EpicFreePrizes.Com - Share & Earn Points To Win Free Prizes

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EpicFreePrizes.Com - Share & Earn Points To Win Free Prizes

EpicFreePrizes (EpicFreePrizes.Com) is a program getting popular on internet because of its concept. The website offers the people to earn free rewards by just referring their friend with the give referral link. The uncommon thing is, you need not to sing up, register or create any account on the website. The site claims that they automatically create an account by following the unique IP address.

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What is EpicFree Prizes (Epicfreeprizes.com) ?

By referring a friend you will win rewards @ 1 point per referral. After completing few points you will be able to win free goodies. Such as, complete 5 points and you have the chance to win Amazon 10$ shopping voucher for free by spending those five points. In case, you have earned 25 points then you will get the chance to win  $100 iTunes gift card. Increasing number of points will also help you in unlocking the free gifts. The gifts and vouchers which currently available are Amazon, XBox Live, Runescape, Steam, PSN, Neon, League of Legends Card, Minecraft Premium Account, Artix, Ultimate Game Card, Gameshop, WoW, Facebook Credits and iTunes vouchers etc.

Important Points

  • Refer a friend to earn points.
  • Your friend must have followed your link only.
  • If any other link has been followed before you, then you will not get the point for that particular referral.
  • 1 point for each referral is the rate.
  • The price of all the gift vouchers are available in the unit of Points.
Please note, we are note sure that the concept is genuine or fraud. Although there is possibility that it can be a scam or fake program. We recommend you to try it once. Refer your 5 friend at least to win 5 points. It will allow you to get the minimum available free gift from Amazon.


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