Steps to follow in case you lose your driving license

Getting a new license if you lose your old one can be tricky. The very step that has to be taken whenever you lose any document of yours that can be used as an identity proof is to file a complaint with the police. Before you proceed to file for a new license, the same has to be done. For receiving a duplicate license, you will have to visit the RTO that issued you the DL to you in the first place. They will ask you to fill the challan and pay the fee while submitting the application for LLD. If you have a commercial license, you will need to check with the clearance of outstanding bills as well. You will be lucky if you had a copy of the lost driving license as it will make the work of tracking a lot more easier, else you can furnish the officers with the details you remember. For the verification, provide them with the following:

Documents Required 

  1. Proof of address.
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Age proof
  4. Photographs (standard for official document)

How to get a Duplicate Driving License

In case you are thinking about filling an online application for a duplicate driving license, follow the steps:
  1. Submit the LLD form online and submit it along with the fee.
  2. Use the print out of the same to get a duplicate license.
  3. You will need to carry supporting documents and visit RTO anyway. Just the hassle of standing in ques can be prevented.
  4. Now, you wait. Your duplicate license will reach at your address. A receipt will be offered to you, which can be used as the DL till you get the original one.


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