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Mercedes is considered as one of the class brands in India. It is manufactured by Mercedes-Benz India. It is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG. Daimler entered the Indian market and set up Mercedes-Benz India Ltd in 1994. Some Mercedes models are Mercedes -Benz Class-B,C, CLS, E, GL, M, R, S, SL and SLK.

Now if you to know more about Mercedes-Benz India and want to contact the company then you can use the contact details we are mentioning here.

Mercedes-Benz Head Office Contact Details

Now if you want to contact the head office of Mercedes-Benz India then you can use the information we are providing. We are mentioning the full address, telephone number and fax number of the registered office. Check it out below:

Full Address: Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited. , E-3, MIDC, Chakan. Phase-III, Chakan Industrial Area, Kuruli & Nighoje, Tal: Khed. Pune- 410501. India.

Official Website :

Phone Number: 02135-673000, 395000

Fax Number: 02135-673953

Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance

If you need roadside assistance anytime 24 X 7 in all 365 days then you can call on this toll free number provided by the company.

Customer Care Helpline Number – 1800-102-9222 (Toll Free)

Now if you want to see the products of the company or you want to know more about Mercedes-Benz then you can also visit the official website of the Mercedes-Benz.

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  • Ashok Nagrath January 1, 2018, 10:29 am

    I am facing manhadling of my car CLS 350 at T&T Gurgaon.
    However instead to resolve the issues they are enforcing the penalties to me, I have written to all concerned departments but unable to get any feed back.. I have no other option rather to proceed legally.
    A suffered customer owing the brand for over 3 decades with many models
    Ashok Nagrath

  • Pinakin Rughani December 15, 2017, 1:19 pm

    Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Bearing Registartion No:MH47X9909

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to above subject I am very much disappointed with the service given by your goodself.

    First of all let me inform you that it was your store manager Mr. Jitesh Lulla from Auto Hangar India P. Ltd. who had insisted me to purchase the car from him though I was not having any interest of buying it from you. But since he was reluctant and gave an assurance of the quality service I was assured that he was a thorough gentleman.

    On 27th November, 2017 I had issued a token amount of cheque of Rs. 2,00,000/- in good faith. And the loan amount of Rs. 20 lacs was also sanctioned by your finance institution M/s. DAIMLER FINANCIAL SERVICES and then on 1st December, 2017 I had transferred an amount of Rs. 24,85,638/- through RTGS as the balance amount towards the purchase of new car. Where I knew that I have put myself in a big trouble.

    I had requested you to deliver the car to my premises but sorry to say that on 5th December, 2017 instead I had to personally come to take the delivery of the car. On 12th December, 2017 afternoon when I wanted to go out with my family, the car gave me the message “MALFUNCTION LIGHT ON THE CLUSTER AND THE STEERING IS FEELING HARD” and then it stopped working. It didn’t start at all, it was standstill. I called up your sales executive Mr. Durgesh and informed him about the condition. And he assured me that within 10-15 minutes he will call back, but there was no call back from him. Around 4.00 p.m. I again called him then he informed me that his Stores Manager Mr. Jitesh Lulla will call back within 10 minutes, but he too didn’t have the courtesy to call back. Nearly redialing his number for 6-7 times there was a call I was informed that next day your person (supervisor) will come to inspect the car and will inform if there is malfunction in the car. I received a mail from Ms. Elizabeth Mampilly which said that on 13th December, the car will be towed to the workshop at around 2 p.m. And on 13th December, after calling Ms. Elizabeth Mampilly informed me that it will be towed within 4 – 5 days and after insisting and requesting her she agreed to tow the car on the same day at around 5 pm. And finally at 5 p.m. the car was towed away to your workshop without giving any intimation that when the car will be delivered back nor there was any supervisor informing about the malfunction.

    I would also like to inform you that till date I have not received the original copy of the RTO certificate only a mail copy send to me.

    After buying such a premium car and being a prestigious customer I am being given a mental harassment and just wasting my prestigious time and business. Its affecting my health, I feel I am being tortured after paying such a premium amount to you. Is this the way you treat your esteemed customers. I feel you are a big fraudster who have cheated me by assuring you me of the good quality and services

    Thanks & Regards,

    Pinakin T Rughani.

