What is the salary of waiter in Hotel Taj Mahal? Check Here

Hospitality management is one of the prime courses offered in the reputed institutes of our country. Many students pick up the course owing to the glorious opportunities to meet celebrity figures and work in those hotels where people dream of spending an evening. Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is one such destination, where having a cup of coffee is a matter of pride. The hotel was first opened in December 1903 and since then is serving as a landmark of India. People dream of getting a job in Taj Mahal, even if it is for a waiter’s post. Hotel Management is not just about cooking food. It is about being a host who efficiently looks after the comfort of the guest. Employees in such grand hotels are expert in communication. Many of them speak languages which are foreign to us. It is because of the fact that guests who arrive for a stay in the Taj are no ordinary people and these elite few are looking forward to an experience of luxury. To cater to the needs of such people, the hotel has to employee well qualified and experienced staff. The selection of a waiter is also done alike. Students who have completed hospitality management courses from reputed institutes only qualify for these positions. And why not, the hotel pays a handsome salary to the staff. A waiter at Taj makes as much money as an IT engineer does. Yes, equivalent to an engineer or even more if the tips offered are in foreign currency. The basic salary of a waiter at The Taj ranges from 15,000/ month to 60,000/month depending upon your qualification, skills, responsibilities and experience. Hotels constitute an industry where a person who joins from the post of a steward gradually reaches the highest designation as well. This is so because hospitality management is completely dependent on your performance and the happiness of guests. Every person who seeks a career in this field has to perform each and every task, be it front desk, housekeeping, cooking or serving. So, why not be the steward at the grand Taj to begin your career with?


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