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Are you looking forward to contacting the Governor of Odisha for any purpose related to project, or maybe for an appointment to fix an interview? What is the office address of Governor of Odisha? What is the office phone number of Governor of Odisha? What is the residence address of Governor of Odisha? How to contact Governor of Odisha? What are the contact details of Governor of Odisha? Available solutions to these questions are shared in this article.

In India, a Governor is the Chief Executive of a state. The powers and functions of an Indian Governor are somewhat like the powers and functions of the President of India. The major difference between the two is that a President works at the national level while the Governor works at the State level. A Governor is the nominal head of the state. The Governor is vested with several powers. The powers can be categorised as –

1)Executive Powers- the Governor appoints the Chief Minister of the state and with the suggestion of the Chief Minister appoints the Council of Ministers. Any executive action which is taken by the state is taken in the name of the Governor of the state

2) Legislative Powers- the Governor of a state has the power of ordinance making when the Houses are not in session. A bill cannot become an act without the assent of the Governor.

3) Judicial Powers- the Governor has the power to grant the pardon or reduce the sentence of any individual who is convicted the Court of law.

4) Discretionary power – Powers which are at the discretion of the governor. These powers are not mandatory. They are either granted under a statue or delegation.

After Odisha became a separate province in 1936 John Austen Hubback, a British civilian was appointed as the first Governor of Odisha. He also served as the President of Banking Enquiry Committee for Bihar and Odisha.

George Townsend Boag, Howthorne Lewis, Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi, Kailash Nath Katju, Asaf Ali, V. P. Menon, Fazal Ali, P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja, Bhim Sen Sachar, Yeshwant Narayan Sukthankar, Ajudhia Nath Khosla, Shaukatullah Shah Ansari, Sardar Jojendra Singh and few more were the past Governor of Odisha.

S.C Jamir took the oath as the 44th Governor. He took office on 21st March 2013. Born on 17th October 1931 in Ungma village, (Mokokchung district of Nagaland) S.C Jamir is the son of Senayangba Jamir.

Governor of Odisha Office Contact Details

In order to reach the Governor of Odisha, use the contact details about office address, residence address, office number etc. mentioned below.

Governor of Odisha Office Address: Raj Bhavan Colony, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-  751008

Governor of Odisha Residence Address: Raj Bhavan Colony, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-  751008

Governor of Odisha Residence Phone Number: 0674 2536581/2536583/2536584/2536704

Governor of Odisha Office Phone Number: 0674 2536581/2536583/2536584/2536704

Governor of Odisha Office Fax Number: 0674 2536582

Governor of Odisha Office Email Id: 

Governor of Odisha Official Website:

Here above we have shared the official website of the Governors of Odisha. One can have any of the details related to governors of Odisha from this website.

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