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In Bihar state, Susheel Kumar Modi is a very popular face and is a part of Bhartiya Janta Party and a member of Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS). He was born on 5 January 1952 and his parents are Moti Lal Modi and Ratna Devi. He belongs to Vaishya Bania family. He had a family business of readymade garments. He did his graduation from Patna Science College and completed his Botany Hons. in 1973.  At the age of 10, he joined RSS. During the half way of his MSc. he quit it and took part in various social movements. He came in contact with some prominent social activists of that time. All these things changed his life and gave it a new turn. From there only he started fighting for the welfare of people.

He also served as Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Bihar. He was also appointed as Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers for the Implementation of the Goods and service tax in July 2011. In 1962, during Indian Sino War, he was designated Commandment in Civil Defence and trained civilians and students to maintain their physical fitness and to taught them parade. Within this year, he became member of RSS. After that he took highest rank training in RSS and worked as a whole time worker at various RSS centers. From his college days, he was active in politics. He was a student leader of Patna student’s union. Later on he also worked in Bihar Pradesh Chatra Sanghrash Samiti. During JP Movement he was arrested five times. When emergency proclaimed in India, he was arrested and kept in jail for entire emergency period. After emergency, he took the charge as State secretary of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad’.

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S.K. Modi played a strong role in leading anti –urdu agitations in Bihar and Assam. In 1990, he stood and won in Assembly of Central Patna and was re-elected in 1995 and 2000. For several years, he was been a part of opposition party. In Nitish kumar’s government, he served as a minister but for a short span. In 2004, he stood from Bhagalpur District and took his first step towards Lok Sabha. In 2005, when NDA government formed in Bihar, he took the charge of Deputy Chief Minister till 2013. During this span he also played a major role in finance department too.

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Susheel Kumar Modi Address: 1, Polo Road, Patna (Bihar).         

Susheel Kumar Modi Contact Number: 09431017530, 0612-2674624, 0612-2227399

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  • Sukh Dev Tiwari April 1, 2020, 8:57 am

    Reference: Untimely release of life convicts Uma Shankar Tiwari, Lala Tiwari, Lalu Tiwari, all S/o: Late Ram Lagan Tiwari and Pramod Tiwari; S/o: Uma Shankar Tiwari, all are R/o: Village-Mangra; P.S.: Karakat, Distt: Rohtas from Open Jail Buxar arising out of Karakat-P.S.-Case-No. 148 of 1998 u/s 302 read with other relevant sections and other crimes committed by brutes

    Subject: Kindly hold the above mentioned predators from coming out from the open jail, Buxar because there is an imminent possibility of bloody backlash after untimely release.
    I am an eye witness of Karakat-P.S.-Case-No. 148 of 1998 and all above mentioned life convicts have been consistently passing life threatening from jail itself and there is no even an iota of repent instead they justifying the most brutal killing of two persons of my village.
    Therefore, you are requested to do needful such that justice would prevail and above mentioned habitual brutes would not come out to bleed time and again.
    Yours Truly
     Sukh Dev Tiwari
    (One of the independent witnesses) 
    S/o: Late Veyashi Tiwari 
    At: Mangra; P.S: Karakat (Gorari); Distt: Rohtas; Pin 802 205

  • BIMLA KUNWAR March 30, 2020, 11:16 am

    The Hon’ble Dy CM, Bihar
    Shri Sushil Modi
    In the subject matter of also considering stakeholders’ perspective and not unilateral and partisan manner recommending the case of untimely release of life imprisonment prisoners ,multiple murders, repeat offenders Uma Shankar Tiwari, Lala Tiwari, Lalu Tiwari, all S/o: Late Ram Lagan Tiwari and Pramod Tiwari; S/o: Uma Shankar Tiwari, all are R/o: Village-Mangra; P.S.: Karakat, Distt: Rohtas from central ‘Cum’ Open Prison Buxar arising out of Karakat-P.S.-Case-No. 148 of 1998 u/s147/148/149/341/323/452/302/201/379, 34 IPC, and 27-Arms Act ; Karakat-P.S.-Case- No.- 132 of 1985 u/s 307,324, 34 IPC and 27Arms Act and also Karakat-P.S.-Case-No.- 76 of 1986 u/s 25(A), 26 Arms Act as there is serious apprehension about their future conduct upon their premature release, would be prejudicial to the interest of informant, independent witnesses of crimes and victims i.e. stake holders since they, all have been passing threatening to independent witnesses of the crimes for dire consequences.

