Easy Ways to Stop Thumb Sucking - 7 Practical Ways

When kids are kids they mostly love to put their hands, fingers and toes in their mouth and start sucking them. All thought, that was the cutest thing about them because they look super cute in that posture but that activity is not good for your baby or kid. Each one has many bad habits in their life even adults also like consuming so much of alcohol, bad habits in a relationship, over smoking, nail-biting etc. Even kids also have bad habits like thumb sucking, toe sucking, sucking fingers etc. So here will write down the solutions of all common queries related to this topic like why babies start sucking their toes or fingers, easy ways to stop finger sucking, steps for kids to stop thumb sucking habit and many more. So let's start.

Why Babies Start Sucking Their Toes or Fingers?

If you are having a question in your mind like why your toddler sucking fingers or toes then the answer is "you". Yes... Why Babies Start Sucking Their Toes or Fingers, Tips to stop thumb sucking Actually, if your baby starts doing these types of activities then these are the indications of hunger, parental need, teeth being born or indication that your baby is healthy and he or she starts exploring the world. Remember the babies who started sucking fingers or toes in their mother's womb they continuing this activity after birth also. So now the next question in your mind may cames out is how to avoid baby finger or toe in the mouth? The answer is written below.

How to get a toddler to stop sucking thumb/toes/fingers?

  1. Distract Your Child
  2. Applaud Your Child
  3. Put Socks & Shoes/Bandages
  4. Talk & Encourage Your Child
  5. Reward Your Child
  6. Don't Be Panic
  7. Reminder Them Always
How to get Toddler to Stop Sucking Toes & Fingers, Toe Sucking, Feet Sucking, Kids Sucking Thumb, New Born sucking thumb tips, how to avoid habit of thumb sucking Now check out the detailed explanation of the points which are given above. Each section mentioned below.

Distract Your Child

The easiest and important effective way to stop your child from sucking toes or fingers is a distraction. When your kid starts doing this activity he/she may be hungry. Start feeding them and give something to eat to them. If they are too small then start breastfeeding or give them formula milk. By doing this you can easily distract your child and stop them for sucking fingers & toes.

Applaud Your Child

Another way to stop your toddler for not sucking toes & fingers is always applauded or praising them. When he or she not putting their finger or toes in their mouth you have to do some work. What is that work? Applaud them. When you start praising him or her for not doing this bad habit then they feel or realize that it is a bad habit or thing to do.

Put Socks & Shoes/Bandages

For Toes If your baby is stubborn and continuing this habit again & again then you can put socks & shoes on their toes. Yes. When you start doing this in daily life, their mind will change and extracted into other activities. (Always notice your child that they don't grab any other bad habit). For Fingers You can cover the hands of your child to break bad thumb sucking activity. Start using bandages or a sock. Don't embarrass or irritate your kid. You can use this process when he or she is not in public or in a learning school. Home is the best place to try this trick.

Talk & Encourage Your Child

To break any bad habit for a child is a little bit difficult. So its very important for parents to talk & encourage their kid time to time. Always encouraging them by using sentences like i know baby it is difficult for you but it is good for you to not sucking fingers & toes. The tricky one is telling the bad effects of thumb sucking to your child if he or she able to understand it.

Reward Your Child

Another impactful and easy technique to fix the bad habit of thumb sucking is to reward your child. Push your child to not sucking toes or fingers. When they start following you reward him or her with small gifts, toys, get them to any park, extra stories, candies (if you want to give them) and many other small things (good for them). Everyone is greedy in their life for somethings even kids also. So this trick can help you and your kid to break bad habit of thumb sucking & toe sucking.

Don't Be Panic

Sucking fingers & toes is a natural process for children. It may be a comfort zone for them. So don't use any harsh, forcefully and beating activities to stop this habit. It may panic you also and your kid also. If you beat them or using any forceful technique then it may impact negative effects on your baby.

Reminder Them Always

If your child is sitting with you and start sucking their toes or finger without any thought or anxiety then it is your duty to remind him or her not to do this. Yes. Gently remind him or her to stop. Remember don't beat or criticize your kid.

What to do if any of these techniques are not working?

Ummm this is also a very common question by many parents because some kids may have an extremely bad habit of sucking fingers or toes, so it may be difficult for them. But don't worry. If you are putting too much pressure on your child to stop thumb sucking or toe sucking then it may affect your kid or might only delay the process. Give them time and continuing to focusing on these tricks again & again. So that's all from our side. Which technique are you using from above-given tips tell us in the below-given section. If you are having any other questions then drop it below. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


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