Kiran Bedi Contact Office Address, Phone Number, Email, Website

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Kiran Bedi Contact Office Address, Phone Number, Email, Website

Kiran Bedi office is located in the New Delhi city. Check the address, phone number, email Id's and official website to contact Mrs. Kiran Bedi. She is a well known social activist of India as well as role model for all girls and women. Kiran Bedi was the first female IPS officer. She gained popularity because of her way of working as an reputed Police Officer. Kiran Bedi was born in June, 1949 in Amritsar city of Punjab. She has completed her education from Punjab University, Delhi University and IIT Delhi. The name of the husband of Mrs. Kiran Bedi is Brij Bedit. Currently she is running two NGOs, the names are : Navjyoti India Foundation & India Vision Foundation. For her social activities she also received various awards like Suryadatta National Award (2007), United Nations Medal (2004), Ramon Magsaysay Award (1994),President’s Gallantry Award (1979) etc. Recently, she gained so much popularity by becoming a part of India Against Corruption with Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Kumar Vishwas etc. She was the member of core committee for the anti-corruption movement. [caption id="attachment_4008" align="alignnone" width="192"]Kiren Bedi Images Kiren Bedi Images[/caption]

Kiran Bedi Office Contact Details

Kiran Bedi Office Address : 56, Uday Park, New Delhi - 110049 Kiran Bedi Office Phone Number : 011-47100700 Kiran Bedi Official Email ID's : (For invitation / information) (For complaints) Kiran Bedi Official Website : & For more details and information you can visit the official website of Mrs. Kiran Bedi. There you can also view the information about biography of Kiran Bedi, career, family, professional etc. kind of details too.  


  • Mehar Bhai

    2014-03-15 16:47:29

    Kindly advice to establish an ideal Lokpal in India. Let us discuss please. Ombudsman Specialist Thanks and Regards 9971870150

  • vkd

    2014-03-16 09:29:33

    Dear Dr. Bedi I met you in N. Delhi for few minutes about crowd control during Ram leela festivities in 1980s. I will like to share some useful information. Please provide me with your style via email. Warm regards

  • Trailokya Sundar Sabat,Berhampur

    2014-03-22 13:07:49

    Kiranji, I am from Berhampur Odissa.I am a friend of Satya Tripathy and Advocate Sudhansu Das. i was planning to get you to Odissa as DIG Berhampur about 21 years back when Maoism was growing during Naveen's Daddy CMship. But you were senior enough then so dream remained. So far this Univ has never produced a single Bureaucrat IAS_IPS. My struggle by pen to whom not has put me to a nut. I have to fight the Lokpal Bramhastram from their Excellancies and Lordships. just now I wotre to Annaji a mail and now to you. My Computer knowledge is limited and I am under mental agony. So plz bear this brother. If possible reply and call Trailokya Sabat,Mukteswar Temple St,Berhampur-760001/Cell-9937212389- 22March

  • Trailokya Sundar Sabat,Berhampur

    2014-03-22 13:12:22

    Yah Kiranji, One more thing I am trying to find out solutions for Clearance/Disposal of pendent Cases in Courts and for a Stable Lok Sabha or wipe that out for Presidential Form ofGovt and farmulas to wipe out Maoism & Ambanism dominating extra constitutionality. Plz note this too. Regrds.

  • Deepak Goel

    2014-04-11 03:35:06

    Respected Mam, We want to see you next chief Minister of Delhi. Please come and solve the problems of Delhi and country. We are awaiting your reply. Thanks & Regards HINDUSTAN

  • Yogendra prasad singh

    2014-04-16 13:41:03

    Didi Could you please help me in publishing some poems regarding social evils composed by me?

  • Pranlal P Rathod

    2014-04-16 15:25:29

    Honorable Shrimati Kiran Bedi Ji, I am Mr. Pranlal P. Rathod, I am not a Politician, My age is more than 82 yrs (Born in 1932). I dont want to waste your time , So i will introduce my things as under:- I have full trust on you other then any other politician. I wish that you stand for PM , & get elected as PM . As my opinion , the best way to get love from people can be achieved by DECLARING TAX FREE INDIA , where people can pay their tax by their own, No Inspector should be appointed for Inspection as it leads to corruption. This will save money of government by allowing officers to do some other job. 85% Government will be removed to UDYOG. There are so many points that are to be discussed on this, Inshort I mean that Brashatachar should be absolutely demolished. By this law, People will pay more tax as they will see the development of India. Even British Law never appointed officers for inspecting records of citizens, But our government is burden on Indian Citizen. I wish that you become PM , As i only trust you & no other candidate standing for election. All candidates are only interested in making money after election. I hope we discuss more about this issue , I hope you get back to me asap, I will be awaiting your reply. Thanking you & regard's, Pranlal P. Rathod, Add:- R85/C-2, Mahavir Nagar, Shankar Lane, Kandivalli West, Mumbai 400067. Contact Number : 9022618742

  • seema goswami

    2014-05-16 11:56:21

    Hello mam m big fan of yours . Iwant to join your ngo.

  • jai suryavanshi

    2014-05-19 17:47:48

    Dear kiranji Gives us rights relatives

  • jai suryavanshi

    2014-05-19 17:48:25

    Dear kiranji Gives us rights relatives My number 8421490320

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