    Selectively local Rohtas District Police under the influence above mentioned powerful habitual convicts, real investigation with reference DR-2140/2019 dated 22/08/2019, by Thana Adhyaksha, Karakat-PS has been concealed and withheld while table investigation dated Patrank 1801, SDPO-Bikramganj dated 1/08/2019 which is fictitious has been prepared and sent out to jail superintendent, Buxar for untimely release above mentioned convicts. In later investigation of Patrank 1801, SDPO-Bikramganj dated 1/08/2019 has also been carried out by Thana- Adhyaksha as it has been claimed and mentioned.
    Therefore, you are requested to do needful such that justice would prevail.
    Yours Truly
     Bimla Kunwar 
    (Informant &Victim) 
    Wd/0: Deceased Rajendra Tiwari@ Lalan Tiwari 
    At: Mangra; P.S: Karakat (Gorari);
    Distt: Rohtas; Pin 802 205

  • Anonymous February 25, 2020, 3:13 pm

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  • Maulana Md Kamar Ahmad Ashrafi December 31, 2019, 3:41 pm

    Hon’ble Sir
    Dy CM.Bihar With A”Gread Social Worker
    Aap Ko All India Madarsa Council Delhi And Bihar. Ke Founder and Member s NEW YEAR 2020.HAPPY FOR Bihar Development With Muslims Development Support You
    Year 2020.Election 100% Happy Day

  • BINOD KUMAR TIWARI December 25, 2017, 3:08 pm

    The Hon’ble Dy Cm, Bihar
    Sri Sushil Kumar Modi Jee

    Subject: Apathy and neglect by conducting prosecution officer, Sh. Siv Shankar Thakur of Karakat-PS- Case No. 22 of 2007, Gr. Case No. -168 of 2007, Trial No. 2215 of 2017, State ‘vs’ Raja Ram Yadav and others in Ld. court of Sh. L.B. Paswan, 1st class, J.M. at Civil Court, Bikramganj (Rohtas). It is a case of quid pro quo between prosecution officer and accused persons.
    Due to callous, prejudiced and non cooperating attitude of prosecution officer, Sh. Siv Shankar Thakur, Medical officer, Dr. B.K. Mishra returned back twice without deposition and I.O. of the said crime, Sh. Laxman Singh, S.I. retuned back once without testifying from the said trial court. It is happening due to non cooperating attitude and subsequently prosecution fact is not properly placed before the trial court. Almost, said conducting Prosecution officer is torturing the witnesses and it appears that the said crime may collapse due to lack of evidence . Although, the said trial has been going under speedy justice basis by observation and direction of ld. district Court, Rohtas at Sasaram but unnecessarily, it is being adjourned without doing any effective business.
    This repeated grievance brought many times since last 12-13 years to every concerned but it appears that I am residing in banana republic where only kangaroo system prevails. Why not, system is fixing the accountability of any individual? Who is responsible for this inordinate delay? Can system reply and Hon’ble DY C.M. seek any explanation as per law.
    I am poor army personnel and now stationed at Rajoury in J & K which is at boarder of Pakistan where I am serving and sacrificing for the nation but I have been roaming from pillar to post for the justice for last 12-13 years but it continues to elude. May I get Justice where Prosecution Officer, Sh. Shiv Shankar Thakur be squarely blamed, he is not at all cooperating. Can system ask reason from him but I know, system is so corrupt that system may adopt “sab kuchh chalata hai attitude”.
    The accused persons are habitual offenders and meanwhile, they have been passing threat to witnesses to file affidavit of compromise else face dire consequences.
    Therefore, you are requested to do needful after through inquiry such that the crime be disposed of on fixed reference of time frame in the larger interest of natural justice as it has already been inordinately delayed of 12-13 years.
    Binod Kumar Tiwari
    S/O: Late Kashi Nath Tiwari
    Village- Mangra
    P.S.- Karakat(Gorari)
    Distt: Rohtas
    Pin 802 205

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  • BINOD KUMAR TIWARI November 5, 2017, 2:15 pm

    Sh. Sushil Kumar Modi
    The Hon’ble  Dy CM
    Govt. of Bihar 

    Subject: In the matter of application for laches and apathy on the part of the conducting Ld. APP of the Criminal Appeal No 26/2015, Raja Ram Yadav and others ‘Vs’ State (through Binod Kumar Tiwari) of  Ld. Court of ADJ-04, & Appeal No 50 /2015 State (through Binod Kumar Tiwari) Vs Raja Ram Yadav and others of  Ld. Court of ADJ- 02, Ld. District and Session Court Rohtas, both appeals are of the same occurrence and sprang up from the same judgment and order of Ld. criminal trial court, Bikramganj, (Rohtas) which have been stuck on appearance for last more than two and half years. Also, for reminder of no follow up action regarding my grievances as there is no change of status at ground zero.
    I am poor army personnel, now stationed at Rajoury in J & K and serving the nation at boarder of Pakistan. Due to indifference and negligence of conducting APP of the said Criminal appeals, the criminal appeal has not made any headway even after two and half years and as a matter of fact, since admission, the above said appeals have been abandoned by state counsel(APP) and no counsel(s) appeared on behalf of state as both appeals have been going on appearance for last two and half years. It appears that I am residing in banana republic where kangaroo system is only operational.
    The both said appeals are of the same occurrence and are arisen out from the same judgment and order of SDJM court, Bikramganj. Initially, both appeals have been going in Ld. ADJ-05 but after vacation of this court, both appeals are irrationally and unmindfully transferred to different Ld. Courts i.e. Cr. Appeal-26 of 2015 is transferred to Ld. court of ADJ-04 while other, Cr. Appeal-50 to Ld. court of ADJ-02 which is travesty of justice.
    The justice delayed is not only justice derailed and denied rudely but in my case, it is dangerous as well since the accused persons are habitual, perpetual offenders and have been always muscle flexing and threatening the witnesses to file affidavit of compromise else face dire consequences. Due to inordinate delay in disposal of the crimes, criminals are enjoying while victims are roaming pillar to post for the quest of justice and today the common men are crushed under insensitivity of system which is miscarriage of justice.
    Therefore, you are requested to inquire the matter and punish the erring individual and expedite the proceeding of the ld. court such that said appeals disposed of at earliest on day to day hearing in the larger interest of natural justice.

