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List of DDA Open Areas/Parks in Delhi

Open areas and parks not only make the city look beautiful but also are a major requirement for any state. Delhi development authority (DDA) maintains these lush green parks and open areas so meetings, where a large number of people gather, can be carried out smoothly and people have a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The list of such places in Delhi is as follows:

 Parmeshwari Wala Bagh, Distt. Park
Parmeshwari Bagh, Distt. Park
Daroga Wala Bagh, Distt. Park
Chamari Wala Bagh, NHP
Park at Hadson Line Kingsway Camp
Distt. Park between Rly. Line to G.T.K Rd.
NHP Yoginder Wala Bagh
Park & Multigym at Kalyan Vihar
Park at Gopal Pur
Park at  Dheerpur
Park at Dhaka
Distt. Park  Lake area Pitampura
NHP Block-HU Pitampura
Distt. Park Double Tanki Pitampura
Distt. Park Lala Wala Bagh Pitampura
Park at Community Centre KP Block, Pitampura
NHP Block –ND Pitampura
NHP Block-TP, Pitampura
Distt. Park RP Block Pitampura
Distt. Park SP/TP Pitampura
Distt. Park SP Block Pitampura
Azis Bax Wala Bagh, Distt. Park Pitampura
NHP Block AA & AB Shalimar Bagh
Malhotra wala Bagh, Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Ram Bagh, Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Ram Sawroop Thakur Dass Wala Bagh,
NHP Block –BCBL, Shalimar Bagh
NHP Block –BQ & BM, Shalimar Bagh
Distt.Park Block –B, Shalimar Bagh
Karnel Wala Bagh, Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Shad Wala Bagh, Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Mote Wala Bagh , Distt. Park  Shalimar Bagh
Distt. Park, Shalimar Bagh
Distt. Park AP Block Shalimar Bagh
Sheesh Mahal, C & D Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Distt. Park Block – D Shalimar Bagh
Park along railway line Shalimar Bagh.
Kachiwala Bagh, Distt. Park Haider Pur
Park at Distt. Centre, C & D Block, Haider Pur
Nanak Wala Bagh , Distt. Park Shalimar Bagh
Park at 160, 560, SFS Flats at Shalimar Bagh
Park  at 648 SFS Flats Shalimar Bagh
Distt. Park Block -C & D Haider Pur
Golf Course at Bhalswa
Park at  Bhalswa
Tikona Park Village Bhalswa
Park at 656 MIG Jahangir Puri
Park near NDPL office Bhalswa
Park in Gram Sabha Land at Sarai Pipalthala


Park at Sec-A-10
Park in LIG, MIG Pkt-2,4,6 Sec-A-10 Narela
Park in & along Sec-A-10, Narela
Park at  Seed Bed Old Orchard Narela
Park at Resettlement Colony Pkt-1,2 Sec G-8 Narela
Park near Bhor Garh, Narela
Park at Vishal Wala Bagh
Park at Rural Historical tank SecA-10 Narela
Park near Gas Godown Narela
Park office Complex Narela
Park along 80metre road, G.T Road to office complex Narela
Park Swaran Jayanti Vihar, Tikri Khurd
Park at Transit Camp Tikri Khurd
Park at SPS at Sec-A-7 Narela
Play area Sec-B-2, Narela
Central Verge along 80metre road Narela
Park at Pardha Wala Bagh Narela
Park at  Subhash Wala Bagh Narela
Park at play area SecA-5, Narela
Park at  Sec-A 5, Narela
NHP Sec A-5, Narela
Park at 672 incremental houses 144 SFS Sec-A5, Narela
Park at 660 Janta EWS Houses, Gr-III Sec-A5 Narela
Park r/s scheme Tikona Park, Sec A-9 Narela
Park at 85 LIG, 64 MIG, Pkt-III, 96 LIG, 120 MIG, Pkt-IV, SecA-9 Narela
Park at Gautam Colony, Narela
Park 48 LIG, 48 MIG Gr-III, SecA-9 Narela
Park along behind 144 SFS Sec-A-5 Narela
Park/Play area SecAA-7, Narela
Park at 672 incremental houses, Sec-A-6, Narela
Park at pkt-5, 13 Sec-A-6, Narela
Park 608 EWS Pkt-1, Sec-A-6, Narela
Park Command Tank, Sec-A-7, Narela
Distt.Park Smriti Van Sec A-7, Narela
Park along Sec A-6, Narela
Park along SecA7, Narela
Park/Play area Sec-B-4, Narela
Park 672, LIG Pkt-6,1,9 Sec B-4, Narela
Park at UFC Narela
Park at Pkt 8,11,13 SecB-4, Narela
Park at Chhanga Wala Bagh Narela
Recreational area SecB-4, Narela
Park along Sec-B-4, Narela
Park along Master Plan road 100 metre Narela
Park along Sec-A1 to A4, Narela
Regional Park Northern Ridge (Part)
Regional Park Northern Ridge (Part)
Regional Park Northern Ridge (Part)
Regional Park  at Ajit Garh (Part)
Regional Park at Old Subzi Mandi (Part)
Regional Park at Malka Ganj(Part)
 Park at Bhalswa (Part)
Park at Ram Leela Ground Mukundpur (Part)
Park in office Complex Pitampura (Part)
 Park at Central Store GTK Depot (Part)
 Park at Community Centre Block B, Shalimar Bagh (Part)
Distt. Park at Saraswati Vihar Pitampura
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Road
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Club
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Bannu Enclave
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near P.Hospital
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Deepali
Park at office complex Hort.II Pitampura
Distt. Park at CHBS Pitampura near Brij Vihar
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Over Head Tank
NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Milan Apptt.
Distt.Park at CHBS Pitampura Sanjay Van
NHP at Mangol Puri Ind. Area Ph-II


