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Ranjit Kumar is one of the top 10 youtube superstars. He has evolved as a tech expert on gadgets over the years. Anyone looking forward to buying gadgets sure does give a look at the review of the product by the video uploaded by Ranjit Kumar. Most of his fans might want to know the details of Ranjit Kumar and might have various questions lingering their minds about this personality. Some common queries that people search about Ranjit Kumar are. What are the contact details of Ranjit Kumar? What is the phone number of Ranjit Kumar? What is the contact email id of Ranjit Kumar? What is the residence address of Ranjit Kumar? What are the official social profiles of Ranjit Kumar? What is the official website of Ranjit Kumar? What is the WhatsApp number of Ranjit Kumar? These are some of the common queries that people search about Ranjit Kumar. Available answers to these questions are shared in this article. Along with social profiles and official website of Ranjit Kumar is shared below.

How to Contact Ranjit Kumar

Ranjit Kumar was a Hyderabad based programmer initially. He was earning well like most other programmers. But also like most other programmers, he was bored because of his profession. He wanted to change that and hence started reviewing gadgets although he was already leading a comfortable life with his earnings through his job. It started out as a hobby in the start where he started reviewing through text messages. Later those messages evolved as videos and he started uploading those in youtube.

Ranjit Kumar did not receive a huge response in the initial years of his videos. He hardly got some views and around 1600 subscribers. But that did not make him give up his passion. He still kept uploading videos, around 6 videos per week on youtube. As per as him, the tables turned around in 2014. His fans started increasing and currently, there are around 800 new subscribers per month. It also takes a lot of his time and he spends approximately 14 hours per day doing what he does best. He also engages with his followers.

The journey of Ranjit Kumar was not a piece of cake initially. It took him around 3 years to make money through his videos. He has a live question and answers session every Sunday at 7 pm. His followers tweet him the questions they have in their minds. The crowds he mostly attracts are college students and people having tech enthusiasm and people looking forward to buying gadgets. His growing fame has also been noticed by the tech product firms.

He brings about the truth about the products we use in our day to day life and how to effectively use them and also helps those who go through a confusion as to which product to choose from various brands of the same category of products. He now has around 100,000 Youtube subscribers.

Ranjit Kumar Contact Details

Ranjit Kumar wants to maintain his privacy, thus his personal contact details are not available.

Ranjit Kumar Office Address: N/A

Ranjit Kumar Residence Address: N/A

Ranjit Kumar Phone Number: N/A

Ranjit Kumar WhatsApp Number: N/A

Ranjit Kumar Fax Number: N/A

Ranjit Kumar Email ID: geekyranjit@gmail.com

Ranjit Kumar Official Website: www.geekyranjit.com

How to Contact Ranjit Kumar

Social Profiles

These are some of the social networking sites of Ranjit Kumar which can be followed to get the latest updates from him.

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/geekyranjit/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/geekyranjit

Google Plus Profile: plus.google.com/+RanjitKumar

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/geekyranjit

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/geekyranjit





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