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Top 5 Portable washing machines for bachelors

Washing clothes can be a mess, especially if you are a bachelor and have to do everything on your own. Buying a washing machine sounds like a pretty good idea but when the hassle of a semi-automatic machine is known along with the price of a fully-automatic one, a question surrounds you – whether to spend a fine share of money or spend a fair share of time in washing clothes? As a bachelor, anyone would prefer convenience, so my votes are for a full-automatic washing machine, provided you don’t live in a region where there’s a shortage of water throughout the year.

Research says bachelors want a machine that does most of the work on its own and is portable. A mini washing machine, therefore, is also an option. Let’s find out the most voted for washing machines of the year, suitable for bachelors.

Brand/Product name Capacity (in Kg) Price (in Rs) Power Spin Dry
DMR 46-1218 4.6 Rs. 4,799 240 W Yes
DMR 30-1208 3 Rs. 3,799 240 W Yes
Hilton 3 Rs. 2, 990 190 W Yes
Vetronix Vmwm2003 3 Rs. 3,750 240 W Yes
Onida WS65WLPT1GY 6.5 Rs. 4, 990 270 W No


Most of the washing machines from big brands are above 5 kg and cost more than 10,000 Rs. Semi-automatic machines are cheaper but they take a lot of space. These are washing machines suitable for students or single professionals who live alone and need help with laundary. Let’s explore them a little more.

DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine with Steel Dryer Basket  with 1-year warranty

It can handle two double-bed sheets at the same time and has a built in feature of auto-shut-down in case of overheating. The washing time is of about 15 min and spin time of about 6 min. The spinning capacity is comparatively lower which is 2 kg, that means not more than 2-3 shirts can be put together to dry. Since it is not a completely automatic machine, human intervention is required. The best part of the machine is its weight which is not more than 3 kg as it’s body is made of plastic. The machine is available online for purchase.

DMR 30-1208 Single Tub Portable Washing Machine with Dryer

Available in three colours – Pink, blue and red, this is a plug and play model of washing machines which require no installation, have less water consumption and can be carrier around anywhere as it weights barely 3 kgs similar to its previous model by the same company. Also the company offers 1 year free spare part supply warranty on the product along with a 1 year warranty on the whole unit.


Available in two colour combinations – white with blue and white with pink, HIlton weighs very less, is compact and portable and can wash a load of 3 kg at a time. The spin capacity is againas low as 1 Kg. But it is sufficient for a bachelor as water and electricity consumption is low. This model works well even with inverter.

Vetronix Vmwm2003

Another washing machine with a capacity of 3 kg which is powerful enough to wash towels, jeans etc. Sleek and compact, this portable washing machine saves water while giving you a spin capaity of 1.5 kg.


Last in the row is Onida WS65WLPT1GY. The washing capacity it has is an impressive 6.5 kg, but there’s no dryer, no spinner available in this model. A powerful motor runs the machine which is rust-proof and has two programme modes for washing.

A washing machine is basic essential nowadays. Those who use it for lightweight clothes can go for these portable options. For regular washing and heavy clothes, these won’t be really promising. However, a bachelor’s needs are well taken care of if you want something that doesn’t consume much space.

Washing machines from popular brands under this price range are very few, and obviously, do not have spinner facility. There’s no replacement of a full-fledged washing tool from Samsung, LG, Bosh or IFL, that would cost you above INR 20,000 but a bachelor can manage with these portable mini-washing machines if s/he understands that these can’t take the extra load like their superior models.

A fresh innovation of handy washing machines has hit the market. These are handy tools that fit on the top of your regular buckets and can wash upto 2.5 kg of load. Sadly, there’s no help with rinsing or drying but yeah the process of rubbing clothes with hands can be avoided.

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  • Sagar A. May 23, 2020, 4:32 pm

    Thank you for the information. I am confused between DMR & Onida, as far as I look for long term durability (like 3 years), which one is better?

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