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What is the salary of Chairman of MECL? Job Duties & Responsibilities

An Autonomous PSU MECL was established in 1972 with a mission of “providing high quality, cost-effective and time-bound geo-scientific services for exploration and exploitation of minerals.” Ministry of Mines under the monitoring of Government of India is responsible for the undertakings of MECL. From the identification to final exploitation of a resource, there’s a long way to go. Though it is a difficult task, MECL has marvellously completed more than 1430 projects. Around 162734 million tonnes of ores or mineral reserves have also been established by MECL.

The mining industry is unique. You need to identify the zone, calculate the risks, deploy required resources in the pursuit of finding a mineral ore. That sounds the work of a labourer, but a lot of research and preparation is required before the real excavation process. This is the work of a geo-scientist.

Dr Ranjit Rath took over as the CMD of MECL. He is responsible for a lot of things at MECL. Some of the multifarious roles he plays are as follows:

  1. Offer recommendations and advice wherever necessary.
  2. Take actions for the overall development of the organization.
  3. Remain in administrative control
  4. Review performance and establish parameters.
  5. Report the proceedings of the projects undertaken by the Ministry of Mines and ensure their timely completion.
  6. Make sure that the exploration process takes place systematically and the guidelines are adhered to.
  7. Identify new prospects for exploration.
  8. Take permission from the government as and when required.
  9. Stick to the budget assigned and make efforts to reduce the administrative expenses.
  10. Develop a model for sustainable growth while keeping in mind the current financial conditions of the organization.
  11. Obtaining licences and mining lease from the government.
  12. Induce technological advancements to make MECL a profitable firm.

It is clearly known that MECL is under serious pressure and may have a merger soon with its parent company if the performance doesn’t improve. The Chairman’s role is critical under such circumstances. Adding to it, the salary structure is not similar to companies of similar size owing to the continuous loss it is undergoing. The pay scale is as follows:

Previous Salary CMD Rs 75,000 to 90,000
Revised Salary CMD Rs 1,80,000 to 3,20,000
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