What is the salary of a Research and Development Engineers at Kirloskar Pneumatic Co.?

Design Engineers at Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. in India, who have been working for 1 to 6 years, earn around ₹3.4 Lakhs per year on average. That means their monthly take-home pay is roughly between ₹24,763 to ₹26,205.

RoleExperience RangeAverage Annual Salary (₹ Lakhs)
Senior Engineer1 to 9 years7.2
Production Engineer4 to 7 years3.4
Design Engineer1 to 7 years3.4
Service Engineer3 to 8 years2.2 - 6.0
Junior Engineer1 to 10 years3.9
Senior Design Engineer3 to 8 years5.0 - 7.0
Senior Sales Engineer3 to 9 years6.0
Mechanical Engineer0 to 6 years1.8 - 3.3
Sales Manager8 to 18 years12.8
Senior Service Engineer3 to 11 years4.5 - 7.9
Research and Development Engineer2 to 8 years4.8

Research and Development (R&D), might get.

Health Cover: They likely offer health insurance for employees and maybe their family too. This can help with medical expenses like doctor visits or hospital stays.

Travel Help: Some companies chip in for travel expenses. This could be for commuting to work, whether by car, train, or bus.

Home Support: Some employers assist with housing costs, especially for those moving to work with them. This could be help with rent or housing allowances.

Balancing Work and Life: They might be flexible about when and where employees work. This could include options to work from home or adjust hours.

Training and Learning: Companies often encourage employees to learn and grow. They might offer training courses or workshops to help them develop new skills.

Taking Care of Employees: Many companies have programs to support employees' well-being. This could include gym memberships, counseling services, or stress management.

Rewards for Good Work: When employees do well, they might get bonuses or other rewards to recognize their efforts.

Research and Development Engineers (R&D Engineers) are like the wizards of innovation, shaping the future of technology. Here's a breakdown of what they do:

Deep Dive Research: They dive into all sorts of topics, keeping an eye on what's new and what's next in their industry.

Creating Cool Stuff:

  • Dreaming Up Ideas: They're the brains behind new products, using their engineering skills to turn ideas into reality.
  • Designing on Computers: They use fancy computer tools to sketch out detailed plans for their creations.
  • Building Models: They make models of their inventions to make sure they work like they should.

Team Players:

  • Working Together: R&D Engineers team up with other smart folks to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Following the Rules: They make sure all their work follows the rules and regulations.

Explaining the Magic:

  • Writing Reports: They write up detailed reports about their work.
  • Presenting: They share their findings with others, even if it's super complicated.

Fixing Problems and Being Clever:

  • Spotting Problems: They're like detectives, hunting down any problems with their creations.
  • Thinking Ahead: They keep up with the latest in science and engineering to make their work even cooler.

Protecting Ideas:

  • Patenting: They might even get patents to keep their awesome ideas safe from copycats.


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