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Salary of CEO of GAIL, Work Profile, Job duties, Responsibilities

Mr B.C. Tripathi has been serving as the CEO of GAIL Ltd. since 2009. GAIL Ltd is the backbone of India in matters relating to energy. As the biggest supplier of gas, Gail supports over 75% of total demand in the nation. Established in 1984, Gail has undergone a lot of transformation. Modernization has also hit the gas industry as LPG, CNG and other forms of energy reach smaller cities and villages.

Mr Bhuwan Chandra Tripathi was chosen as the CEO after completing his tenure once. He will hold this position until July 31, 2019. It was his aggressive work style that made him the youngest chairman of Navratna PSU. But what is the salary that he enjoys after such a long tenure and accomplishments? Have a look at the following table:

Annual Compensation

Salary Rs 5,451,000
Bonus Rs 1,899,000
Total Annual Compensation Rs 7,350,000
All Other Compensation Rs 1,835,000

Total Compensation

Total Annual Cash Compensation Rs 9,185,000
Total Calculated Compensation Rs 9,185,000

As a matter of fact, the CEO of GAIL receives a lesser salary than CEOs of companies of scalable size. This would obviously be a good news for shareholders. The profitable organization is showing signs of growth for past years. A record 19% annual increase in earnings per share and a 12% rise in overall revenue indicates towards the successful venture’s accomplishments.

Job Profile of the CEO of GAIL

As the CEO of Gail, the role and responsibilities are as follows:

  • As the in-charge and decision maker, he has to understand the pros and cons of projects and the risks involved. From conceptualization to execution, a CEO is held responsible.
  • To devise strategies that make a firm profitable and plan for a growth model that works.
  • To represent the company at biggest platforms and communicate messages with great dexterity.
  • To lead the company and take responsibility of the failures and losses along with the appreciation for the achievements.
  • He has to remain accountable for everything that happens within the organization.
  • To give a direction to the company and set targets, allocate budget, set parameters to gauge performance fails.
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