Mani Ratnam Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website


Mani Ratnam Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website

Do you know about Director Mani Ratnam? Searching for the queries like How to contact him? What is the phone number or email id of Mani Ratnam? What is the office or residence address of Mani Ratnam? Is Mani Ratnam available on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Check out this article for the available answers. Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam aka Mani Ratnam was born on 2nd June 1956 in Madurai, Madras State, India is a Film Director, Film Producer and Screenwriter working mainly in Tamil cinema. Mani is married to Suhasini in 1988, the couple also has a son named Nandhan who was born in 1992. He is also a founder of production house named Madras Talkies. He was born in a filmy background but was never interested in Filmmaking. He did his graduation from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Madras University, after this he earned his master’s degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. How to contact Mani Ratnam? After his graduation, he worked as a Consultant but was not happy with his job. He with his friends Ravi Shankar and S. Balachander were working on a Kannada movie but due to some issues, the movie shelved. After this in 1983, he made his debut as Director, Writer with Kannada movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi. He also directed a Malayalam movie named Unaru in 1984 and got a lot of appreciation. Afte this from 1985 – 1988 he did 5 consecutive Tamil movie which are Pagal Nilavu, Idaya Kovil, Mouna Ragam, Nayakan, and Agni Natchathiram. Also in Telugu cinema he tried his luck and directed Geethanjali in 1989, and the movie proved to be a hit, his 5 Tamil movies were in the queue which was Anjali in 1990, Chatriyan in 1990, Thalapathi in 1991, Roja in 1992, and Dasarathan in 1993, and in 1993 his two more movies were released Gaayam in Telugu language and Thiruda Thiruda in Tamil language. 1995 was his year, his 3 Tamil movies released which gave him the stardom he was waiting for which were Bombay, Indira and Aasai. In Tamil cinema Ratnam was becoming everyone’s choice, he was now an established big director. In 1997 he came up with 2 new movies Iruvar and Nerrukku Ner. In 1998 Mani made his debut in Hindi cinema with movie Dil Se…. and the movie was a big success. With his first movie, he proved that he was here to stay in Hindi cinema as well. From 1999 – 2002 all his Tamil movies were successful. In 2002-2004 he directed two Hindi movies named Saathiya and Yuva, both the films were a blockbuster hit. His next Tamil movie released in 2004 which was Aaytha Ezhuthu. He next came with serious movies named Guru and Raavan, where Guru was a big hit and on the other hand Raavan was a big flop. He remade Raavan as Raavanan in the Tamil language. His last Hindi movie was Ok Jaanu released in 2017 which was a youth-centric movie and failed to impress audiences and critics and became a flop, and his latest Tamil movie was Kaatru Veliyidai in 2017. Mani has been awarded many prestigious awards like he was honoured with Padma Shri in 2002, and has many National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards Hindi and South and many more. Museum of the Moving Image, New York City paid a special tribute to Mani by screening his films like Roja, Bombay and Dil Se….

