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What is the salary of Chairman of NHPC?

National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is into Hydropower industry since 1975. The company’s authorised capital is over 2000 million rupees and shared capital of a hundred and fifty thousand million rupees. NHPC is ranked amongst the top ten companies for profitable investment. Sri Balraj Joshi is the Chairman of such an enormous organization. Performing his role and responsibility is a tough task. Mentioned below are some:

  1. To help the company achieve its mission.
  2. To develop the annual plan and other long and short term goals.
  3. Finalizing of MoUs to be signed.
  4. Monitor the performance as well as the progress of the company.
  5. Coordinate with Board of Directors and different departmental managers or directors.
  6. Manage the allocation and approval of the budget for various projects.
  7. Deal with legal matters and remain responsible for signing agreements, granting of the lease and other official and governmental processes.
  8. Strive to upgrade the organization technologically.
  9. Monitor production, overall growth and make strategies to make the most of the resources available.
  10. Finding out the loopholes and mistakes made in previous projects which hampered or reduced the pace of development.
  11. Launch fresh policies for employee welfare and development of the company.
  12. Devise new ways to financially make the company stronger and take it from the position of a Mini-Ratna to a Navratna company.
  13. Present reports from time to time to suggest the steps taken.

Net worth/Salary

Sri Balaji Joshi is associated with one other organization and the total earnings he gets are from both the companies. The table below describes the amount received by him as the Director or CMD of an industry giant.

Annual Compensation*

Salary Rs 2,431,743
Total Annual Compensation Rs 2,431,743

Stock Options*

All Other Compensation Rs 3,124,275

Total Compensation*

Total Annual Cash Compensation Rs 7,756,745
Total Calculated Compensation Rs 7,756,745
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