    Yours Sincerely
    Binod Kumar Tiwari
    (Petitioner , Informant and Victim)
    S/o Late Kashi Nath Tiwari
    Resident of village -Mangra
    P.S.: Karakat
    Distt: Rohtas; Pin 802 205
    9466077552 (M)

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  • Sunny Chauhan January 31, 2017, 8:01 am

    Namaste sir, I am sunny Chauhan from Madhopur Barharia,Siwan.
    Sir, I am worker (karjkarta) of your BJP party. I have been working in this party since 2011.But my family responsibility now because My father died so l leave this party because of politics competitiong support good background person.
    I am belong middle family.But respect my villagers of people to me.
    I am good working in society.
    Sir, short time my name is spreed here and there in the society.
    All leader BJP person the level of district know to me.
    Subject- what should I do? Today’s my interesting point in Rajnitik .My dream to serve my district, state than after country.

  • AKHILESH CHANDRA PRABHAKAR January 5, 2017, 9:58 am


    Subject: Recruitment for Assistant Professor in Economics (Serial No. 52012813; Advt.No. 52/2014).

    Date: 05.01. 2017

    Dear Shri Nitish Kumar ji,

    Kindly refer to Serial No. 52012813; Advt.No. 52/2014 for the position of Assistant Professor in Economics, I have serious objection on ineligibility for Interview, since I obtained M.Phil. (1996) and PhD. (2003) degrees in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and more than 10 years of overseas teaching and research experiences (as recently I served as Senior Lecturer in the capacity of Course Coordinator of Economic Development and Welfare Economics with specialties in Globalisation, Trade, Technology and Investment Cooperation for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development into the BRICS & the South at UUM (the AACSB accredited), Malaysia from 04 December 2011 to 03 December 2015).

    At past, I served as Assistant Professor in Ethiopia with AAU (2005-07) and UoG (2007-2011) under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    Besides, I have been offered as Assistant Professor in Economics by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), South Korea in 2010, and University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun, India in 2011.

    During my teaching tenures I have written more than twenty research papers and published in SCOPUS- Indexed, Econ Lit, and internationally reputed Refereed Journals, and recently completed four book projects with the Emerald Publishing Group, UK (as mentioned below):

    1. The Current Global Recession: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation into Developed and BRICS Economies [ISBN Print: 9781786351586; ISBN Electronic: 9781786351579; published in August, 2016].

    2. Comparative Economic Systems and Welfare Economics in the Age of Globalization [ISBN-13: 9781787141179; to be published on 2017-02-09].

    3. Economic Development: Theory & Policy [accepted for publication], and

    4. Regional Integration: Focus on BRICS & SOUTH-SOUTH Initiatives [submitted].

    On the basis of my overseas teaching and research experiences, it is, therefore, requested you to kindly offer me directly for joining as faculty.

    With kindest regards,

    Associate Editor of International Journal of Asian Social Sciences

    Mobile: +91-9431463019
    SKYPE ID: acpuum1

    Permanent Address:

    Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar

    #105/106 Kamakhya (Near Glocal Hospital-Astha Style New City, South from Airport), Bansiticker

    Post Office: Bishanpur-Jichchho (PIN-813210), Sabaur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

  • bhagwan kumar thakur January 2, 2017, 3:12 am

    Sir realy i need your help

  • Jainendra yadav January 1, 2017, 8:03 am

    Dear sir
    mughe Bjp me party sewa ka mauka digiye sir
    Mai Jainendra yadav

  • pintu pathak December 6, 2016, 4:26 pm


  • sourav November 6, 2016, 4:45 am

    bsphcl me recruitment me seat becha ja rha hai use jnta k samne ujagar kre..agli baar aapki sarkar hogi..yigya chhatro k sath anyay kr rhi ye sarkar

  • sourav November 6, 2016, 4:44 am

    ?????? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????? bsphcl ????????????? ????? ??? ?????? ???????? ?? ????????? ?????? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ???????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ? technical college ??? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ??????????? ??? vacancy ? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ? ?????? cm ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???????? ????? ?? ???? ????? ???? ???? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???????? ??? ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ???????????? ????? ??? ?? ??? ??????????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? 2014 ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ??????????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ????????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?????????? bsphcl ? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ???exam 20 ?? 28 ????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ? ??

