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SBI Credit Card – How to deactivate Add-on Card

Do you have an Add-on Card attached with your SBI Credit Card and want to cancel and surrender it ? Well SBI offers Add-on Card features which you can be issued in the name of your family members only. I have an active add-on SBI Credit Card which is being used by my father.

Add-on credit card of State Bank of India can be cancelled easily. You have two options, whether do it online through SBICard.com account or contact SBI Credit Card support department to do it.

In this post, I am sharing the full guide about how you can easily deactivate it using SBICard.com account.

Requirements : Active Username & Password

How to deactivate SBI Add-on Credit Card

1. Login to your SBICard.com account, using your username and password.

2. Go to My Accounts –> Add-on Card Details.


3. Click on Deactivate Card button and follow the steps ahead.

By following these simple steps, you can easily deactivate your card online. No further efforts are needed.

If you don’t have an online account of SBI Credit Card (sbicard.com), then we recommend you to contact SBI Credit Card Customer Care team. They will tell you how you can do it easily through offline  or telephonic method.

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    whay what is नजिब अहमद कहा गुम हो गया है पुरे 1 महीने हो गय है उसका कुछ पता नही है और तो और मिडिया में उसका नाम तक नही लिया जा रहा है , उसकी माँ के साथ कैसा सलुक किया जा रहा है | कहा है नजिब आखिर कहा है नजिब क्या मुसलमानों का पढना लिखना भी मना है क्या छात्रों को अपनी आवाज बोलना भी मना है

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