  • Kesava Rao Nunna May 20, 2017, 2:55 am

    I purchased a bclass vehicle in July 2016. Within the first week one of the I observed a Bulge in the tyre. I reported to the dealer with some difficulty they replaced the tyre. Now I observed the same type of bulge in two more tyres. I hardly ran around 14000 km till now. When I approached the dealer in Vijayawada where I purchased they they cannot replace them
    I requeste you to look in to this and get the tyres replaced

  • Dr Sunil fahed November 9, 2016, 11:09 am

    Sir I recently taken my vehicle for a free service campion in rajasree Motors on 29 October. there wasn’t any major problem to my car and no sound from the front side as the service advisor told me that the link rod is week and must change

    And got it changed .when I received my vehicle on 3rd November there is sound from the side which is replaced I contacted the service advisor 9846546664 and told them but there was no proper response they told me that they will call me back but no response for few days

    Then I received a call from the customer care centre regarding the feedback of the service on 8th November morning and I told them the above-mentioned and the told sorry for what happened and provided pick up of my car the same day

    To day I received the call from the same service advisor he told me that the sound is from the other side and u should change thrush arm I remind him there wasn’t any comlpant to my vehicle and just came there for a free service campion

    After changing the link rod the vehicle got sound before that there was no sound so told him to check properly and he told let me check again
    I don’t think he is a good mechanic

    I kindly request to help me out .my vehicle no KL-40–B—1111 the service advisor is simply telling without checking to change the parts currently my vehicle in rajasree Motors kochin

    Dr sunil fahed

  • Dr. Premjith October 1, 2016, 5:13 am

    Prof. (Dr.) S. Premjith
    Mercedes Benz 01.10.2016
    Sub: fuel mix in the car Reg.NO KL13AA6060
    Mercedes Benz on 31th August 2016 at 9.00AM
    I would like to state following fact for your immediate intervention
    I was travelling to Kayamkukam from Trivandrum with two families to attend an very important function at 11.30 AM on 31st Wednesday August 2016 in my Mercedes Benz car A class Reg. No.KL 13AA 6060.On the way to Kayamkulam I have stopped the car at Saarang fuel IOC, Vattinadu ,Vattappara, Trivandrum to refuel the car. I got down the car after switching off the Ignition and asked the sale girl to refill the tank with 15 liters of Petrol. Since she did not know how to open the petrol tank I helped her to open the tank along with the cashier of the Pump. When I noticed the meter, it shows coast of diesel and immediately asked her to stop filling. By that time 6 litres of diesel poured in the tank. Already the petrol tank of the car contained about 20 litres of Petrol. I have asked the help of the pump authorities to push the car to the side of the petrol pump. Since the car is purchased from Pre owned cars of Rajasree Motors Kochi about six months back with one year warranty, I have contacted Kochi about the mixing of fuel and informed them that the car is not started thereafter. Immediately they informed this matter to Trivandrum Rajasree Motors and they arranged a private recovery van to pick up the car to their service centre Trivandrum. The car was loaded in the recovery van in my presence without starting. After 2 days, service adviser telephoned me that about 25 liters of diesel mix petrol was drained from the tank and kept it for sending to the petrol pump for exchange with petrol for the mistake done by the fuelling station staff. He also informed that they have to install new voring ( Rubber washer coming in the pump located in the tank. I asked them to use the same voring . But they insisted me to get new one. Unfortunately the new voring is not available in Trivandrum service station and it should get it from Pune factory . I have waited for one week to get the voring from the pune . On 17th of this month the service adviser called me over phone and told that they went for trail run for a long distance and they observed a knocking sound form the engine side while the car is in full throat and they need some more time to diagnoses the knocking sound.
    On 20th evening the service advisor called me over phone and told me that the engine shows misfiring because you have started the car for keeping away from the pump and it resulted mis firing. ( You can see the events in the CCTV installed in the petrol pump. CCTV speaks truth).
    I have informed him that I had not started the car and informed the seriousness to the service adviser Trivandrum and Kochi branch and asked them not to start the car while taken to their custody.
    From the conversation from the staff of the service centre I could understand that somebody of the service station has stated the car and putting the charges on me. On that day evening I went to the service station and met service adviser and the manager.
    The manager told me that on diagnosis they found one cylinder shows very low compression. I asked the manager to start the car .The Mechanic came and started the car. While the engine started I could see some fumes coming out of oil gauge needle and asked the manager for the reason. But he could not give proper explanation for the fumes.
    Now they sent an estimate for dismantling the engine.
    I regret to say that if the decompression occurs in one cylinder due to diesel mix petrol definitely it is the mistake of service station and I am very much doubt of the service station people who stated the car.
    Now the car is in the service station for more than 30 days. While asking for the car,they give confusing reply.
    In the above circumstance I request you to look in to the matter urgently and faithfully and make available the car for use as early as possible in order to keep your reputation sustainable .Kindly acknowledge the mail.
    Treat it as urgent
    With regards