  • Gaurav Kumar October 23, 2016, 3:29 am

    Hello sir…mere father 3 din se pmch me admit hai.emergency wad me room no.122 aur set no.47…Name Radha kanth yadav …..suger aur jondis ka bimari hai..sir docter aata he nahi hai..dekne ki liye …plz help sir

  • Alok vardhan singh October 16, 2016, 11:42 am

    sir , mai vill+po -patharkatti,p s.mahkar, Gaya se hoon mera apse agrah hai ki aap ke karyakal me 5.83 crore ka tour pakage diya gaya ,BSTDCL KA KARYA Chal raha hai ,humare yaha kendrividyalya ke liye bhumi hai aap chahe to use bana sakte hai ,ya buniya bidyalya ko model school bana de.ant me mai aapko yaha aane ka agrah karta hu

  • AMLESH KUMAR PASWAN September 24, 2016, 10:24 pm

    Sir my amlesh kumar paswan madhubani bihar se hu or my orissa se B-TECH kar rha hu sir mera scholarship nahi aaya hai college mujhe bahut pareshan kar rha hai or my bahut hi poor student hu mere papa ek labour hai o humko paisa nahi de pate hai my scholarship pe depend hu ..sir agar mera scholarship nahi aayegi to mera life kharab ho jayega ..sir aap se anurodh hai ki kirpya meri bato pe naraj andaj na kre …dhanybad

    Amlesh kumar paswan
    Giacr college rayagada orisaa (765001)
    Form aplication no-14111013733
    Mobile number-9040677087

  • Prashant kumar September 23, 2016, 2:18 pm

    Sir gaya ke nirdos student ko aaj jell bhej diya gya . plzz kuchh kijiye sir.

  • nk yadav September 21, 2016, 2:26 am

    mai student sang ka lidder banna chatha hu avhi mai uba sakti group chalata hu samastipur bihar

  • GUDDU kumar September 20, 2016, 5:19 am

    village motichak PS Karpi dist arwal pin 804419

  • himanshu kumar pandey September 17, 2016, 5:56 pm

    Aapse khas bat krni hai Jo ki siksha ko srvopri bnayega or aapko v

  • KUMARI ARCHANA September 12, 2016, 3:46 pm

    Mai Kumari Archana Vill-Maharrajganj, Po+Ps Ekangar Sarai, Dist- Nalanda (Bihar) Pin No.801301 Ka Rahne Bala Hu Mera Niyogan Gila Parisad Jehanabad Me(Librarien Scince) ke Post per Letter No.108 Dt. 26.12.2015 ke Aadhar per Rajkiye Gyan Bharti+2 High School Dayal Bagh Nehalpur Dist -jehanbad me Niyojan kiya gaya our two month kam karne ke bad Letter no 490 Dt.13.02.16 ko Niyojan radd kar diya gaya ,hau sab Candidate ab berojgar go gaye Hai. Kripya Aap kuch Kare.
    Thank You

    • PARWEZ AHMAD October 4, 2016, 12:12 pm

      Sir(Honable Shree Susil Kumar Modi Jee),AADAB
      I am PARWEZ AHMAD belong to Vill. Sawrezi, post Mirganj, dist. Gopalganj(Bihar).Sir ,mere ghar ki jameen par gawn ka ek amir aadmi galat tarike se apna hone ka dawa krna laga. jiske baad case Gopalganj court me chalti hai aur court ne us jameen par dhara 44 lagaya hai.Court ke is aadesh ke baad bhi us aadmi ne Mirganj thana me riswat dekar dhara 44 lagi hui meri apni jameen par ush ne ghar banwane ka kaam suru kar diya hai. jiski jaankari mirganj thana ke daroga ko di gyi to unhone mujh se kaha “tum apna dawa chor do us ko kaam karane do” aur mujhse galat wayawhar kr k mirganj police station se bhaga diya gya.hmari koi baat thana me nhi suni jaati hai.
      awaidh nirman ki jaankari GOPALGANJ S.P,D.M,DSP aur home secretry Patna ko bhej di gayi hai jiska abhi tak koi jawab nhi aaya hai aur awaidh nirman ka kaam Mirganj Police Station ke suppart se chalu hai.

      bihar sarkar ne jo helpline number jaari kiya hai us no. per complain karne pe hm se bola gya Mirganj thana ke daroga se baat kr k awaidh nirman rukwa diya jayega.lekin sir daroga ne helpline no. par galat jaankari diya.jab dobara helpline no. se baat hui to jawab mila”daroga sahab ne kaha hai aisi koi baat nhi hai” to maine kaha ye jhoothi baat hai to helpline number ne hm se kaha ki aap Mirganj thana ke daroga se meri baat karao but, jb mai daroga ke pass gya to unhone mujhe daant kr bhaga diya aur baat krne se mana kr diya.

      SIR, hm garib aadmi hai currapt system ne mujhe aur jyada barbaad kr diya hai.mujhe rangdaari ke galat case me bhi mirganj thana aur awaidh nirman karane wale ne milkar phasa diya tha.aur hm ko arrest kr k hmari jameen par kabja krne ka plan tha but,coutr se maine turant bell kra diya tha so, ye possible nhi ho saka.awaidh nirmaan ki khabar mirganj thana me dene k baad bhi thana se koi aadmi waha nhi gya aur daroga gee us k ghar ja k party krtey hai.

