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How to apply for Axis Bank Debit Card? Best way with screenshots

An ATM card or popularly known as Debit card is a payment card which is issued by respective banks. These cards can be used to access the Automated Teller Machine or ATM. Users can withdraw cash, request mini statement, check balance, link Adhaar, change PIN, contact bank authorities and avail much more services using the same from their nearby ATM. These are payment card size and are usually made of plastic with the inclusion of a chip on front side and a magnetic strip on back side. These chips usually contain a unique card number and also serve for security purposes. Other important aspects of a debit card are its CVV, Card Number, Expiry Date and type of card. The cards system used by Indian banks is basically VISA, MasterCard, and Rupay. Rupay is an indigenously developed card payment system wherein the transactions are processed within the country without mediation of an external agency such as in MasterCard and VISA cards. These cards can also be used for shopping by swiping the card in  POS machine or plug and play type POS machines.

In this article, we are going to tell you the thorough process of replacing or upgrading your existing ATM card via AXIS Bank net banking. We will provide all the steps with screenshots for your convenience. Do remember that you need to be logged into your net banking account before attempting this guide. Axis Bank offers a large variety of Debit cards. Some of these include the likes of priority debit card, burgundy debit card, wealth debit card, online rewards debit card, titanium debit card, youth debit card, power salute debit card, and much more. All of these debit cards provide you with different features and have their annual charges accordingly.

Steps to apply for Axis Bank debit card online

  1. Open the official net banking site of axis bank that is www.retail.axisbank.co.in and login to your account.
  2. Now, click on three stack menu button in the top left header and choose My Debit Cards option. On this page, you can check out other services offered by the bank too.
  3. Choose the card you would like to replace/upgrade or want to apply for a new card and click on the replace/upgrade card button.
  4. Now you have to choose from the list of available cards for your account and click on proceed button. This step is very crucial as your annual debit card charges will depend upon this selection. Check for the features and prices of debit cards from here www.axisbank.com/retail/cards/debit-cards and then choose the card which suits your requirements accordingly.
  5. Then choose the type of service you would like to have that is International or Domestic and click on proceed button. This cannot be changed once you have ordered the card so proceed with care.
  6. Enter the netsecure code which you will receive at your registered mobile number at the space provided.
  7. Finally, click the confirm button. You will get a confirmatory message and email on your registered mobile number and email address respectively.

These are the simple steps which you need to follow to replace/upgrade your existing ATM card.

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