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What is the salary of Chairman of ISRO? The highest designation & its demands

Indian Space Research Organization is a pride for our nation. It has made successful the exploration of deep space and made a reputation for our country across the globe.

But do you know that the salary received by the chairman of ISRO is about 2.5 lac a month? Yes, that’s the right figure. One who plans to run an MNC has to be capable of taking decisions which are only going to bring about economic changes.

However, when your decisions are as big as launching a satellite, the skills required are obviously nothing less than magical.

Handling the highest chair at ISRO requires you to be a scientist, an expert in making calculations, risk-taking capabilities and a lot more. Let’s discuss the work profile and set of responsibilities of the Chairman of ISRO in detail:

As the Chairman of ISRO, One needs to

  • Ensure the smooth functioning of all departments.
  • Execute policies laid by Space Commission.
  • Look after financial and administrative requirements.
  • Carry out tasks within the limited budget allocated by the government.
  • Devise measures to keep missions on time and abide by the security parameters.
  • Keeping Nation’s secrets safe.
  • Find out means to make the nation stronger by technological innovation and scientific research.
  • Maintain records of every crucial detail that can serve as a reference in the future.
  • Ensure that execution is systematic.
  • Accept challenges and keep the Space research programs abreast with those of other countries.
  • Remain answerable to legal and official matters.
  • Communicate with the team when the pressure is high and performance is a must. Motivating other team members is a key responsibility of a leader.
  • Keep an eye on the purchases made and the amount spent. As the leader, you need to ensure that every rupee spent is an investment and not an expense.
  • Increasing productivity of the organization with the resources available and making necessary investments to upgrade the services.
  • Staying updated with technical revolutions and bringing advanced technology to the country.
  • Take responsibility for the failure or success of launch missions.
  • Take critical decisions related to the launch of satellites.
  • Taking permissions for conducting research-based activities, as and when required.

Looks like there’s a lot on the “To-Do” list of the Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization. The famous dialogue – With great power comes great responsibility – is apt for the designation of Chairperson or CEO and particularly when it is for ISRO.

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