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What is the salary of CMD of NTPC? Work Profile & Responsibilities

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited or NTPC is a Maharatna company established in the year 1975. The company is a PSU dedicated to the generation of electricity. The company provides the state electricity board with electric power which can be distributed later on. The headquarters of NTPC is based in Delhi but the power plants are situated across the nation as the company is taking interest in coal mines and gas/oil exploration as well. Mr Gurdeep Singh, a mechanical engineer and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, with an experience of over 27 years in the power sector is heading the company, holding the designation of its Chairman and Managing Director.

He has played diverse roles in the industry and very well understands the nerves of the energy sector. Employee empowerment, capability augmentation, and process optimization are the three pillars as per him, on which the development and sustainability of an organization depend. As the Chairman and Managing Director of a Maharatna, he is liable to look after a lot of things including:

  1. Find out and take measures to increase the power supply with time.
  2. Look for alternatives and increasing efficiency/productivity.
  3. Encourage options for clean energy and invest efforts as well as resources for such innovations.
  4. Increase the capacity of the existing power plants by bringing revolutionary technology at service.
  5. Align the work strategy with the changing scenario.
  6. Emphasise on renewable energy and other flexible options to outgrow challenges as well as competition.
  7. Plan strategies and allocate budgets for projects running within the organization. National Solar Project for instance.
  8. Report to the Board of Directors and government directly.
  9. Upscale infrastructure, storage facilities and services while keeping power supply affordable.
  10. Keep the organization running profitably.

For everything he does, he is awarded a salary package stated below:

Annual Compensation*

Salary Rs 4,052,197
Bonus Rs 2,291,400
Total Annual Compensation Rs 6,343,597

Stock Options*

All Other Compensation Rs 2,165,209

Total Compensation*

Total Annual Cash Compensation Rs 8,508,806
Total Calculated Compensation 8,508,806
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