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Top 10 music streaming apps in India

Who wouldn’t enjoy good music? Be it a youngster or an old man in his late sixties, music is something that soothes the soul of every human, you type of music might be different but you wouldn’t despise of music altogether. With technology bringing about a revolutionary change, music has also changed the way it used to reach us through. Music systems are now an inbuilt feature on our phones and portable devices are more popular than anything else. The latest addition is apps streaming music online, so you don’t need to download songs and make a playlist. These apps have latest music as well as the classics, you just need to feed your choices and categories, so the suggestions are auto, but not random. The best apps for streaming music in India are:

Google Play Music

Since Google is something that has its place in every phone, whether android or iOS, this is one app which would be already present on your phone, even if you do not listen to music using this. It picks up radio stations as well. The app offers access to about fifty thousand songs free of cost, while a paid version entitles you to get songs on-demand. While you utilize internet to listen to your favorite music, it gets stored for offline streaming as well.

Jio Music

After Jio has offered cheap internet to Indians, and captured the market, the apps of Jio for music, movies, games etc. have also became popular. It is a great app for you if you love Bollywood songs, but is available only for people who have Jio sim in their phones.

Wynk Music

Developed by Bharti Aritel Ltd. Wynk music has regional flavours of music as well. Not only Bollywood and Hindi songs, it gives you the choice of Punjabi, Telugu, Gujrati music among others. Just like Jio, Airtel also favours its own clientele. Non-Airtel users can download Wynk music but can stream upto hundred songs a month. For more, they need to pay extra. This is a paid app which offers one month free trial but then charges you Rs 29/month (android) and Rs 60/month(iOS) if you are an Airtel customer and Rs 99/month (android) and Rs 120/month(iOS) if you are a non-Airtel customer.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon not only offers quick and free delivery to prime members but also access to a number of movies and music playlist. The app is not available for free and you need a subscription to access songs from twelve different languages. Voice assistant of Amazon- Alexa- is also available within this app so you can directly ask for a song using your voice.


Featuring over 50 million songs, in more than fifteen languages, Saavn is the largest distributor of Bollywood hits. This is again a paid service and most suitable for Indian market, which is the reason Saavn had a merger with Reliance and is now JioSaavn.


Supported by almost all the operating systems, this app streams music in over twenty one languages. A registration is mandatory to access the files and just like Amazon Music, voice assistant feautre is offered by Gaana as well.


The best free platform for music which doesn’t have advertisements in between the songs, and offers an amazing aesthetic appeal is SoundCloud. This app also allows you to add your own music creations and thus has a bank of about 120 million musical tracks.

Hungama Music

From old classical hits to international pop and hip-hop, Hungama Music has content for various moods and age groups. You even can see the lyrics on the screen while listening to the song. There’s music in over fifteen languages that you can also download. The free streaming does offer a reward system that makes you earn points by watching videos, play games and share songs. You can utilize these points to go for a Pro account with no advertisements and on-demand songs.

Coke Studio

The essence of music felt with Coke studio is aloof of everything else. The exclusive content is worth everything charged. You can listen to, download songs, check out your favorite artists’s profile and watch latest episodes of Coke studio, yet to be live.

Apple Music

I-Phone specific music app that needs a subscription and membership essentially is Apple music. The charges for the subscription are as follows –

For students – INR 60/month

For individuals – INR 120/month

For family pack – INR 190/month

Most renowned names in music industry launch their songs on this platform and original content is always worth the price. You can however choose a three month free trial to know if you can stick around or not.

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