Step by step guide to own a Pizza Hut franchise in India

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. The Italian-American cuisines offered by Pizza Hut are unique and owe to the success of the brand. With over 16,796 restaurants running globally Pizza Hut remains a dream investment option for those who seek an opportunity to own a franchise of fast food brands.

Why should you choose Piza Hut franchise?

Yum! Is the brand which owns Pizza Hut. The company pays great attention to quality and service. Getting a franchise of Pizza Hut is a difficult path to embark upon. You can try your luck by contacting them at
Yum! Restaurants International,

12th Floor, Tower-D, Global Business Park,

Gurgaon -122002

Phone: 0124-4025100

A primary reason to choose a brand over a non-renowned name is branding and advertising. Adding to it, the opportunity of running a profitable business with a strong selling point leaves no doubt for investors. The youth has a craze for Pizza and this treat tastes different at different stores.

Investment requirements to open a Pizza Hut Franchise in India

Getting a franchise from Yum! Is actually very difficult, even if it is from the perspective of finances involved. The amount required to do so is 2 crores. Yes, you read it right, it is Rs 2,00,00,000. That sounds unrealistic but the bare minimum as know by sources is about 14 lac. The former amount is for metro cities where resources, as well as land, is expensive. While the later amount is for places where the demand for Pizza is comparatively low. Other than this 6.5% of your revenue is the amount you will have to pay as royalty and other charges. The space required for setting up an outlet is 1000 Sq Ft. to 1500 Sq Ft. Step ahead, and march into the food industry with the global leaders. Own a franchise of Pizza Hut.


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