Deepak Chaurasia Office Contact Address, Phone Number

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Deepak Chaurasia Office Contact Address, Phone Number

Deepak Chaurasia a well known journalist of country. Currently he is working as an Editor In Chief of India News channel. The personality is quite much popular in India because of its journalism work. There was a time when his name was favorite for to denote anybody as a media person or journalist. Since he used to work for famous news channels like Aaj Tak & ABP News (formerly Star News). Hindi is the language in which he practice his journalism work. We have got the queries in which people asked many questions related to Mr. Deepak Chaurasia. Such as, what is the address or phone number of Deepak Chaurasia ? What is his email ID ? How can we contact the journalist Deepak Chaurasia. So with a view to help our visitors we are sharing the contact details of Deepak Chaurasia office. These contact details will refer you to his organisation where Mr. Deepak work. It will help you to contact him easily. As there isn't any other way to communication with him. [caption id="attachment_3245" align="alignnone" width="145"]Deepak Chaurasia Image Deepak Chaurasia Image[/caption]

Deepak Chaurasia Office Contact Details

Deepak Chaurasia Office Address : India News, Information TV Pvt. Ltd., 276, Media House, Capt. Gaur Marg, Srinivaspuri, Nr. Okhla Bus Depot, New Delhi-110065 Office Phone Number : +91-11-66231000 For More Info : Follow India News Contact Details These are the contact details where you can find Mr. Chaurasia regarding any kind of query. You can address a letter to him and forward it on the above mentioned address. As we can't post personal contact number or address of any such personality. So we recommend you to follow the official details only.

Deepak Chaurasia Social Profiles

Deepak Chaurasita Twitter Profile : It is the official twitter account / profile of journalist Mr. Deepak Chaurasia. Deepak Chaurasia Facebook Fan Page It is not an official Facebook Fan Page. But on the basis of following we are giving you the link. Deepak Chaurasia Seminar Blog - You can read and watch seminars as well as speeches given by Mr. Deepak on this blog.


  • prof dr p k gupta

    2014-03-15 07:14:20

    Sir Why all the channels giving so much space to AAP and Kejriwal Why you all channels do not black him out totally and all news about him and his party He will be ZERO in a day You are all giving him too much importance and that is why he is feeling big

  • Ashish PUNDIR

    2014-03-16 01:18:21

    Sir please give news against sugarcane mills for not giving payment of farmer in u.p. Even court not playing any hard roal against them Contact no.9027792425

  • ayres fernandes

    2014-03-17 06:32:36

    my name ayres fernandes i want to know why catholic dont get ticket from the party any political party can you ask rahul gandhi , arvind kejriwal , narendra modi it shame i want to meet deepak chaur brother i want to come on your channel otherwise brother u can come to my place in mumbai contact 9987213152 i am from 175 kalina constituceny santacruz east

  • ashfaq

    2014-03-18 14:46:04

    Deepak sir, how many rupees found by 'Narendra Modi'.

  • ashfaq

    2014-03-18 14:48:00

    narendra modi k paltu kuttey..........saleeeeeeee.....

  • Ratan Sarkar

    2014-03-20 07:38:22

    Dear Sir/Madam, It’s all about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr Rahul Gandhi. 1. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has started his political life with corruption. Being Asst. Comm. of I.T. he was well aware of the rules regarding resigning from the dept. But he quit his job without paying the compensation. It was only when he has been pressurized or accused, he was bound to pay the penalty of Rs. 7 Lakhs or so. Otherwise he would have digested the amount. Is not it a corruption? Therefore, he is not at all honest. He and his party must not talk about or mislead the general public about corruption and honesty of others. 2. As promised earlier, had Arvind Kejriwal or his party took consent/opinion polls of the general public before sitting to 32 hrs. dharna at Delhi. He and his party members are working for their own comfort only. In two days whatever financially or otherwise Delhi or India has lost, will it be recovered from Arvind Kejriwal’s pocket or his party members? As they were always yelling regarding recovery of the amount. 3. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues telling lies again and again (thousand times) to make the same lie seems true. Wrong people have wrong desire. 4. Earlier Mr. Arvind Kejriwal along with his so called guru Anna had announced from the stage to campaign against congress before the assembly election in the 5 state in 2012, but surprisingly they avert their earlier decision. This proves that they have certain hidden pact with congress. 5. In the same election Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had tried to run away without casting his vote. When the news comes in the media he has forced to cast his vote. Now, how he has appeal to the public to cast vote in their favour? when he himself have no faith in democracy. 6. When Mr. Arvind Kejriwal himself has told that he is an anarchist, now (when he failed to meet NaMo at Gujrat) how he is telling that he is not a terrorist? Isn’t activities in anarchism and terrorism are the same. 7. The unpleasant truth is that Mr Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal are the symbol of worst liar/deceiver in this present India. 8. Infront of thousand and lakhs of people in one of U.P. rally during assembly election in 2012 Mr Rahul Gandhi has told lie by showing a piece of paper (which later disclosed as list of names of some congress people on that particular stage). Here one thing should be noted being a public figure whom lakhs of people follows, how he can torn the paper saying manifesto of Samajwadi Party. If he can torn manifesto of other party then what will happen if general people start tearing posters/banners of different parties. 9. Mr Rahul Gandhi being saying India has developed in last 10 years isn’t he complying that from Lt. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Lt. Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao all the former P.M.s were useless and uncompetent? 10. Whenever India was in trouble in the past Mr Rahul Gandhi was always out of India. He never be around in time. Also Mrs. Priyanka (Wadra) Gandhi, whole year she used to wear western dresses but in election campaign she use traditional dresses like saree. Isn’t she deceives the native Indians?

  • aditya patil

    2014-03-23 18:29:25

    Hello sir muze aap se bt krni h pls 09826381614

  • Gandi baat

    2014-03-27 10:28:37

    Dear when I saw you on TV fighting for undeserving your character issues , guess u should be made aware of this. u don't have mania to fight for big issues of country which declining economy and security .You r interested on sensitive matter to lure people like asaram which fade up me please don't discuss in future , once I except he is pakhandi and getting punishment then why r u torturing public .

  • afsar jawed (advocate)

    2014-04-01 15:29:53

    sir please send yours mobil no for some discussion.

  • amit

    2014-04-15 18:30:59

    Hi sir I want. Help please provided me your mobile no. I want tell you some most imparted things I want Spock with you. Please help me.

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