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Ten best selling vodka brands in USA

Vodka is traditionally neat drink, preferred without adding any water and ice. Vodkas are commonly used in cocktails and mixed drinks.

There are several brands of Vodka in the United States. Vodka sold in the United States contains 40% alcohol volume.

Check out this list of top 10 Vodka Brands in the United States.

Top 10 Vodka Brands in United States


Smirnoff is one of the oldest Russian Vodka. It is the largest vodka brand in the world as well as best-selling Vodka in the United States.

Smirnoff has a number of variants. Smirnoff has a lot of satisfied customer in America.

Smirnoff Vodka in USA

It is distributed in more than 130 countries of the world. Smirnoff has ultra-smooth and classic taste.

Crystal Head Vodka

The Crystal Head Vodka is second best selling Vodka in United States. It is a Canadian origin premium class Vodka.

Though Crystal Head Vodka got popular due to the bottle design it tastes of pure vodka which is very nice.

Crystal Head Vodka

The company claims that it did not use any additional flavours and other substances in the Vodka.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a French-based Vodka that is made from wheat and is one of the best Vodka in the United States.

Grey Goose was produced by Bacardi since 1997. It has a very smooth taste and contains alcohol by volume‎ ‎40%.

Grey Goose Vodka

It comes in a number of flavours such as orange, citron, poire, cherry noir and melon.

Ketel One

Ketel One is a Netherlands-based vodka that is made from the finest quality and 100% GMO-free Winter Wheat.

The wheat is specially grown in Europe. Ketel One comes in regular, citron and orange variants with an alcohol volume‎ of ‎40%.

Top 10 Vodka Brands in USA

Most of American used Ketel One in many types of cocktails.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish vodka. It stands in fifth place in the United States. Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients.

It does not contain any added sugar. Water and winter wheat are the main ingredients of the Vodka.

Top 10 Vodka Brands in USA

Winter wheat is a high-quality crop than other crops.


Stolichnaya is the sixth most consumed Vodka by Americans. Stolichnaya is a Russian vodka which is made of wheat and rye grain.

High-quality grains are used by the company in this Vodka.

Stolichnaya Vodka, Top 10 Vodka Brands in USA

The Vodka comes in three variants such as Stolichnaya Elit, Stolichnaya flavoured and Stolichnaya Premium vodka.


SKYY Vodka is a leading domestic premium vodka in the United States. It is produced by Campari America.

It is ranked on the fifth position in the world. SKYY is well known for its quality and style. It comes in a blue bottle.

SKYY Vodka Top 10 Vodka Brands in US

Skyy vodka is marketing in more than seventeen flavours. The Vodka contains alcohol volume by 40 per cent.


Finlandia introduced its first vodka in 1970. Finlandia vodka is very popular among Americans.  

The Vodka comes in many flavours such as cranberry, lime, mango, red berry, wild berries, grapefruit, tangerine and blackcurrant.

Finlandia Vodka in US

Finlandia contains alcohol volume‎  ‎by 40%.


Svedka vodka is produced in Sweden and presently owned by Constellation Brands of United States.

Svedka Vodka in USA

Svedka comes in numerous flavours such as citron, cherry, clementine, raspberry, vanilla, pina colada and recently launched Svedka Peach flavour.

Minsk Kristall

Minsk Kristall is a Belarusian vodka and also one of the oldest.

Minsk Kristall is made from organic winter grain and pure artesian water extracted from a natural well underneath the Kristall distillery.

Minsk Kristall Vodka in USA

Minsk undergoes a slow distillation process and provides a pure, smoother and premium product.

So these are the top 10 vodka brands which are very much popular in the United States of America.

Which one is your favourite? drop the name in the below box.

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