      Sir,mere pass wo sabhi document hai jo aadalat ne mujhe diya hai aur jis pe dhara 44 lga hai.
      Sir ,mai aap se request krta hu ki agar aap mujhe time dene ki kirpa kare to hum sabhi kaagjat ko aap ke haath me saup de aur insaaf paaye.mere sath system ke log ghor anyay kr rhe hai jaha se mujhe insaaf ki umeed nhi hai. plz. sir mere case me aap interfare kare aur mujhe insaaf dilaye. mai court se mile sabhi document ko lekar mai aar se milna chahta hu ,plz mujhe time dijiye.

      Corrupt (ghuskhor) system ke karan naainsaafi ka sikar
      PARWEZ AHMAD(9507337224)

  • vikash September 11, 2016, 5:22 am

    sir bihar barbad ho jayega din prati din crime bdhta jaa rha h sblog apna ullu sidha kr rhe h sir mai bachpan se bjp ka suport krta hun bs apka sarkar hi chahiye sir bihar ko ek crime free state bna do nitish kumar v ab kuch ni kr rhe cm wo h aur sarkar kisi aur ka chal rha h sir mai apke party k jitne k liye pura sath dunga sare yuva bjp ko hi vote denge sir mai pura jaan lga dunga bs bjp ki sarkar bne

  • vikash September 11, 2016, 5:15 am

    sushil sir mai aapse milna chahta hun mera naam vikash hai age 23 bihar m bht crime ho rha h hmlog chahte h bjp ka hi sarkar bne mera no h-8271880808

  • vikash September 11, 2016, 5:14 am

    sushil sir mai aapse milna chahta hun mera naam vikash hai age 23 bihar m bht crime ho rha h hmlog chahte h bjp ka hi sarkar bne

  • RAMJEE AGRAWAL September 8, 2016, 12:47 am

    Megma fincorp Ltd ke chairman ke upar legal action lene ke sambandh me

    Megma fincorp Ltd finance ke name par atankbadi hai ye froud or cheated company hai jo logo ko gumrah kar atamhatya karne par majboor kar rahe hai ye supreme Court ke law ko bhi nahi mante hai ye rbi ke rules ko bhi nahi mante hai ye arbitrator se mil kar arbitration Karate hai or N.i. – 138 ka missuse kar logo sabhi kuch lut kar bhikhari bana rahe hai yese froud or cheated company ke management’s ke upar CBI ENQUIRY hona chahiy or inke chairman ko immediately arrested jail bheja jana chahiy ye atankbadi ka dusra rup hai jo arbitrator gunda or court ka missuse kar logo ko lut rahe yese froud or cheated company ke management’s ke upar immediately legal action lene chahiy or inke finance or insurance ka license cancel honi chahiy we want justice against megma fincorp Ltd

  • gauri shankar varma September 7, 2016, 1:34 pm

    My dear sir
    mai gauri shanker varma hajipur vaishali ka niwasi ho. Mere pita ji late shivchandra lal ji ka mirtu dinank 8 10 2015 ko ho gai hai.wo freedom fighter thhe .unke mirtu ke bad hamari mata .Amita devi ko papa ji ka penstion milna hai .lekin hamare jila ke. dm .Rachana patil dawara.depty colector .renu kuari dawara jach partal kar liya gaya hai .uske bad bhi.yah kah ker tal diya jata hai ki abhi jach partal chal raha hai .yeh parkirya 11 month se chal raha hai.abhi tak ma ka pension chalu nahi ho saka hai .aur mere ghar ki arthik sthiti bahut kharab ho chuki hai kirpya ap isper apni taraph se kuch karwai kare .jisse mera ma ka pension chalu ho jay .
    iske lie mai apka sada abhari rahunga
    Gauri shanker varma

  • ajay August 30, 2016, 11:19 am

    bihar BJP is lack due to enefficient leader like you ie.e sushil modi.
    presently indirectlly you are helping mr laloo prasad yadav. the president of BJP Must take action against you. you are unsuccessful always give a negative image in the bjp voter mind. i appael to BJP president to take action against you.

  • sita kumari August 28, 2016, 7:51 am

    Mai Sita kumari moh-bari pahari p.o-sohsaray p.s-laheri dist-nalanda 803118 bihar Sharif . meri beti simaran Sharma ko uski frnd amrita kumari ghar se bula 16.8.16 le kr bhagae h. Thana Laheri kes no.232. Thane bale mujrim ko kuchh nahi kr rahe h avi tk meri beti simarn nihi meli h, aap kuchh kigiye mujh gsrib pr

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh August 10, 2016, 5:32 am

    Subject: regarding selection in Assistant professor in Government engineering colleges.
    Iam surprise to know that BJP is opposing the recruitment of Assistant professor. we are the people who belong to general category. and we are qualify the exam taken by BPSC. interview is to be scheduled in the month of august. but is is postponed. Iam ssurprise how BJP will oppose this people demand that mre weitage would be given to bihar people irrespective of quality. if bihar people are not cleared the exam who is responsible.public service commission are candidate.general category people are mostly suffered from the reservation policy.
    the person who never voted to BJP a, you people are supported to these people. i am surprise you people always take a wring side. that why you people get defeated in bihar, and id you continue on these policy you also loose in othe sattes also. i am also write a letter to PMO as well as HRD . to make a clear policy regarding these.because we are the people who always caste their vote to BJP but BJP never fevour us.kindly reply me.


