How to Send Money through MoneyGram - MoneyGram FAQs

Hey, are you facing any trouble while using MoneyGram services? If yes, then you are at the right spot. Here below we will write down the answer of all general queries in the MoneyGram FAQs section. First, we will start with the little bit introduction of MoneyGram like what is Moneygram? then we will write down the answers of queries in easy language. So let's start.

What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is a well-known American money transfer company that operates its business in many countries including India. The main headquarter of MoneyGram is located in Dallas, Texas, US. Users can easily send or receive money from any country by using MoneyGram services. It offers money transfers and financial paper services. Now you may have some questions in your mind about MoneyGram policies & services. So we will write down the answers in below given MoneyGram FAQs section. MoneyGram FAQs India, How to Receive Money through MoneyGram, How to Send Money through MoneyGram, What is Phishing.

MoneyGram FAQs

How to Receive Money through MoneyGram?

How can I receive a money transfer?

  • You have to ask for the reference number which is associated with your transfer. The person who sent you the money will have that reference number.
  • You can visit to the local MoneyGram location but remember to keep your personal identity and reference number with you.
  • Now please complete the received form at that location and hand over to the agent of MoneyGram to receive your money.
Documents Required – Passport, Driving License, National Identity or government-issued identification.

How can I find the nearest MoneyGram agent location?

  • MoneyGram agents or locations are available worldwide. In easy ways, you can use their locator tool which is available on their site to check agents near to you.

When will I pick up my money from MoneyGram agent?

  • Your money will be available to cash pick up within 24 hours after the completion of the transfer.

How to Send Money through MoneyGram?

How can I send money from MoneyGram agent location?

  • First go and find a location. (MoneyGram Agent Location)
  • Bring the information like your ID where applicable, the name of the recipient’s matching with their ID’s and their location also.
  • Collect the money which you want to send plus fees also.
If you sending money to a bank account then you also need the bank name and account number of the recipient. If you sending money to any mobile wallet then you need the mobile number with its international dial code of the recipient.
  • Now complete a send form and give it to the agent with the applicable funds which includes transaction fees also.
  • Now save your receipt and share that 8 digit reference number with your receipt for easy pickup.
The funds which are sent to a bank or any mobile wallet will be sent directly in the account. Browse - MoneyGram India Contact Number & Email ID

What are the fees of transfer money with MoneyGram?

  • Actually the MoneyGram fees are based on the send and receive countries and the amount which is sent.

How much money can I transfer?

  • The main point is it depends on the circumstances of each transaction and also on the applicable legal requirements. For more information get support from your local agent location.

How can I pay for money transfer easily?

  • Most of the agents of MoneyGram mostly accept cash for transactions. You can contact your agent and find out what payment method they accept.

When receiver get that money?

  • Your money will be available to cash pick up within 24 hours after the completion of the transfer.

Some Other FAQs

What are the currency options available on MoneyGram?

  • They offer a choice of currencies for sending or receiving money in some selected countries. You can know more about this answer from your agent.

How can I know that what currencies are available for payout in that country I am sending to?

  • You can get the answer of this query from your agent. They will check and verify the country will accept more than one currency or not.

I received an email from MoneyGram which asking me to provide my financial information. Should I Provide it or Not?

  • No, if any kind of email is received by you then immediately report to MoneyGram. They never send you any unsolicited email which is asking for your personal financial information.

Who can pick the money which I transferred?

  • The person who receives the MoneyGram transfer must have a valid proof ID and must know about that transfer.
  • The sender should also know about the receiver for protection.

What can I do if the receiver is a fraud?

  • You can contact its supporting team through the contact form which is available on their site, just select the Report Fraud from the Type of Request drop down and provide all the details of the incident in the comment section.
  • You can call their customer support team also to cancel the transaction immediately.

What is Phishing?

  • It is a type of email which is appeared as a legitimate email from MoneyGram. That email may contain links of a fake website which is similar looks to a MoneyGram official website. So never click on that links.
  • If you want to visit MoneyGram official website then this link is useful.

How to recognize Phishing fraud?

  • The email may contain links of a website which may be asking for your account information, banking details, credit card numbers, user names and passwords.
  • It may also show a threat that you don’t verify your account or it will be shut down.
So don’t click on that type of links provided in that email and don’t make any reply.

What is Toll-Free Number of MoneyGram India?

1-800-200-9308 1-800-200-9307 1-800-926-9400 (Report Fraud)

What is the Customer Care Email ID of MoneyGram?

So these are the answers of all common queries which are asking by most of its users or new customers. If you are having any other queries then feel free to share it in below-given comment section. We will write down the answer of those queries in this section. You can share this information with your friends, colleagues or family members also.


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