What Is Customer Care ?

Customer Care, what is it ? It might be a very familiar word for you. It is the most important thing which build a good image of any business, service or profession. It doesn’t matter what is the field of the work of a business. If you are expecting to gain more and more business, then it is the most important thing.

What is Customer Care  ?

The word customer care is quite understandable word in itself. It clearly means, Caring the Customers. We can define the word customer care as, “To provide proper product or service support to the consumers. So that they can take the advantage of your particular product or service in best possible manner”.

You need to note that the customers are not only your prospective one’s. In fact, you need to take care of the existing product users or consumers too as it is the only action which fulfill the word “Customer Care”. Actually, it is a post sale work that is to be done from the company end. In this process the customer care department of the company deals with the problems of the existing clients and the consumers.

People share their difficulties, problems, technical issues, product relate inquiries etc. to the support representative. In short we can say, it is the responsibility of customer care department to help the client to get rid of his product related problems. If the company lacks in giving the best consumer support to their existing or new clients then it will put a very negative impact on the customers. And its obvious that goodwill will be damaged.

Hence we can define customer care services as a process of giving support service to clients before, after and during the sale of any particular product or service. This kind of support can be given through various modes of communication.

  • Telephonic Conversation : Companies offer 24 X 7 toll free helpline numbers, direct hotline or customer care numbers to attract the new clients. By this way they try to convey that they are available for clients each and every second for supporting them.
  • Live Chat Support : It is a kind of online support mode in which people clear their doubts through chatting with customer care representatives. Normally, this service can be found on the official website of the company. It can be 24X7 live chat support by the company.
  • Email Support : It is also a kind of customer care support service which run with the use of email process.

Consumers can use the customer care support helpline numbers, chat portals, email ID’s or any other way to solve their any kind of queries which they are facing against the product or service. The most favorite company becomes a brand in consumers mind when they provide the best customer care support to their product holders or service users.

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