  • pradeep.kumar.thankur July 12, 2016, 8:00 am

    I’m Pradeep Kumar Thakur mera sona chandi ki dukan h ham bank se loan Lena chahte h PMR wala par sar koi bank nahi de raha h 10%maang raha h plz sir help me plz my mobail no 8678853138

  • Amit kumar April 7, 2016, 9:05 am

    Sir aaplog birodh karke Sarab band karba diye iska hum sabhi Beltron staff ,Bibrege Staff aapka or sare BJP Party ka Abhinandan karte hai or Jo staff is bivag me hai usko dusra bivag me Chang kiya jay ?

  • niraj kumar February 6, 2016, 5:44 pm

    Hme saudi ki Riyadh me fse h hmara malik bhut Marta h mera passport chhin liyA h bolts h ki polis h Jan mar denge pliss hmari mddkiye him do bhai h niraj Kumar or umasnkr Kumar aurangabad Jila Ke niwasi h mera no 9931089752 h ye mera ghr ka no h pliss hme bchalijiye sir

  • niraj kumar February 6, 2016, 5:38 pm

    Sir hme bchalijiue nhi to ye hme mar dega

  • sagar Raj December 13, 2015, 6:09 am

    Sir. i respect you.. sir hum logo ke zameen per kuch builders jabardasti buldojar chala kar hum logo ko ghar se beghar kr diya hai. hum khetan market patna mein 60,70,yrs. se reh rhe they or kal usne hum sabko nikal diya hai. or baat shayad aap news par v dekhen honge. to aapse request hai sir ki aap kuch kijiye Sir plz.

  • RANI KUMARI December 5, 2015, 3:53 am

    05 Dec 2015
    Respected Ex Duty chief Minister
    I have the honour to request that i may please be consider some few points sympathetically for recruitment of asst. prof. for good quality of education in Bihar.
    1. Sir,as per Advt No.44-84/2014 dated 13 sep 2014,recruitment of Asst.Prof. in Bihar.The distrubtion of points on marks basis,it is not justified.It is only favoured some few student,who has study through CBSE,ICSE board,BHU,JNU and other distance education mode etc,where 75% and more than 75% marks is general. And second thing is that, if a rich student has got more than 75% marks,who will got 100 points, that is only to make a rich man to make more rich.Sir,it is saying that the soul of our country is living in village.And, country will be develop,when village will be develop. But, this Advt is totally against villager student. it is not fair with farmer,mazzadur and villager student who has study in village’s school and college through Bihar state board and Bihar’s university where 60-65% marks is very tough. Then, how villager student will make a dream to become an asst. Prof. Please help us.
    2. Sir,points on Ph.d 2009 regulation or without 2009 regulation and UGC NET /SLET qualification should be equal. But,in this Advt. ,there is no point on UGC NET/SLET. In this case, UGC NET/SLET candidate will be down.Then,how it wll be justified with UGC NET/SLET candidate. Please consider this point.
    3. Sir, selection criteria of as per UGC norms,there is some few points on journals/publication/seminar . But in this advt., there is nothing so.Then,how it will be justified for selection of good quality of asst prof. as per UGC guide line. Please consider this point .
    4. Sir,as per UGC norms,there is same points on Ph.d(Awarded&Thesis submitted) degree,whatever that is as per 2009 Ph.d regulation or without 2009 Ph.d regulation(Only NET is exempted on Ph.d 2009 regulation). But there is nothing so in this advt. Only 2009 regulation ph.d holder will be got points. Then, how it will be justified with Bihar student,where no one university of bihar has awarded Ph.d degree under 2009 regulation till date . Please protect the honour of Bihari student .
    5. Sir.In india, there are 365 private, Deemed & Distance mode universities where Degree is purchasing as more than with 75% marks.In this condidion, how a bihari farmer,mazzadur and villager student become Asst professor.Because he has got maximum 60-65%. Please help them.
    Sir,Above all this for solving, to follow the selection criteria of BHU university is best , that is fair with all of us. (As per BHU university’s selection criteria is attached as follows :-

    On base of BHU university’s selection criteria as-

    1.Sir, quality of education must be consider.And , this requirement only fulfilled by JRF/NET/Ph.d 2009 Regulation candidate only. In aspect of bihar or others state Ph.d 2009 regulation implimented late from 01 or 02 years only . In this case JRF/NET/SLET is essential qualification for recruitment of Asst Prof. .So, try to make a policy so that no one JRF/NET student should be left over.
    3.Sir,Eligibility should be for all JRF/NET/2009Regulation Ph.d holder.But,weitage should be given as quality of education only as follows –

    JRF/NET /SLET = 10
    (Because it should be equal with Ph.d points,otherwise NET candidate will be down.)

