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What is the salary of Chairman of Engineer’s India Limited – Check here

A Navratna company under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, EIL is running successfully since 1965. With its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Vadodara, Gurgaon, London, Italy, China, Abu Dhabi, and Malaysia, the company makes revenue of INR 3898.45 crores. Mr J C Nakra is the CMD of the company since 2018. Engineers India Limited is working in the field of Petroleum refining, Petrochemicals, chemicals and fertilisers, Pipelines, Offshore oil and gas, Onshore oil and gas, Terminals and storages, Mining and metallurgy, and Infrastructure.

With a company as diverse as EIL, the responsibilities are immense. As the chairman of EIL, Mr Jagdish Chandra Nakra needs to take care of:

  1. International as well as domestic trade, to ensure profitable deals are signed.
  2. Taxation, and legal matters.
  3. Allocation of budget for different projects
  4. Establish fair and transparent systems
  5. Planning of manpower and other resources.
  6. The signing of contracts and MoUs.
  7. Independently lead various departments working within the organization.
  8. Business proceedings internationally.
  9. Setting up of new units and expansion of EIL.
  10. Explore further opportunities in Water and waste management, City gas distribution, Power-thermal, solar & nuclear, Gas based fertiliser projects, Coal to liquid (CTL) and Steel.
  11. Report to the Board of Directors and government.
  12. Apply policies which make the workplace a no-hazard zone, devise methods to save the environment, find out methods to reduce the expenditure on construction or increase the life-span of the same.
  13. Make strategies to bring latest technology and innovations at service.

Salary of Chairman of Engineer’s India Limited

Annual Compensation*

Salary Rs 3,675,660
Bonus Rs 115,293
Total Annual Compensation Rs 3,790,953

Stock Options*

All Other Compensation Rs 573,875

Total Compensation*

Total Annual Cash Compensation Rs 4,563,314
Total Calculated Compensation Rs 4,563,314
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