Rebooking or Rescheduling Slot for Driving License After Fee Payment: A Step-by-Step Guide

After successfully paying the fees for your driving license slot but needing to rebook or reschedule it, it's important to understand the process to avoid any delays or complications. In this guide, we'll provide a step-by-step overview of how you can rebook or reschedule your slot for a driving license appointment after fee payment.

Steps to Rebook or Reschedule Slot for Driving License:

Visit the Official Website: Start by accessing the official website of Sarathi Parivahan at

Select Your State: From the homepage, navigate to the dropdown menu and select your concerned state.

Navigate to Appointments: Look for the "Appointments" section on the website and click on it to proceed.

Select Service: Once in the appointments section, select the specific service related to booking or rescheduling a slot for a driving license appointment.

Take Appointment: If you had previously booked a slot and need to reschedule it, follow the prompts on the website to rebook or modify your appointment details. Ensure to select a new date and time slot that suits your schedule.

Visit RTO on Scheduled Date: On the scheduled date of your driving license appointment, make sure to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as per the rescheduled slot. Bring along all the necessary original documents as required for the driving license test or any other related procedures.

Note: Please be aware that the availability of online slot booking and rescheduling may vary depending on your state's policies and the specific services offered by the RTO. Additionally, ensure to check for any updates or announcements regarding slot availability and rescheduling options.

Rebooking or rescheduling a slot for a driving license appointment after fee payment is a manageable process when you follow the outlined steps on the Sarathi Parivahan website. By accessing the appointments section, selecting the appropriate service, and modifying your appointment details as needed, you can ensure that your driving license appointment is rescheduled smoothly and without any hassles.


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