    Ph.D 2009 regulation/without 2009 (awarded)= 10

    [Sir,as per UGC norms,there is same points on Ph.d degree,whatever that is as per 2009 Ph.d regulation or without 2009 Ph.d regulation(Only NET is exempted on Ph.d 2009 regulation). So, it will be justified with Bihar student,where no one university of bihar has awarded Ph.d degree under 2009 regulation till date .]

    Matric(10) – Marks>or=60 = 10
    Marksor=60 = 10
    Marksor=60 =25
    Marksor=60 = 30
    Marks<60 = 28

    Interview = 15
    I hope that this proposal as per BHU selection criteria may be success for good quality of or make satisfied to all.
    Thank you.
    Your faithfully
    Rani Kumari
    Mob:- 9085210732

  • Mukund kumar Singh November 1, 2015, 8:17 am

    Vill Po. Ram Pur Kala
    ps. khaira
    dist. chapra 841414

  • neha nupur October 21, 2015, 1:59 pm

    we trust you & your party that y I am wrting this to you..
    we need yore help at this time. & u also want to know one of the weak point of opponent .please sir contact me.. i thnk it will be helpful to you..
    i am nehaa..

    Can i know why SURESH SHARMA(Vidhyak) , Muzaffarpur ,always protect CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH who had cheated uf from last 7 yeras with tahe help os suresh sharma vidhyak. As i know that you all are us to protect us not to torture us.but One of your pary member has tortures us a lot .now we are completely fed up with all these..
    please sir tell him not do to this.
    Below the whole matter is written.

    A Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2015/0013370
    the matter is:

    Grievance Description : Respected Sir, I am writing this information
    in very bad condition.i am writing against Mr. Chandra Bhushan Singh
    who has taken sum of money of Rs.15,00,000/- as a lend to do his some
    of work in 2009.but not yet he has give a single rupees .when my
    father (Amarendra Nath) want his money back he always give time to
    return but not give our money .al last in 2011 my father file a
    complain against him but he has not come more than 1 or 2 date in
    front of judge.At present my father has a lend of Rs.16,50,000 on
    public interest . Every Human has a dream to be a parent of an IITIAN
    and An IPS father or mother ,last year my younger sister has completed
    IIT i.e like my father dream comes true,but he have not even 25,000/-
    to settel my sister in college .right now my sister is in depression
    ,she is undergoing treatment of our family doctor Dr. Dhiraj Kumar
    .she is in home due to lack of money . sir we have a dream to get
    higher in studies and to take higher post in upsc .even my dream is to
    be an I.P.S but if this situation continues we are not able to
    continue our studies in so much tension . sir if this situation
    continues then we are force to do wrong work to get money for our
    survival .then our dearm to see An INDIA a crime free nation is not
    possible. our judiciary system need to be improved ,true human has to
    be all time suffer a lot ,they have be to right to get his/her right.
    please sir please take some strict action against him (Mr. Chandra
    Bhushan Singh) who is one of the left hand of one of your’s party
    member Mr Suresh Sharma Vidhyak of Muzaffarpur , Bihar.with the Suresh
    sharma’s support he never come on date . Even my father has got some
    of illegal notice to take his filed complaint back ,if he didn’t take
    back complain he should have to pay huge cost. please sir help me. my
    father is in depression . we need your help . I Am Waiting for your
    positive response.

    the response from PMO house is:-
    The petition was got enquired into.Petitioner Neha Nupur has levelled
    allegation aginst one chandra bhusan singh of not returning even singh
    Rupee out of Rs.1500000 taken as land.From inquiry it transeired that
    father of petitioner and Chandra Bhusan Singh had worked on patnership
    and were in good term for a long time.Altogether work of Rs.17 Lacs
    was done by both the patners.Some money was to be givien by Chandra
    Bhusan Singh to the father of petitioner which C.B Singh did not
    pay.Father of petitioner has filed 3 Complaints in hon”ble court.One
    has been disposed off and the other two are subjudice.S.B Singh could
    not be located on the givien address punjabi colony.Since the matter
    is subjudice in the court of law any action will be taken by the order
    of hon”ble court.

    but i am not satisfied to this decision because the report which is
    given by the investigatig officer is not correct because
    1. he mention in his report that my father has do work with
    CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has they had a good realtion with each other .
    2. he mention in his report that CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has returm some
    money to my father ,but the truth that chandrabhushan singh did’t
    return enev 1 rupees to my father.
    3. He also mention in his report that he(investigating officer ) was
    unsuccessful to meet CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH in punjabi colony then how
    he get to know that my father has done worh with CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH,
    if (investigating officer) tells that he get all the information from
    the neighbour of CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH then again he is wrong becuse
    CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH has not such good relation that he(chandrabhushan
    singh ) tells about all his work to him.& no one in this society never
    disclouse that how much money they have & how money they give to
    4. How can investigating officer point out of 17 lacs work together
    by both of them (b/w my father & chandrabhushan singh).and also that
    chandrabhushan singh also return some money to my father.
    5. If investigating officer has not meet to chandrabhushan singh ,then
    on what basis he frame a report which is completely wrong.