Mani Ratnam Contact Details

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  • Ankeshwar Mishra

    2019-12-04 09:44:57

    I have written a story/novel for film summary is: It is a Moonlit night, the stars are shimmering, the scent of jasmine is scattered everywhere but the atmosphere is charged with an unusual silence, calm, still and resentment. Three days ago the terrorists had attacked the army camp and 21 soldiers had been martyred. Three girls who are pursuing their graduation, Dorothy Jones Gurmeet Kaur and Indira Patel arrive for dinner at 8 p.m. in a restaurant in this back drop. Needless to say, it was planned in advance. The menu has been decided and the orders placed. Meanwhile they discuss various issues as the dinner takes almost half an hour to reach the table. They start discussing about the recent terrorist attack on army camp and how sometimes even commoners are crushed by trucks in public places. Now the religious places are also not exempted by the terrorists. During the discourse they keep on pondering on other social discrepancies like corruption, rampant drug abuse, smuggling small arms etc. and even nuclear arms, environment pollution, global warming and climate change. This is so unusual for their age to be concerned for the global problems in place of having fun and enjoying their meet. They are unaware of their future but trying to weave a happy and bright future of the society. All three have completed graduation and now they have to part ways. But they promise to one another to think beyond themselves and do something worthy for the society and the whole world. Even dogs live their lives and cats bring up their kittens. We have to rise above the person and think for the society. Dorothy moves to USA for further studies.She gets admission in integrated course of post-graduation in Economic Science and PhD. There she meets George who is studying Environment science. They become good friends. Later on they meet Dr Thomas who has done his PhD from India and has come to the US for post-doctoral studies.During their long discourses all technical and scientific problems persistent in a developing country like India come to the fore. How the procedure here is lacking that most talented student join IIT, medical, NDA etc. after intermediate. Others become graduate and better among them choose civil services and provincial civil services. Those who are not selected anywhere continue their masters degree, M Phil, PhD etc. and scientists and lecturers come from this strata. Not only these, there are many other things which are lacking here. No proper selection method, exploitation during PhD, reserved seats, uncertainty in career till the age of 30- 35 which could be utilised for better research, too much prolonged time taken in purchase and availability of chemicals,equipment’s etc. Dorothy starts working with UNEP (United Nations environmental program). While working there she establishes better coordination with UNDP, UNESCO and FAO(Food & Agricultural Organization). She connects people’s culture with environment and science. She solves problems at ground root level. In the developing and backward countries the waste that created chaos, was producing light due to proper use. Kitchen waste is used to feed useless cattle wandering on roads. Methane gas is produced from their dung and residue is fed to the earthworm to produce best wormy cast manure. Similarly rotten waste is left out to produce worms in it and these worms are fed to the hens. The waste of the fish market is used to feed the ducks and so on and so forth. Likewise under the new and renewable energy, the windows are covered with transparent solar cell which absorbs the infrared light to generate electricity. Smog towers as used as air purifier. Tiles are made by segregating plastic with the help of the enzymes that decompose it. Fog collector absorbs water from fog and channelizes to the pipeline. She also helps in ground level implementation of building fire resistant houses from less flammable material near the forest and floating homes in flood hit areas. She also motivates and creates awareness regarding the types of trees or crops to be planted in the areas which are lying useless due to flood, draught, rainfall, acidity etc. For example: Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Stevia, Agarwood etc. for hilly region, Khus, Lemongrass, Asparagus etc. for sandy soil etc. This improves the lives of the people living there. Poverty is alleviated. The dependence on Import becomes less. Deserted and desolate land is filled with greenery and happiness and it helps in growth of the country. This can be felt in the smiles on the people’s faces and the fragrance can be felt in their lives as well. Consequently, poverty is alleviated, environment pollution becomes less and global warming comes down from the stipulated 2 C goal. Climate is also as per the environment. Dorothy has done nothing new to achieve all these. She has just advertised and promoted the use of available techniques or plants being used in other countries and areas with a bit of modifications. In place of organising meetings and seminars in 5 or 7 star hotels and educating government officials she chooses to connect with local people and their leaders and explains all to them. To the countries which depend for their economic issues on Paris Treaty, she clears their confusion through proper proofs and examples that how their expenditure on climate change will be more profitable than the expenses done. While working with UNEP she earns so much name and fame that she gets elected as General Secretary of UNO. Her husband George is appointed to the post of Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors to the president of USA. Both of them are able to make US President understand the fact that Nuclear weapon must be destroyed and this can be done. If it happens in your leadership the world will remain grateful to you forever. It is also clarified through an example that during the cold war, when the relationship between USA and USSR had gone very sour, it was done under START(Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) & SALT(Strategic Arms Limitation Talk). Owing to the efforts of Dorothy and with the help of the US President, most of the countries become ready to surrender their nuclear weapons in three phases under proper formula i.e. on proportion basis except China and North Korea. It is understood that decision of North Korea will depend upon China. If China does not agree on nuclear disarmament and nuclear control, in that case, top 5 formulas i.e. top 5 Importers, exporters, tourist visitors, raw material suppliers, marine cooperation, energy corporation and neighbours along with top 5 IT, defence, Science & technology, education etc. ties will be broken by associate countries. President of China mulls over it and finds that if it happens, the demand for his products and services will become less and that will badly affect its exports, production, income, employment etc., as a consequence, its economy will suffer. Obviously, this may lead people to believe in democracy as a better option and communism from China may diminish. So, China and North Korea agree to destroy their nuclear weapons. ………………………… Gurmeet, the second friend, is initiated into social services. One day she saw that a child was eating left over food from a leaf plate. From then onwards she starts to work for the welfare of children and gradually the scope keeps on increasing. Meanwhile, she meets Munna, who introduces himself to her as a student of Delhi University. He joins her in welfare activities. Bit by bit they become friends and later on they marry each other. After marrying Gurmeet, Munna deliberately distances himself from social works and proceeds towards his real goal. Munna alias Moinuddin is an ISIS terrorist. While residing with Gurmeet, he starts conspiracy against India itself. He plans to attack Mumbai Stock Exchange to weaken Indian economy, also conspires attack on Kashi Vishwanath temple and Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi