Women kissed Private Parts of TV Reporter on Live TV [Video]

Everybody tries to maintain their personality and image in front of a running camera. And if somebody is Live on any news channel, it becomes a bit challenging too. But what happened in this incident will show you how much cool and fearless a women can be.  This incident happened live on CNN News. Famous American comedian Kathy Griffin was live on the channel with journalist Anderson Hays Cooper. The event was New Year's Eve 2012. Both of them was hosting the show. But another reporter was reporting about a tradition to celebrate New Year in Maine town of United States. He was telling that people celebrate it by kissing sardine (a kind of fish) from the mouth. Just after listening to it Kathy Griffin knelt down to Anderson Cooper and kissed his private part. Anderson went uncomfortable after it and tried to resist her when she was doing it again. He asked, "Kathy, did you drop something ?" She replied,"No I was kissing your sardine." Well, being a comedian I guess she might b joking. But, this was really an embarrassing moment. They were in at Times Square as well as live on national television. The whole world saw it on TV as well as on the internet too. Let us tell you, Kathy Griffin was married to Matt Moline but she got divorced in year 2006. Whereas Anderson is a gay and have been dating his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani since long.


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