    Now i can say that investigating officer has taken some BRIDE fron
    CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH to make a report in favour of Him(chandrabhushan
    singh).i can also say that police officers also cheat their government
    because they can help to culprit to save them.
    Even investigating officer has give us negative throught that he will
    investigate this cse thoroughly and & then frame the report , I
    always call him to know that is he meet to chandrabhushan singh or
    not, then he always tell me that he(chandrabhushan singh ) is not
    found at his residence .without meeting to chandrabhushan singh how
    can he deliver report to PMO house.

    I respect our judiciary but how much long time we have to waiting for
    justice.its about 5 year to file a case against chandrabhushan singh
    1 more case against chandrabhushan singh is file against in same court
    for justice i.e.. of checque dishonour & this is done by a cemet
    I want to say that my father & those cement broker is teling lie to
    court that CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH did’t return their money to them, &
    chandrabhushan singh is right is front of court.

    Can our judiciary is not able to take action against CHANDRABHUSHAN
    SINGH because he never come on hearing date given by court always he
    give some execuse to court for his absentees. 1-2 absent is other
    thing but in all hearing is not present in court. He is not present in
    hearing due to support of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur,he
    always support him ti protect from court , police.

    In following thing of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur helped
    chandrabhushan singh :-

    • One time when the warrent was issue against CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH
    but he is not arrested by the police becuse of of MR.SURECH SHARMA
    (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur ,because he protect CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH from
    police to get i know when ant warrent is issued against
    any culprit against check dishour then he/she will ahve to pay money
    or he /she has to give time to court that he/she will refund all money
    to the case owner,but this wouls not happen because of of MR.SURECH
    SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur ,anf even police did’t do their work
    • 2ndly he always help him (chandrabhushan singh) when he is not going
    to court on hearing date he always give execuse to court that he is
    not ablee to come court.
    • If govt. Servant like MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur is
    more in future then no will go to court to get justice because
    people like of MR.SURECH SHARMA (Vidhyak), Muzaffrapur always
    protect the culprit, & increase the courage of culprit to do wrong
    things& to torture people.

    Problems faced by my father due to dalay in judiciary result:-

    • Due to money has not yet returned by CHANDRABHUSHAN SINGH my father
    has to get torture by BNK from my father has to get torture by bank
    because my father has not give the instalments of bank so bank has
    issued a warrent against my father.u can investigate before the money
    was stuck by chandrabhushan singh my father has given all
    installements to bank on time. But right now my father has not able to
    pay installemets to bank & bank is not ready to listen our problem
    that why my father has not paid the rest of bank instalments.
    • I am not able to attend my last year exam because my father is
    not able to pay my fees & without fees university is not allow me to
    appear in an examination.

    All these difficulties today we are facing due to CHANDRAVHUSHAN SINGH .

    Sir I want to say that please take some strict action CHANDRABHUSHAN
    SINGH that he shols be present in every hearing of court & please sir
    resolve our problem as soon as possible.
    We are in great trouble.
    Sir we want money right now to continue my brother ,sister & mine
    study continuously & to get my father rid from all lend taken from the

    Sir the money money 17, 00,000/- which CHANDRABHUSHAN singh is taken
    from my daddy 5 years back and not return yet. In today’s days my
    father has loan of money 5,25,000 of bank with interest & my father
    has also taken some public loan to fulfil our needs which are required
    for our survival.
    From 1,00,00 rupees my father has make it of 20,00,000 /in 8 years
    through contractor business & by paying all incometax regularly.just
    thik about it sir ,in 5 yeras with 17,00,000/- hoe much money my
    father has make in 5 years.
    Sir you can be aware of my father that which kind of person he is. He
    never hurt anyone he always help others.form your investigation from
    aal around you fing that my father is right & chandrabhushan sigh has
    cheated my father & my father losses 2years in faith that
    chandrabhushan singh return his(my father) money.when chandrabhushan
    singh nor return money then my father has file a complain to court,but
    till yet no decision has come.
    As time passes our time is very worst & we are in very right
    condition.we are in trouble.please help us.
    If we are wrong then we ahve no courage to write a letter for justice
    to Our honourable PM, because he only take side of truth .
    Please help us.
    I am writing this in very hope , because we belive on our PM that he
    will solve our problem.
    I am not telling that to take decision beyond our judicial system
    but atleast unserstand our condition and take some strict action…
    i am also sending you some papers which serves as proof that we are
    right , not even a single word is wrong in this mail.
    such as:-
    1 bank warrent
    2 checque dishour slip &etc.
    I am waiting for your +ve response..

    can any member of BJP can get the licence to their own beyonf of laws & regulation of government.
    can i ask is any vidhyak of nay city has power to stop a warrant against nay culprit.
    but i think BJP members ha this right,because of of ypur member of Suresh SHrama (vidhyak),muzaffarpur do this by always protecting Chandrabhushan singh.

    i want to meet u will decided by you,….

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