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What is salary of CMD of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited? Check Here

Founded in 1974, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian PSU, run by the government of India. The company started with a take over of  ESSO, the journey is depicted below:

Year Company merged/taken over by HPCL
1974 Esso Standard and Lube India Limited
1976-78 Caltex Oil Refining (India) Ltd. (CORIL)
1979 Kosan Gas Company

It is interesting to know that HPCL’s 51.11% stake was acquired by ONGC in November 2017, after the approval of Union Cabinet. The company is getting an annual turn over of  INR 219,509 crores and a capacity of more than 14.80 million metric tonnes annually. The company has refineries established in

Refinery Capacity
Mumbai 7.5 million metric tonnes
Vishakhapatnam 8.3 million metric tonnes
Mangalore, Karnataka 9.69 million metric tonnes
Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bhatinda, Punjab 9 million metric tonnes
Barmer Refinery, Rajasthan 9 million metric tonnes

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Surana is serving the company in the position of its Chairman cum Managing Director since April 2016. He has been working as a CEO for a subsidiary of HPCL since 2012. Though, he is working with HPCL since 1982. His major goal in the petroleum industry has remained

  1. Extra ordinary growth of the company.
  2. Increase in profitability.
  3. Strategetic approach to increase production.
  4. Devise methods to boost the exploration process.
  5. Adopt most effective technological procedures.
  6. Offer affordable fuel options and focus on other aspects of fuels and not just petroleum.
  7. Upstream the business of HPCL.
  8. Re-engineering processes to meet the modern demands.
  9. Think of and promote innovative ideas.
  10. Encourage a harmonious growth model.
  11. Consider the ecosystem in the pursuit of exploration.
  12. Deploy latest and most-advanced technology in order to minimize risk of human resources.
  13. Conduct measures for welfare of employees and keep them motivated to serve the best-interests of the organization.

Mr. Surana is a known face in the petroleum industry, owing to his hard-work, commendable leadership skills,  and dedication to the organization. HPCL is the third largest petroleum company in India. Other candidates competing for the post were – S.P. Gupta, G.S. Ganesh, S. Jeyakrishnan and Ajit Singh. He was appointed as the CMD of HPCL with a pay scale of Rs 80,000-1,25,000 for a period of five years.

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