leather shoes.

  • Vishnupriya

    2017-07-11 07:32:44

    I purchased a ucb striped t shirt frm myntra online site and got fake ucb t shirt. No logo on d product, n its written stile Benetton near d neck.hike is m calling d customer care of ucb on d number given in dis page to know d authenticity of d product and no one is answering .I will return it and never buy any ucb thing neither online nor from d store.

  • Vishnupriya

    2017-07-11 08:31:05

    Problem solved. I didn't get any response frm customer care BT when I called on Ahmadabad store SAGRILA COMPLEX,PRAHLAD NAGAR, they responded well .the SM Mr Chetan helped me to authenticate d t shirt.m happy DAT its not fake.BT IF U WANNA BUY,BUY FROM STORES .THANX D STORE TEAM.

  • Namita

    2017-08-04 11:37:58


  • Ritesh jain

    2017-09-27 08:49:37

    it wsbad experince for me , because i purchse ucb slippers from vishav enterprises ganganagar rajsthan 17.9.17 . it was dameged .i am wear only 4-5 times

  • Arsalan Khan

    2017-09-29 13:18:09

    Dear team, Today I receive one massage from your side regarding one offer. I want to known from when this offer was stared. As on Sunday I visited at one of your outlet at DLF noida and get only headphone on this below offer. Thanking you Exciting new offer for members @ UCB. This festive season get addl Rs. 500/750/1000 Shopping Voucher on purchase of Rs. 4999/6999/14999 along with gifts like Health Band, Headphones, Trolley Bag with Powerbank. Limited period offer till Oct 2. T&CApply To opt out call +918067006013 Regards Arsalan khan 9911034459

  • Jitendra

    2017-11-08 14:11:08

    I have purchased trouser of united colors from pune central but personal Mr sagar from nasik refused to do alterations in nashik as t garment was not purchased from nashik itself , and behaved very rudely, not fit for the post


    2017-11-18 12:19:35

    i have purchase two shirts one of my shirt started leaving color and my other shirt got spoiled, i feel they are selling duplicate shirts in virar branch, i have still not received any call from store please reply

  • dhaval s suthar

    2017-12-14 09:06:07

    I purchaaed watch was prob where i services my watch at vadodara gujarat

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