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Dr. Vikram Yadav is one of the famous personalities of youtube uploading videos about case studies, diseases, surgeries and examinations or any other medical issues. He thus provides upliftment of medical education and provides an infotainment channel. Most of the common queries searched by people about Vikram Yadav are – What are the contact details of Vikram Yadav? What is the phone number of Vikram Yadav? What is the contact email id of Vikram Yadav? What is the residence address of Vikram Yadav? What are the official social profiles of Vikram Yadav? What is the official website of Vikram Yadav? What is the WhatsApp number of Vikram Yadav? These are some of the common queries that people search about Vikram Yadav. Available answers to these questions are shared in this article. Along with social profiles and official website of Vikram Yadav is shared below.

How to Contact Vikram Yadav

Dr. Vikram Yadav used to look forward to the internet for answers to most of his questions while he was studying medicine in around 2007. He used to seek for answers in online forums and YouTube videos.

So, when he passed out in the year 2009, he did the same by uploading YouTube videos considering it to be his payback for all that he has learnt over the years through the internet. Hence he started uploading videos about his research and various other concerns such as medical problems which he would encounter. He would also provide answers to the treatments of the medical issues and the outcomes of it.

Dr. Vikram Yadav started his YouTube videos as a passion but it then turned out to be a passion he would drive by which also led to his income. He approximately uploads two videos per week single handily. The followers of his youtube videos are mostly non-Indians from across the globe. He is also the founder of wacky5.com and also a blogger.

Dr. Vikram Yadav Contact Details

In order to maintain the privacy of Vikram Yadav, we are unable to share his personal contact details such as Phone number, WhatsApp number, Email id etc.

Dr. Vikram Yadav Office Address: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav Residence Address: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav Phone Number: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav WhatsApp Number: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav Fax Number: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav Email ID: N/A

Dr. Vikram Yadav Official Website: N/A

How to Contact Vikram Yadav

Social Profiles

These are the links to the official social profile of Vikram Yadav, follow them to get the latest update about the Vikram Yadav.

Facebook Fan Page: N/A

Twitter Handle: N/A

Google Plus Profile: plus.google.com/u/0/+VikramYadav

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/shaziajafrey8

Instagram Handle: N/A

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