What to do if you have lost your ration card? Legal Documents & Procedure

Life will certainly be difficult in India for you if you don’t have an Aadhar card. With ration cards going digitally verified and application process online, you can’t fool around having more than one ration cards. That’s a good initiative to stop black marketing and corruption, however, people may not be very happy about offering Aadhar card for every other thing. Even if you want or not, the rules have changed, now the women hold the superior position in the ration card, designated as the head of the family. The ration card is now issued in the name of the female in the house. A great step towards women empowerment. But in case you lost you ration card, you don’t need to worry, we are here to help. As usual, in case of loss, theft or misplacement of any important document, you must register an FIR. After which you will be eligible to apply for a duplicate ration card. You can do this online or offline. Either you visit the nearest office of Public Distribution System and ask for a form for duplicate ration card.

Legal Documents Required for a duplicate Ration Card

Just like any other form, you will need to offer supporting documents that prove your identity, address and reason behind requesting a duplicate card. Also, a couple of passport-sized photographs. In case you need to make changes in the list of members in the family on the ration card, you can attach copies of their Aadhar card as well, stating about the new entry in the family. For removing a name, you will again have to give your reasons. When you submit the form, be it online or offline, make sure you state details that is true and attach all the documents required, so as to avoid the rejection of the request. Once approved, you will get the Ration card delivered at your doorsteps. To know the status of your Ration card, you may use the reference number generated during the submission of the form.


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