Ram Vilas Paswan Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website


Ram Vilas Paswan Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website

Ram Vilas Paswan is a well Known politician from Bihar, India. He is the president of Lok Janshakti Party. Currently, he is serving as the Minister of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution in Modi government. Paswan was born on 5 July 1946 to a Dalit family of Bihar. He is graduated in Bachelor of Laws from Kosi College and did his masters in arts from Patna University. He also passed civil service examination but his determination refrained him to join. Instead, he joined hands with social leaders for the welfare of Dalits. His son Chirag Paswan is an actor turned politician from Jamui. He started his career in politics in 1969 and he was selected for Bihar Legislative Assembly as a member of Samyukta Socialist Party. In 1974, he became General Secretary of Lok Dal. Later in 1975, an emergency was declared in India and he was jailed for the entire period of emergency. He released from jail in 1977 and immediately after that, he joined Janta Party and won for Parliament. He won the elections with a record margin from Hajipur district on Janta Party's ticket and gets his named registered in Guiness world records. He was the first Dalit to join NDA party again which he had left earlier during Gujarat riots. In 1983, he formed a Dalit Sena, an organization for the welfare of Dalits in India. During his tenure, he urged government for the reservation of schedule tribes for employment. In 1989, he was designated as Union Minister of Labour and Welfare. From 1996, he holds the position as Railway Minister till 1998. After that he was appointed as Union Communication Minister and then Coal Minister. He establishes his own party named Lok Janshakti Party in 2000. In 2005 Bihar elections, he failed to establish his government in the state. He is a part of all the national collations from 1996 to 2015. He is appointed as Union Minster under six different Prime Minister. Now he is known as the Dalit face in Modi government.  He always fore fronted the demands of Dalits to the government Being a Dalit, he is very much concerned about welfare and upliftment of Dalit community. Ram Vilas Paswan image

Ram Vilas Paswan Contact Details

Ram Vilas Paswan Address: Mantriji Tola, Shaharbanni, P.O- Shaharbanni, Dist.-Khagaria, Bihar. .Ram Vilas Paswan Contact Number: 0612-2540566 Ram Vilas Paswan Website: N/A Ram Vilas Paswan Email Id: ramvilas.paswan@sansad.nic.in

Ram Vilas Paswan Social Profiles

Fans can connect to him and can get latest updates and information about him by facebook and twitter accounts given below. Ram Vilas Paswan Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Ram-Vilas-Paswan/112058678811153 Ram Vilas Paswan Twitter Handle: twitter.com/irvpaswan


