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What is the salary of Chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited? Job Profile & Responsibilities

HAL or Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is a government-owned defence and aerospace company. With its headquarters in Bangalore, it works in association with the Ministry of Defence. Established in 1940, under the name Hindustan Aircraft, the company has grown substantially. With a revenue of over seventeen thousand crores, HAL is profitable and wonderfully completing various domestic as well as international projects. 40% of HAL’s revenue comes from International projects. The company has developed fighter planes, war aircraft, helicopters along with aircraft that are meant for usage in the agriculture industry. At present, the aim of the company is to successfully launch unmanned aerial vehicles.

HAL received a new CMD in September 2018. Mr T. Suvarna Raju retired from his position after the completion of his tenure and Mr R Madhavan took the command in his hands. As the CMD, it remains his prime responsibility to deliver world-class products and services, in order to make HAL a global leader in the aviation industry.

Salary of HAL’s CMD

Rs 2,00,000-3,70,000 is the prevailing pay scale for a CMD at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.  Other than this, the Chairman cum Managing Director is eligible for allowances including dearness allowance, accommodation or rent allowance, performance or productivity incentives, leaves, medical benefits, superannuation, welfare facilities etc.

Job Profile and Responsibilities of CMD of HAL

  1. Report to the Board of Directors as well as Ministry of Defence for major amendments or decisions.
  2. Make an annual performance report as well as growth chart.
  3. Make plans to improve the productivity as well as profitability of the company.
  4. Supervise the directors or executives working in your team.
  5. Remain accountable for changes in process, revenue and other factors.
  6. Ensure that company policies and rules are well adhered to.
  7. Look after the personal, financial as well as commercial management of the firm.
  8. Make strategies to help the company achieve its goals and objectives.
  9. Remain responsible for effective management of the organization including the technical updation and innovation part.
  10. Offer advise in crucial matters and find out ways to solve problems and tackle issues.
  11. Deal with the legal and government-related matters.
  12. Keep a check on the security and privacy of projects.
  13. Abide by the instructions given by the Ministry of Defence and keep the organization prepared with aircraft and other resources as and when required.
  14. Devise new ways of incorporating latest technology and making possible the manufacturing of most powerful air-vehicles in India itself.
  15. Sign agreements and finalize deals with foreign organizations working in similar domain, considering every aspect from a perspective of safety, profitability, etc.
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