to enfeeble Indian education system and culture, he also plans to attack Chandigarh airport and hijack a plane to cripple Indian tourism and create a bad image of India on the world scenario and finally he hatches a conspiracy to kill the Prime Minister of India during a road show in Ahmedabad in the same manner as John F Kennedy the US President was assassinated. Gurmeet has gone to visit her maternal grandmother at Amritsar. The terrorists who have to attack the Chandigarh airport and hijack the plane next day are staying with Moinuddin at Gurmeet’s residence in her absence. During their talks they discuss the ways to establish Islamic state. One of the terrorist replies that it is possible to establish only through the spread of Islam and the rule of holy law of Islam. In general, the circumstances in India including all over the world are not favourable for ISIS at present. Therefore, they have to work as sleeper cell and primarily focus on the expansion and spread of Islam. In the meanwhile, they plan to let their presence be felt by lone wolf attacks. When maximum number of Dar-ul-herb (Non Islamic Nations) are converted into to Dar-ul-Islam (Islamic Nations), the circumstances will be favourable and Islamic state may be established directly in the whole world in next phase very easily. And what are the steps taken to spread Islam? And the answer is, some of our people have entered Europe as refugees, one of them inflames the houses, the other one extinguishes the fire and saves the lives of their children. The saviour one is rewarded and given job and home. Similarly, somebody commits theft, robbery and rape etc and the other one saves the people from it in a very systematic way. Thus European countries have innumerable ISIS people. In the next phase, we have to increase our population, marry the girls of infidels or Kafirs( those who do not believe in Islam). When our population reaches to a total of 40 to 50 percent of the whole population, we will declare direct Jihad and Islamize the whole world like Iran, Egypt Syria etc. Among all these, they discuss that their strength is religion Islam which unites them, weakness is that more than 80 per cent Muslims do not believe in jehad and they want to live peacefully. To them opportunity is that how secular people will help them as the MPs, leaders, film stars, actors etc.have run a signature campaign to stop the hanging of Mumbai attack accused Yakub Memon. These secular and high society people feel proud and become popular by abusing their religious philosophy and be sensitive with their national symbols with minorities like us. They talk of dividing and shattering their own country and become star. Islam and Islamic state will be established in the world conveniently because of them. Threat for ISIS is USA, China & Israel. It is difficult to Islamize these countries. At, that time they hope that they can use India for the purpose of Islam and ISIS. But due to Gurmeet’s understanding Moinuddin’s plans fail. The terrorists who were supposed to attack shortly, are killed. Moinuddin was running out of the Srinagar airport to reach Muzaffarabad, first through a taxi and then a truck, is chased and caught. He is sentenced to death. The investigating police officer Khushwant Singh Gill is an old friend of Gurmeet. Inches by inches they fall in love and later on marry. Gurmeet once again continues her social service but now with a changed strategy. She converts the social service into social work. Now she transfers her responsibility of old age and specially abled people. For the educated people living in old age home, she arranges tuitions or the job of visitor advisor in higher education or research institutes. Similarly, for those who are illiterate or less educated, she ensures training and work of making incense sticks, joss sticks and rosewater from collected used flowers from various temples etc. This enables them to be self-dependent and in turn they have gratification and enjoy their lives which had been a burden to them. Gurmeet is also carefree now. She helps in counselling, training and providing loans to the unemployed youth, so that, they become job providers and not job seekers. Similarly, she creates a movement on social activity level against female infanticide and educates women. ……………….. Indira is interested in politics.She goes to get ticket for next tenure of her father who is an MLA at present and comes back with a ticket for herself. She marries a person of the other religion for the sake of political benefit. She calls the police to arrest people and when they approach her, she herself calls the Police again to set them free. This is repeated with the other party also and thus Indira has almost monopoly on the votes of both sides. During her public interactions she finds out the various flaws and discrepancies in the Forest Act, Why is it so that the people living in rural or urban areas have a right to own their paternal landed property But the tribal people who live in forests do not enjoy the same right to their parental forest land ? As the forest department has been imposed on the forests, the forest and wild animals have become meagre. Even Government treasury has been burdened but the only thing that has increased is the problems and sufferings of tribals. So, then she amends the laws of forest department and helps the tribal people get their rights. This also leads to the lesser expenses on forest department. Along with it the Naxalite problem is also solved. The proportion of forests grows and expands more than expected and tribal people live happily. She also brings radical change in the jail system.During these she is surprised to discover that when a person commits a crime his or her spouse is punished and they are unable to meet the accused in isolation. Therefore, husband/ wife are allowed to meet in a separate room once in a month inside or out of the jail in rotation. Indira starts her journey from an MLA and then step by step she reaches to the post of deputy Prime Minister. Her rival in the party gets involved in a case of sexual harassment, thus elevating her position to number two in the party and government. The Prime Minister goes on a foreign tour, he dies there and she becomes the Prime Minister of the country. Indira takes tough decisions in the favour of the country after becoming the prime minister. For example, if a terrorist is killed, his last rites will be done in a way opposite to his religion.If a Hindu terrorist is killed, he will be buried in a rubbish dump, and a Muslim terrorist will be cremated in the rubbish dump. As a result, terrorism comes to an end. A person belonging to any religion will not get any Government support or right to contest elections for himself and his children born beyond the prescribed limit of numbers. Indira starts a new service in the country named Indian Scientific Services. The students selected in ISS get highest salary and facilities in the country. Most talented students of the country who are interested and capable of research are selected in this ISS just after doing intermediate. Other problems related to research have been solved. Now, the most talented students are not bound to join bureaucratic services and adulate the politicians, instead they join ISS and show their talent through innovative research. In the changed scenario, reservations are not done on the basis of caste but on economic grounds. As a result, a caste system totally disappears from a country of castes and sub-castes like India. Now, people are identified through their work and not caste. Dorothy calls both her friends, Gurmeet and Indira. She invites them to New York. Both of them visit New York and meet her. They reminisce that Moonlit night again but now so many things have changed. Terrorist activities have almost come to an end.Nuclear weapons, environment pollution, global warming, corruption etc. related problems have been solved to a great extent. The trio has proven the meaning of their lives. Now, they are having fun and enjoying their dinner.

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