  • neha nupur

    2015-10-21 14:03:32

    we trust you & your party that y I am wrting this to you.. we need yore help at this time. & u also want to know one of the weak point of opponent .please sir contact me.. i thnk it will be helpful to you.. i am nehaa.. Can i know why SURESH SHARMA(Vidhyak) , Muzaffarpur ,always protect CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH who had cheated uf from last 7 yeras with tahe help os suresh sharma vidhyak. As i know that you all are us to protect us not to torture us.but One of your pary member has tortures us a lot .now we are completely fed up with all these.. please sir tell him not do to this. Below the whole matter is written. A Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2015/0013370 the matter is: Grievance Description : Respected Sir, I am writing this information in very bad condition.i am writing against Mr. Chandra Bhushan Singh who has taken sum of money of Rs.15,00,000/- as a lend to do his some of work in 2009.but not yet he has give a single rupees .when my father (Amarendra Nath) want his money back he always give time to return but not give our money .al last in 2011 my father file a complain against him but he has not come more than 1 or 2 date in front of judge.At present my father has a lend of Rs.16,50,000 on public interest . Every Human has a dream to be a parent of an IITIAN and An IPS father or mother ,last year my younger sister has completed IIT i.e like my father dream comes true,but he have not even 25,000/- to settel my sister in college .right now my sister is in depression ,she is undergoing treatment of our family doctor Dr. Dhiraj Kumar .she is in home due to lack of money . sir we have a dream to get higher in studies and to take higher post in upsc .even my dream is to be an I.P.S but if this situation continues we are not able to continue our studies in so much tension . sir if this situation continues then we are force to do wrong work to get money for our survival .then our dearm to see An INDIA a crime free nation is not possible. our judiciary system need to be improved ,true human has to be all time suffer a lot ,they have be to right to get his/her right. please sir please take some strict action against him (Mr. Chandra Bhushan Singh) who is one of the left hand of one of your's party member Mr Suresh Sharma Vidhyak of Muzaffarpur , Bihar.with the Suresh sharma's support he never come on date . Even my father has got some of illegal notice to take his filed complaint back ,if he didn't take back complain he should have to pay huge cost. please sir help me. my father is in depression . we need your help . I Am Waiting for your positive response. the response from PMO house is:- The petition was got enquired into.Petitioner Neha Nupur has levelled allegation aginst one chandra bhusan singh of not returning even singh Rupee out of Rs.1500000 taken as land.From inquiry it transeired that father of petitioner and Chandra Bhusan Singh had worked on patnership and were in good term for a long time.Altogether work of Rs.17 Lacs was done by both the patners.Some money was to be givien by Chandra Bhusan Singh to the father of petitioner which C.B Singh did not pay.Father of petitioner has filed 3 Complaints in hon"ble court.One has been disposed off and the other two are subjudice.S.B Singh could not be located on the givien address punjabi colony.Since the matter is subjudice in the court of law any action will be taken by the order of hon"ble court. but i am not satisfied to this decision because the report which is given by the investigatig officer is not correct because 1. he mention in his report that my father has do work with CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has they had a good realtion with each other . 2. he mention in his report that CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has returm some money to my father ,but the truth that chandrabhushan singh did’t return enev 1 rupees to my father. 3. He also mention in his report that he(investigating officer ) was unsuccessful to meet CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH in punjabi colony then how he get to know that my father has done worh with CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH, if (investigating officer) tells that he get all the information from the neighbour of CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH then again he is wrong becuse CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has not such good relation that he(chandrabhushan singh ) tells about all his work to him.& no one in this society never disclouse that how much money they have & how money they give to anyone. 4. How can investigating officer point out of 17 lacs work together by both of them (b/w my father & chandrabhushan singh).and also that chandrabhushan singh also return some money to my father. 5. If investigating officer has not meet to chandrabhushan singh ,then on what basis he frame a report which is completely wrong. Now i can say that investigating officer has taken some BRIDE fron CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH to make a report in favour of Him(chandrabhushan singh).i can also say that police officers also cheat their government because they can help to culprit to save them. Even investigating officer has give us negative throught that he will investigate this cse thoroughly and & then frame the report , I always call him to know that is he meet to chandrabhushan singh or not, then he always tell me that he(chandrabhushan singh ) is not found at his residence .without meeting to chandrabhushan singh how can he deliver report to PMO house. I respect our judiciary but how much long time we have to waiting for justice.its about 5 year to file a case against chandrabhushan singh . 1 more case against chandrabhushan singh is file against in same court for justice i.e.. of checque dishonour & this is done by a cemet broker. I want to say that my father & those cement broker is teling lie to court that CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH did’t return their money to them, & chandrabhushan singh is right is front of court. Can our judiciary is not able to take action against CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH because he never come on hearing date given by court always he give some execuse to court for his absentees. 1-2 absent is other thing but in all hearing is not present in court. He is not present in hearing due to support of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur,he always support him ti protect from court , police. In following thing of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur helped chandrabhushan singh :- • One time when the warrent was issue against CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH but he is not arrested by the police becuse of of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur ,because he protect CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH from police to get arrested.as i know when ant warrent is issued against any culprit against check dishour then he/she will ahve to pay money or he /she has to give time to court that he/she will refund all money to the case owner,but this wouls not happen because of of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur ,anf even police did’t do their work well. • 2ndly he always help him (chandrabhushan singh) when he is not going to court on hearing date he always give execuse to court that he is not ablee to come court. • If govt. Servant like MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur is more in future then no will go to court to get justice because people like of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur always protect the culprit, & increase the courage of culprit to do wrong things& to torture people. Problems faced by my father due to dalay in judiciary result:- • Due to money has not yet returned by CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH my father has to get torture by BNK from my father has to get torture by bank because my father has not give the instalments of bank so bank has issued a warrent against my father.u can investigate before the money was stuck by chandrabhushan singh my father has given all installements to bank on time. But right now my father has not able to pay installemets to bank & bank is not ready to listen our problem that why my father has not paid the rest of bank instalments. • I am not able to attend my last year exam because my father is not able to pay my fees & without fees university is not allow me to appear in an examination. All these difficulties today we are facing due to CHANDRAVHUSHAN SINGH . Sir I want to say that please take some strict action CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH that he shols be present in every hearing of court & please sir resolve our problem as soon as possible. We are in great trouble. Sir we want money right now to continue my brother ,sister & mine study continuously & to get my father rid from all lend taken from the bank. Sir the money money 17, 00,000/- which CHANDRABHUSHAN singh is taken from my daddy 5 years back and not return yet. In today’s days my father has loan of money 5,25,000 of bank with interest & my father has also taken some public loan to fulfil our needs which are required for our survival. From 1,00,00 rupees my father has make it of 20,00,000 /in 8 years through contractor business & by paying all incometax regularly.just thik about it sir ,in 5 yeras with 17,00,000/- hoe much money my father has make in 5 years. Sir you can be aware of my father that which kind of person he is. He never hurt anyone he always help others.form your investigation from aal around you fing that my father is right & chandrabhushan sigh has cheated my father & my father losses 2years in faith that chandrabhushan singh return his(my father) money.when chandrabhushan singh nor return money then my father has file a complain to court,but till yet no decision has come. As time passes our time is very worst & we are in very right condition.we are in trouble.please help us. If we are wrong then we ahve no courage to write a letter for justice to Our honourable PM, because he only take side of truth . Please help us. I am writing this in very hope , because we belive on our PM that he will solve our problem. I am not telling that to take decision beyond our judicial system but atleast unserstand our condition and take some strict action... i am also sending you some papers which serves as proof that we are right , not even a single word is wrong in this mail. such as:- 1 bank warrent 2 checque dishour slip &etc. I am waiting for your +ve response.. can any member of BJP can get the licence to their own beyonf of laws & regulation of government. can i ask is any vidhyak of nay city has power to stop a warrant against nay culprit. but i think BJP members ha this right,because of of ypur member of Suresh SHrama (vidhyak),muzaffarpur do this by always protecting Chandrabhushan singh. i want to meet u all..place will decided by you,....

