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After generation of your monthly credit card statement have you noticed that it has been debited with an amount called as FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL ? After viewing it, you are thinking to call and ask customer care of your Credit Card company. So, please stop, you can get the answer here.

What are FIN Charges in Retail

This screenshot belongs to State Bank of India (SBI) Credit Card. Where I saw FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL in my credit card with an amount of Rs. 3,529/-.

The term FIN CHARGE ON RETAIL stands of Finance Charges. Which has been charged over you for not paying the full amount of your credit card bill. It is that interest amount which companies charge according the period and fixed rate of interest.

If you have paid the minimum amount to the company of your credit card bill. Than they are liable to charge interest rates over the remaining amount.

Finance Charges are actually that amount which you are supposed to pay as interest credit which you used on shopping or other things through your card.

You would also have been charged by ST, SBC & KKC on that amount.

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So, don’t be surprised. I hope this article was useful for you. Aware others too with banking terminologies.


Are you using credit card and your card is showing charges like Total ST, SBC, KKC Debit ? Allot of questions might be raising in your mind. This page has the solution for that.

Few people have been seen complaining online forum complaining about irrelevant charges in their Credit Card statement.

SBI Credit Card Total ST SBA KKC Charges

The above screenshot belongs to SBI Credit Card in which they have charges interest on the credit amount which we have used.

Below that you can see three more charges which are as :




What are these ?

Answer :

If you have purchased something on EMI or you have just paid the minimum amount and interest charges have been charged on the rest of the amount. Then you also have to pay taxes over that amount.

In above image you can see that I have been charged interest on my SBI Elite Credit Card. It has been written in the form of FIN CHARGES ON RETAIL which means Finance Charges. Ahead that you can see EXCL TAX 529.40. It is the tax amount on Finance Charges which we need to pay as per Government rules and it is exclusive of that amount.

The taxes apply of Finance Charges are mentioned below that row. Those are :

ST = Service Tax
SBC = Swachh Bharat Cess
KKC = Krishi Kalyan Cess

If you calculate it, than you will find that we have been charged with Service Tax (ST) Rs. 494.11/-, Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) Rs. 17.65/– and Krish Kalyan Cess (KKC) Rs. 17.64/-.

494.11 + 17.65 + 17.64 = Rs. 529.40 (This is the same amount which was written exclusive of Finance Charges)

So, I hope it is clear to you that these are the taxes charged over your interest charges or Finance Charges.

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Do you have an Add-on Card attached with your SBI Credit Card and want to cancel and surrender it ? Well SBI offers Add-on Card features which you can be issued in the name of your family members only. I have an active add-on SBI Credit Card which is being used by my father.

Add-on credit card of State Bank of India can be cancelled easily. You have two options, whether do it online through SBICard.com account or contact SBI Credit Card support department to do it.

In this post, I am sharing the full guide about how you can easily deactivate it using SBICard.com account.

Requirements : Active Username & Password

How to deactivate SBI Add-on Credit Card

1. Login to your SBICard.com account, using your username and password.

2. Go to My Accounts –> Add-on Card Details.


3. Click on Deactivate Card button and follow the steps ahead.

By following these simple steps, you can easily deactivate your card online. No further efforts are needed.

If you don’t have an online account of SBI Credit Card (sbicard.com), then we recommend you to contact SBI Credit Card Customer Care team. They will tell you how you can do it easily through offline  or telephonic method.


Willing to change the password of your SBI Credit Card Online Banking Account ? It’s quite easy. All you have to do is follow below mentioned guidelines to do it.

In fact, State Bank of India recommends changing your account password frequently due to security issues. Although many of us ignore it. But, it is really necessary to keep your account safe and secure. [continue reading…]


Are you an SBI Credit Card user and willing to generate monthly statements online? We are sharing a short guide on this page which can tell you how you can view and download bill/account statements of your card. The billing statement generates every month on a specific date. [continue reading…]