Mental Movie Release Date 2014 – Salman Khan & Sohail Khan Movie

Mental Movie release date is 24 January, 2014. The movie directed by Sohail Khan and starred with Salman Khan is all set to ready in the Republic week of year 2014. Earlier the movie was supposed to released at the end of 2013. But due to the delay in shooting the release date of movie is finally fixed and announced by Sohail Khan Productions.

Besides superstar Salman Khan, Sana Khan & Daisy Shah are playing the lead role in opposite to him. Sana was the contestant as well as the runner up of Bigg Boss Season 6. Following it, Santosh is the second person of same contest which can be seen in the movie with a big role.

Salman Khan with Sana Khan (Mental Movie)

Salman Khan with Sana Khan (Mental Movie)

According to Sohail Khan, he decided to make Mental in late 2012. As it is the remake of Telugu super hit movie Stalin. The shoot for the movie started in February 2012. But due to the postponed schedule the movie is set to release in the year 2014. The rumors are also saying that viewers will be able to watch this movie in 3D format.

The presence of Salman Khan in this movie made is an expected blockbuster of starting 2014 year. As the last few movies of this superstar banged on the box office.

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