Low budget franchises in India - Top 10

Using the brand name of an established chain of business and running yours, sounds like a good idea. There are a number of restaurants, apparels brands and other business models which work on a franchise basis as well. If you wish to take advantage of this great self-employment opportunity, given below are the top ten brands offering you the chance to be your own boss, that too with a limited investment. Have a look-


A brand name in delivery and courier services, DTDC can be a profitable business opportunity if you have a basic investment as low as 1.5 Lakh. There is no requirement of a huge warehouse for this business and the icing on the cake is that the breakeven of this business is very quick.


If you have an investment of about 8 lakh, you can consider applying for a franchise of Monginis - a popular brand for cake and baking products. Food and restaurant business depends on a number of factors, evaluate your chances to succeed and know about the details for this business here. Setting up an outlet of Monginis would require an area of 250 Sq Feet.

Career Launcher

With just an investment of 3-10 Lakh, you can establish a business under the umbrella of Career Launcher. Know that the breakeven for this business is 1 year and you would need 1500 sq. feet place to start it. But education is itself a huge opportunity, let alone a business that imparts education.


Playschools are always a success. They can be established in good localities, where children are taken good care of. With nuclear families and working moms, it has become a necessity for every society to have a place where kids are safe and have the opportunity to learn. These pre-schools are offering not just the right environment for the child’s growth but also offer day boarding facilities. It is a business that brings with minimum risk, provided you keep kids happy and protected. The area you would need to establish one is 3000 Sq.feet to begin with and the investment is around 10 Lakh.


Computers have changed the world for good. While this amazing piece of tech was scary and threatening at the time of its invention, it has now become a part and parcel of our lives. Computer education is what this franchise opportunity is all about. You can start this business with an investment of 20 lakh but you would need a space big enough to accommodate several computer systems and batches of students (minimum 1000 sq. feet).

Jawed Habib

If Hair cuts, blooming beauty industry, personal grooming and wedding season is your idea of entrepreneurship, this franchise can be of great help. Not only the investment is as low as 5-10 Lakh, but you also generate employment opportunities for women around you. This obviously does not mean that men are not involved but women have an upper hand at the beauticians business. If you have about 600 sq. feet available space.


Kids are the centre of the universe for most of the parents, and Firstcry is a trusted brand for them. So if you have 10-15 Lakh with you, along with a place some 1000 Sq. Feet big, you can start earning money as soon as you begin. The outlets of First Cry are almost everywhere, be it malls, shopping centres and they are as successful in tier II cities as anywhere in the metros.


A homoeopathic medicine and healthcare provider, Dr.Batras can be yours with an investment of about 20-30 Lakh. The space required to start the centre is 400 Sq.feet while the breakeven can be reached in one year.


With an overall investment of 20-30 lakh, you can avail the franchise of the leader at optical business - Lenskart. The space required for setting up an outlet for this business spans around a thousand square feet. You need not be a professional eye care provider and the company offers every resource you need as it is aiming at spreading its network at the moment.


A known name in the footwear business, Khadims offers you a great range of shoes as well as the opportunity to start your journey as a businessman with an investment of about 25 Lakh. You would, however, need 1000 Sq. Feet place prior to applying to avail this franchise. But partnering with Khadims can prove to be a nice move towards growth. While franchise business is certainly a good investment as you get yourself associated with an already established brand and need not pay a penny for branding and marketing, one must understand that skills and risk are applicable to this business as they are to others. Make the intelligent choice and know that the investment suggested is just the beginning as the cost of the establishment of business might not be included in the franchise fee. You will need a skilled workforce in any case and before the breakeven of your business is reached, you will not be very comfortable about the expenses or the salaries to be paid. Business involves risk and calculations, invest your money after you understand every aspect of it. Nowadays, loans are available and entrepreneurship is on the boom which will ease the things for you, but being your own master does cost you more than a little money.


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