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What is the salary of CMD of SAIL? Job Profile & Responsibilities – Check Here

SAIL or PSU named as Steel Authority of India Limited is operational since 1954 and generates a revenue of around INR 44,452 Crore (US$6.83 Billion). The annual production of the plant is about 14.38  million metric tonnes making it one of the largest steel producers not just in India but globally. Sri Anil Kumar Chaudhary is the current Chairman of SAIL. The company has undertaken major projects and is running a joint venture with

1. NTPC SAIL Power Company Limited (NSPCL)

2. Bokaro Power Supply Company Pvt. Ltd. (BPSCL)

3. Mjunction services limited

4. Bhilai JP Cement Ltd

5. Bokaro JP Cement Ltd

6. SAIL&MOIL Ferro Alloys (Pvt.) Limited

7. S&T Mining Company Pvt. Ltd

8. International Coal Ventures Pvt. Limited

9. Development of Hajigak iron ore mines in Afghanistan

10. Development of mines through outsourcing

11. SAIL SCL Limited

12. International Coal Ventures Private Limited

13. SAIL RITES Bengal Alloy Casting Pvt. Limited

SAIL CMD Job Profile

As the Chairman, Mr A K Chaudhary is responsible for

  1. Revenue maximization
  2. Handle a team of 75000 employees
  3. Ensure discipline with development.
  4. Devise Risk management techniques
  5. Sign MoUs and agreements to increase the network of allies or clients.
  6. Focus on strategic development
  7. Invest the resources for optimum utilization.
  8. Keep the team motivated and take measures to increase overall productivity.
  9. Connect with the Board of Directors and the representatives of the Ministry, and report to them about the status of the organization.
  10. Deal with the legal and judicial matters
  11. Ensure environmental concerns are duly addressed.
  12. Include welfare schemes in organizations’ work culture.
  13. Allocate budgets for various projects and look after their successful completion.
  14. Address the problems and challenges faced

Remuneration Offered to the CMD of SAIL

Salary received by the Chairman of SAIL is INR 0.16 Crores per annum.whopping sum of 160 million rupees a year is what is offered to the person holding the designation of CMD. It is definitely not an easy task to serve such a designation. You reach it after years of hard work and constant struggle to prove your excellence.

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