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What is the salary of Chairman of Coal India Limited? Job Profile & Responsibilities

CIL, one of the seven Maharatnas, is the largest producer of coal in India (82% of the total supply). CIL is a State government-run organization or a PSU that dates back to 1975. Ministry of Coal is associated with CIL and the company ranks 8th in terms of market value or investment. CIL has seven subsidiaries namely

a) Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),

b) Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL),

c) Central Coalfields Limited (CCL),

d) Western Coalfields Limited (WCL),

e) South-Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL),

f) Northern Coalfield Limited (NCL), and

g) Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)

The company is profitable but has to deal with a lot of criticism as mining opportunities come with risks. At times accidents happen, at times the land for mining leads to jurisdiction obligations and so on. Though the company arranges for environment protection measures, mining of coal is as dark a business as coal itself.

Job Profile & Responsibilities of Chairman of CIL

Mr Anil Kumar Jha is the Chairman of Coal India Limited, holding the position since May 2018. His sees a lot of scope for improvement at CIL and since his tenure as the Chairman began is actively engaged in making things better for the company as well as the employees. His responsibilities at CIL include:

  1. Making strategies to ramp up coal production.
  2. Improving the profitability of the organization.
  3. Finding out ways to successfully complete the targets.
  4. Serving other industries like Railways where coal is a necessary requisite.
  5. Monitor the processes involved and ensure environmental damage is avoided or minimized.
  6. Work out ways for incorporating the latest technology in the mining industry and ensure occupational hazards are reduced to a negligible percentage.
  7. Look after the flagship projects undertaken and ensure their successful completion.
  8. Deal with legal and judicatory matters
  9. Report to the Board of Directors as well the Ministry of Coal.
  10. Seek permissions from the Ministry of Coal, state and central government whenever required.
  11. Participate actively in CSR and general welfare programs carried out by the Government of India.

Other than these, there are a lot of other things he needs to look after being the chairman.

Salary of CIL’s Chairman

The burden on the shoulders of a person responsible for such a huge firm is immense. Though they receive a lifestyle which is comfortable, you can’t underestimate the stress they bear. The remuneration offered to CIL’s chairperson is not clearly marked anywhere. However, it is expected that he earns around 4 lac a month, including all the allowances and additional benefits.

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