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This Vodafone Superfast 4G Ad Series is ‘So Cute’ – Old Couple in Goa

Vodafone has been very much popular for it’s commercial. It’s Zoo Zoo ads have been a big hit. But it’s recent ad series of an old couple in Goa is getting huge popularity on TV as well as the internet too. People are finding the song track of those commercials as well as willing to know more about the couple. If you haven’t seen those we recommend you to watch them at least once.

Vodafone Superfast 4G Ad Series – An Old Couple in Goa

Vodafone couple is so cute

This ad is based on second honeymoon theme of a couple. Everything has been presented in a sequence. You will definitely relate all the activities with yourself if you have ever visited Goa.

Day 1

First day the couple arrives at Goa from a train and ask their daughter through video calling about the driver. They also express that they are visiting Goa for the first time only. You can also see its excitement on their face.

Day 2

In the second video, the couple has rented a scooter to visit the Chapora Fort. Since they are new to this place and driving themselves. They are asking the route from local people of Dil Chahta Hai fort. Isn’t it typical? Most of us know that fort on the name of that movie only.

Because of confusion, created by Goans, at last they took help from Google Maps.

Day 3

In this video, the couple visited a tattoo shop where the husband is tattooing wife’s name (Asha) on his hand. And aunty is introducing her new foreigner friends to their children through video calling.

Day 4

Everyone visits beaches of Goa, most of us try adventure sports too. Same happened with Mrs. Asha on Day 4. She tried parasailing and her husband made her Live on Facebook. LOL

Day 5

The Day 5 video is cutest one in my view. Both of them are on beach shacks and trying to learn local dance through their mobile internet. The way they were dancing was very sweet.

Till now Vodafone has released only 5 episodes of this series. Each one of it is really a nice piece of idea. Such ideas influence the viewers very deeply.

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