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How to place order on Flipkart.com

Internet influence is increasing day by day and online shopping trend is the appropriate example to explain it. As the trend of online shopping is increasing day by day, the traditional trend of window shopping decreases very fast. The busy lifestyle is the only reason people prefer to opt for online shopping trend. There are a number of e-commerce websites present in India and Flipkart(flipkart.com) is one of them.

If you are planning to buy any of the product from Flipkart and need some help related to the online purchase then you can follow our below-given tutorial. If you are the one who is ordering the products for the first time from Flipkart then these questions may strike in your mind like How to order products from Flipkart, how to make the online payment on Flipkart, etc. Here you’ll get answers of all of these questions along with screenshots and step to step information.

How to Order Products from Flipkart.com?

  1. Go to Flipkart.com and you will be greeted with the start page of the website. Here you will see latest and exciting offers along with products described under various categories such as Electronics, Appliances, Men, Women, Home & Furniture, Books and many more.
    You can either browse through the categories listed or you can choose the search bar provided on the top to search for your required product.
    Flipkart Order
  2. Once you have selected the product and you are on the product page, click the “Buy Now” option. You can also add this product to your cart and continue to shop on the website.
    Flipkart Order Placement
  3. In the next step, hit the “Place Order” button and get ready to login to your Flipkart account with your Flipkart Login Credentials. Also on the right side, the exact amount to be paid will be displayed.
    Flipkart Place Order
  4. Next step is to login to your Flipkart account, in just 2 simple steps as shown below. Just fill your Contact Number or Email ID in the first step and next put your Flipkart password and hit “Sign In” button.
  5. In the next step, fill the complete delivery address along with your pin code. After filling complete delivery address, click on “Save & Continue” and review your order here.
  6. After that, review your order and check the amount to be paid, estimated delivery time, delivery charges, etc. on the next step.Write down your email id to receive the invoice of your ordered product.
  7. Now we are on the last step, here we have a lot of options in which we can pay online on Flipkart. In this step, we have to choose the payment mode like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and much more as shown in the picture below and make payment through that.

If you are using Flipkart on mobile. Then, you need to follow same steps in mobile format too.

Want to return any product purchased from Flipkart.com? Check out how to do it here.

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  • Bishnupada February 16, 2018, 11:17 pm

    Forgot password

  • SBS Negi March 10, 2018, 8:36 pm

    I am tryring to place the order on line first time unfortunly not able to get through.

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    Couldn’t place order OTP not get typed

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    We are looking for cloths to buy around 5000 piece, kindly advice

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    I tried to place order so many time I forget my password some easy method should be there to follow very difficult pl make some easy

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    Make easy to buy ur products

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  • Prab September 22, 2019, 5:19 pm

    I try many times tobuy the product but not working

  • Swathi September 25, 2019, 10:09 am

    Character minse I don’t no please tellme

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    I am from Bhutan and I am really interested in ordering the things from this but cannot proceed saying invalid pincode… So I cannot understand
    the pincode to enter here… Help me please

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    I cannot understand
    the pincode to enter here… Help me please

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    I want oder school bag l am successful in this oder can you help me please

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