    Prof. Premjith
    Kindly see the letter sent by the Adviser
    Dear Sir
    Greetings From Rajasree Motors !!!!
    This is in regards with your Mercedes Benz bearing Reg: KL13AA6060 reported our service center for the concern of “FUEL MIX” (Diesel filled instead of Petrol). As per approval from your good self for cleaning the fuel tank and associated fuel lines we have replaced the fuel, which was the primary thing to do. Please recall various telecon between us during the progress of work, as we have informed your good self about the unusual noise observed from the engine after replacing the fuel was found out to be a major one. All the parts but engine related to the ignition system works fine. Now we need approval from your good self for further diagnosis. We have to remove and dismantle the engine as the compression test done was a failure one. One of the cylinder is not working properly.
    Please find the attachment herewith for the preliminarily estimate of the repair work. Awaiting approval from your good self for starting the work with
    Ref: 1-5728640449
    Date: 09/21/2016 15:14:39
    To P.Sandeepjith .
    Supplementary Estimate
    Mercedes-Benz A180 Bearing Ch. No WDD1760422J092329
    Vehicle Registration No. KL13AA6060 Engine No. 27091030155268
    Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Sir,
    This is further to our earlier estimate (Ref:–) 1-5728640449 dated, 09/21/2016 15:14:39 regarding the repairs of the
    subject vehicle. During the course of repairs, we have observed that following jobs need to be carried out; whichever
    supplementary to the jobs mentioned vide our primary estimate.
    We kindly request for your approval for the above mentioned spare parts and labor charges, by a return fax to us to
    complete the repairs at the earliest. Prices mentioned herewith are subject to change without prior intimation. Changes, if
    any, shall be incorporated at the time of invoicing.
    With warm regards,
    Rajasree Motors Pvt. Ltd

  • Dharmendra Kumar Shaw September 22, 2016, 4:14 pm

    Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd.
    Benchmark Interkraft,
    Dear Sir,
    Myself, Dharmendra Kumar Shaw, Proprietor of P & P Construction, Kendwa Bazar, Kulti, Dist. Burdwan, West Bengal, India, 713343, had purchased a Passenger Vehicle” MERCEDES BENZ GL350 CDIBE4MATIC”, BEARING Chasis No: WDC1668236M007662 *05.15, Engine No.: 64282641685713, Month and Year of Manufacture being 05.2015, from LANDMARK CARS EAST PVT. LTD., 31, DR. AMBEDKAR SARANI, TOPSIA, KOLKATA 700046, ON 16.07.2015, Via Retail Invoice No. LCEPL/CARS/074/15-16, BEARING Supplier Reference No: LE011516RIN00043 20150529.
    Now since the purchase of the vehicle I have been facing regular maintenance related issues with my said vehicle. The problem faced range from Seat Movement issue, to Glass window moveability issue, to mirror related issue, to brake over heating related issue, to speed restriction issue upto microprocessor related problems. Every time I have to leave my vehicle at your service centre for more than a week at a time as there is an acute shortage of spare parts and mostly the reason for delay is stated as non availability of compatible spares.
    Over the period of purchase, I have driven only around 9000 to 10000 Kms. And now I have been informed that my brakes have worn out and they need to be urgently replaced, for which I have been again informed to handover my car for ten days.
    Now, with the continuous and sequential problems that I am facing with my vehicle, I have now started to have real doubts regarding the credibility, manufacturing standards, quality of materials being used, standards of maintenance procedures being followed and all the related glitches. In a nutshell, I am tired and had enough of this vehicle of yours. Now I am seriously contemplating to take necessary steps so that my vehicle stays with me peacefully or its better that I end my relationship with MERCEDES BENZ.
    Finally, I would like to reiterate that I want to see an end to this stressful relationship, and whether you want it peacefully, or shall I take the issue up with NEWS Media (Both Print and Electronic) and other Social Networking mediums and Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum (Consumer Court), I leave it upon you to decide. Whether you replace my vehicle with a glitch free one or find an amicable way to ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, I leave it upon your wise judgment.
    And just to remind, that I will be sending this letter to all the possible sources and avenues within the MERCEDES BENZ Enterprise, world-wide, and if unsatisfied with your resolution, shall be bound to decide my further course of action to highlight this issue socially and publically, for which you shall be responsible and liable for all damage caused to your organizations image, credibility, etc.etc.
    I hope that you will look into this plight of mine with immediate concern, and resolve my woes and worries of owning a MERCEDES BENZ CAR, or else shall be bound to explore other avenues.
    Thanking You,

    Dharmendra Kumar Shaw
    Mob. No. +91+ 8001708888

  • S K Ray Chaudhuri August 4, 2016, 5:44 am

    Sub : Extortion through fake replacement spares and service.

