Step by step guide to open a Burger King franchise in India

Burger King is serving Burgers to around 75 countries. Retail stores are set across 12,000 locations. The company was started by Keith J. Kramer and Mattew Burns in 1953 and was purchased by Pillsbury in 1967.

Investment required to open a Burger King franchise in India

Franchise Fee $50,000 or Rs 35 lac
Estimated total investment 2 Crore to 18 Crores depending upon the location
Royalty fee 4.5% of revenue

Eligibility criterion

It is clear that getting a franchise requires a lot of investment, which means you must be having a lot of money. Getting a franchise for 20 years requires you to be a multi-millionaire for sure. The net worth of an eligible candidate is expected to be around 10 crore to 30 crore.

Why choose Burger King for franchise?

Burger King operates around the globe serving burgers at a tempting price as well as taste. As a matter of fact, over 11 million people visit Burger King every day across the world. More than 20 outlets of Burger King are serving tasty hamburgers in Delhi alone. A profitable business opportunity is offered by Burger King, hence making investments is a good choice.

How to contact Burger King for franchise in India?

To communicate your interest in taking a franchise, you need to visit the Burger King’s official website at The third option in the dropdown menu is for franchise query. You will be required to fill in the form that shows up. Thereafter, the company will contact you if your request is considered by them to be worthy.


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