  • Parames

    2015-10-25 04:46:19

    Dear sir we have "gadinadu" kannadiga peoples, sir my result is that we are not geting any gov job beacose we dont have any categary but they have treating us as a general and one more information in our village Each one have educated so please give one reservation cota to us Adress-dhulakarewadi, tq-jath, dist-sangali, st-maharashtra - 416412

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    2016-03-20 18:17:11

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  • Manohar Sharma

    2016-05-21 15:54:58

    Dear sir , I requested to u and say that , I am Manohar sharma operationed eye retina in Aiims Delhi of father in low . His name Bashindhar sharma age 65 over . UHID no : - 100745168. Department no:- 20150050003815.He is poor man. Doctor filled Sillicon oil in eye . Now this oil need to removed in eye but Doctor given date again to again last one half year . Doctor given next date 09 july 2016 but I dont belived Doctor do operation on this time or not . plz help sir . he is very hopeless run to Aiims Hospital from home last one half year. My contact no :-7827602430

  • Bipin kumar s/o mahavir paswan

    2016-08-23 16:34:09

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  • subhash kumar singh

    2016-08-24 17:00:10

    Sir plese help the people of bihar S pecialy the people of Rampur P.o. jurawan pur Raghopur in this sorrow ful period of flood

  • manish.paswan

    2016-09-04 14:13:59

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  • manish.kumar.paswan.

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  • gopal ji upadhyay

    2016-09-08 12:41:34

    dear sir may i get membership from u r party .my self from ballia boarding dist ghazipur UP. rdquest please inform me rules and codition.qualification MA.LLB. thanking u sir.

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  • Manoj Chowdhary

    2016-12-27 06:29:40

    Please Extend the Mahabodhi express till Kiul which is presently going to Gaya from Delhi. This will connect Dist. Sheikhpura (Jamui) to Delhi. If any technical issue till Kiul then till Jhajha. Thanks in advance.

  • Manoj Chowdhary

    2016-12-27 06:34:43

    Sir, Please extend the Mahabodhi Train till Kiul as it is presently running from Delhi to Gaya. If there is technical issue of cleaning Please extend it till Kiul/Jhajha. THis wll connect the Dist Sheikhpura (Jamui) to Delhi and Economic condition will improve as there is no Direct Business in this area. Thanks in Advance manoj Chowdhary 9717195907

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  • mukesh kumar

    2017-03-06 14:53:45

    dear sir mai aapko batana chah raha hu ki vaishali distt ke jandaha block ke mohiuddinpur garahi panchayat ke kamalpur gram me sc,,ebc ke ek bhi parvar ko rashan card bibhag ke garbari ke karan nahi mila kyoki jati adharit janganna jo hua usme kewal card number male female age ankit hai lekin naam ankit nahi hai mai apne dwara bahut koshish kiya lekin abhi tak kuchh nahi hua kirpya aap apne madhayam se koshish kar sc ebc ke logo ko rashan card muhaiya karane ki kirpa pardan kare mai is kam keliya sada aapaka aabhari rahunga