    We are using vehicle no. WB06J 9942, Model C250 CDIBE. (Owned by M/s Pulse Power Technologies Pvt Ltd.)
    Experiencing frequent break down and every time it is sent to the workshop in Kolkata the Service Centre charging exorbitant amount as reflected in their invoice no.LE 021516WIN03853 dated 2/3/16 amounting to Rs.2081162/-. Subsequently there was another malfunctioning and PI was raised vide no. 1-4475374358 dated 03/08/16 of Rs..161684.42
    Observation – in first instant of invoice dated 2/3/16 we were informed that the card adulterated fuel diesel with kerosene which was shown in a bottle kept by the side of our car. It is very surprising that we are refueling from a particular renowned outlet for 35 yrs and did not receive any complain any time. We are forced to believe that this was deliberately kept to extort exorbitant amount for no fault on our part. Further it was observed that after refueling before sending it for servicing car mileage was noted more than 180km. After that it developed some battery problem which was replaced by Exide make similar capacity and model but during change the battery fuse blew up and we have to call Service Centre for support. In second instant back door was not opening from inside for which we have to send to the workshop and received exorbitant service bill. From list of spares we have the doubt if most of the spare become serviceable after 4 / 5 yrs that too running 13000km. We are also really scared with the quality of service which is evident that after laps of 4 months such huge list of spares need to be replaced raised to the question of quality and reliability.
    I will be thankful if Mercedes Bench authority take appropriate measure to stop such extortion taking advantage of ignorance of user by the Franchise Service Centre.
    We will be expecting suitable response from MB authority so that their image in the market is not being shattered by such franchise service provider for their own interest.

  • Sahil Jain September 11, 2015, 1:09 pm

    I had given my car (Reg. no PB09Q5200 in the name of RailTech) for general service on Monday (7th Sep’15) and since then have been calling T&T Motors for updates. They have just been giving me false assurances. They did not even have the courtesy to call me back for any updates, it was I who always tried to call them but unfortunately was always given false assurances by their service engineers that i would get my car the following day. Its been 5 days and I still havent received my car and now they say they would deliver it tomorrow. I am writing to you out of frustration, never expected such low service levels from Mercedes. At this point, I regret having purchased a Mercedes car. If i had known that i wouldbe treated like this, i would have looked at your competitors which I know from personal experience would never stoop to such low service levels. To top it all up, T&T would present me with an unjustified service bill with huge labour charges and I being a customer would be forced to pay that obnoxious amount. I hope you take this matter up seriously and pull up T&T not just for their low service levels but even for overcharging their customers.

  • R... June 15, 2015, 8:28 am

    Subject : Poor after sales service! This is to file a complaint about the utterly dissatisfactory service I have thus far experienced at one of the local MB dealerships here in Ludhiana.
    I got my Mercedes E-250 ( CH 01AX 0096 ) serviced at 27000 kms from Joshi Automobiles, Ludhiana very recently. My car front brake pads have Broken into pieces while the passengers ( MY DAD) were in it (Never happened even with a car costing 5lac INR in my lifetime) .My driver jus drove the car outside from my house. It was jus on the verge to be fly on highway. Fortunately the car was at the speed of 15-20 km/hr. Thus the driver had to pull the hand lever to stop the car moving away from the ramp. Passengers are safe!
    MB was informed and the car was toed by the company to the nearest dealership. The supervisor/contacted person at the dealership got back to us with a reply that the brake pads have broken down and need to be replaced at our own cost while the . Which is a very clear situation at the site of accident.
    But the concern is: Can a MB car brake pads break down straight away or they get torn’ed up with a prior notification of replacing them at the car display? We were told to get the Brake pads replaced at 30000 kms. Even after the brake pads broke down into pieces, the car display had no sign/notification/indication that the car is not safe to drive or any such thing has happened.
    I will be really thankful, if Mercedes Benz can go on site at Joshi Auto where the car is parked from last 1 week and look into the matter.
    I hope to get a satisfactory reply from Mercedes Benz India after analyzing the situation, of the broken break pads.

    Ravi Goyal

  • Onkar Pawaskar May 8, 2015, 4:14 am


    I dr onkar pawaskar had brought my merc mh03 br 3131 for first service on 6th may 2015 at your auto hangar chandivli service station.

    The car was serviced and handed over to me without even a simple wash. I am attaching pictures for your reference. After being assured of quality and services we are surprised to see this kind of irresponsible and careless attitude.

    Dr onkar pawaskar

  • mahesh patil August 4, 2014, 1:10 pm

    My vehicle MH 04 GE 5678 has broken down on main road at Dwarka Gujrat. I have lodge complaint at 11.30 am. Still nobody has come & they are not giving any reply. The vehicle is in the centre of junction. It may get hit in night darkness

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