  • khushboo kumari

    2017-03-28 16:44:17

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  • Utpalendu Dutta

    2017-04-04 17:55:36

    Good day sir, Mr Minister, recently I had purchased some pizzas from a pizza shop in Kolkata. I was surprised to see the Service charge still added with the bill. Also I noticed that they are adding VAT on top of the price mentioned in the menu card. This is cheating the customer and the government. Please look into these malpractices. Thank you and best regards

  • Amit Kumar s/o-Rameshwar Paswan ( sangathan mahasachiv LJP) Patna

    2017-04-14 07:00:47

    Sir my name is Amit Kumar S/o- Rameshwar Paswan (sangathan mahasachiv LJP) Patna. Mere chacha laxman Paswan w/o-Manorma Devi vill- Ameth P.o. Bhitti P.S. Mohania Kaimur Bhabhua .M ai dalit pariwar se hu.Mere beti ka kidnapping ho gya tha.Ludhiana se relation ke jariye tandari bara se Barajas hui.Mai FOR case n.261/2016 P.S. Mohania me in darj Kiya gya body Warren or kuraki tak list uska darwaje per laga diya gaya. ApradApradhi ka pariwar ghar se Farrar tha.Lekin ab ghar per bina darr ka rah rha hai. Jab laxman Paswan or Manorma Devi than a Mohania guhar lagai to Io Sri Ram Singh ne kha kuchh nhi hoga.Tab m ai or mere chacha or Manorma Devi Sp Bhabhua Harpreet kaur se guhar lagaye usne kha tumhari baat ko main nhi sun sakta hu.Tumhe jo Karna hai tum kro ya Delhi tak is baat ko le jao koi tension nhi hai.Sri man se nivedan hai ki dalit pariwar ke sath soshan ho rha hai iska Nidan Karne ki kripa ki Jayne.iss ummid se Sasa rakhta hu ki mera nyay ho.


    2017-04-17 08:17:24

    My heart, Sri Ramvilas Paswan ji ,mai MANOJ Kumar ,vill-rampurmilki, post-Ganghar, Dist -Bhojpur(Ara)Bihar,Pin=802312, Ka rahane Walla dalit samaj ke Paswan jaati se hu,aap ke pas kai baar phone kiya

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  • Viraj Kishore

    2017-06-24 12:54:06

    Dear paswanji Pranam Thursday I had gone to Chandigarh with my son and brother there we stayed in City Heart Hotel Sec 17 and we had dinner they charged water bottle which costed Rs.12/- they charged Rs.50/-,when i objected they told it cost this much in hotel. Sir in each and every thing we have to pay vat,cess tax, service tax and many more taxes ,sir please check it and do honest dealing with the general public. Whether we do not have to pay its payable by the organisation still why to make loot. Thanks. Viraj Kishore 9889191711

  • md ali

    2017-07-04 17:41:33

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  • virendr kumr

    2017-10-06 13:23:40

    I am virendra kumar From Bihr sir aap se request ha I am poor man. mera ghar ka arthik condition kafi kamjor h sir aap se anurodh ha mujhe bache or ghar chale ke liya hame group D ka post pe karj karne ka koi job dene ka sir kirpa kare , Taki ham apne family ko chala saku .... Plz sir Reply ...mujhe jaroor karne ka kirpa kare sir plz sir ...I request you sir ...Mobile no 9643247115/7827634025


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  • Chandu

    2017-10-13 16:58:56

    Sir paswan ji namaskaram my telangana reshan diealar hai telangana govt shaval keliya 20 paise kamisen derahahai central govt ame derahahai pachhash paise abbi tak nahi diya appko hath jodkar vinati kartham hamara samsyaka barime kichi kijiyega

  • sanjan kumar paswan

    2017-10-21 20:34:41

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  • Pradeep kumar

    2017-10-25 09:33:41

    Sir Mai pradeep Kumar paswan ,b tech ka student hu sir Mai aapki party ko bjp se upper lekar Jana chahta hu...sir ak mauka do aapki hmari party sbse upper jayegi...Jai pasawan...

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  • Rajee Ranjan Paswan

    2017-11-13 08:19:50

    sir mai sikta block west champaran bihar se hu panchayat_maswas rasan kirosin me bahut se garib samuday ko nahi milta h khaskar dalito ka bahut bura haal sir aap ek baar sikta block par v dhayan digiye jisase kuchh garibo ka udhar ho jaye mob no-8521112894


    2020-03-26 15:34:04


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