NHP at CHBS Pitampura near Tarun Enclave
Park along P.V.C Market Tikri Kalan
 Maharaja Surajmal Stadium (Play field) at Nagloi
Distt. Park at Multan Nagar
Park at Darbar Khan Wala Bagh (Nursery)
Ram Singh Wala Bagh Distt.Park at  Shastri Nagar
Charkhi Wala Bagh Distt.Park at Shastri Nagar
Park between Shastri Nagar, Kalidas Marg
Distt. Park at Shastri Nagar (56 Bigha)
Park around Idgah
Park at Motia Khan
Park at Telephone exchange
Distt. Park at Faiz Road between Rani Jhashi Road
Ashok Vihar at Ph.IV  J. Wala (Distt.Park) Bagh
Distt. Park at Gulabi Bagh
Distt.Park at Sindhora Kalan, Gulabi Bagh
 Than Singh Wali Bagichi (NHP)Gulabi Bagh
Lal Singh Wala Bagh (NHP)at Gulabi Bagh
Jain Wali Bagichi (NHP) at Gulabi Bagh
Park at Shakti Nagar, between Railway Line
Distt. Park at Lawrence Road M.D Park
Distt. Park at Lawrence Road Nepal Wala
Distt.Park at Lawrence Road Mazdoor Park
NHP at Lawrence Road C-1 Pahari
NHP at Lawrence Road Rose Garden
Park at Transport Center Punjabi Bagh Rohtak Road
Park at Staff Quater A-2, Lawrence Road
Park at Lawrence Road B-3
Park at Punjab Kesari Printing Press Lawrence Road
NHP at Anand Vihar & Shakti Vihar Pitampura
Distt. Park at Sanik Vihar Pitampura
Distt.Park  at Lok Vihar Pitampura
Distt. Park at Harsh Vihar Pitampura
Park at Community Center Road No. 44 Pitampura
Park near Pitampura Village
Park near Venus Apartment at Pitampura
NHP at Kohat Enclave
NHP at Rajdhani Enclave Pitampura
NHP between Chander Lok & Lok Vihar Pitampura
NHP  P & T Colony Sandesh Vihar Pitampura
Park at Distt. Centre Subhash Place Pitampura
Distt.Park at Shakur Pur Old Orchard
Distt. Park at Sandesh Vihar
Park along at Ashok Vihar Ph-I, B to I
NHP Industrial Area Wazirpur
NHP at Ashok Vihar Ph.II
Khoja Wala Bagh (Distt. Park )at Ashok Vihar Ph.II
Play area Bada Kuan  Ashok Vihar   Ph-II
Park -21 Bigha Bagh at Ashok Vihar Ph-II
 Chandi wala Bagh (NHP) at Ashok Vihar Ph-II
NHP Bada Kuan at Ashok Vihar Ph-II
Distt.Park at Ashok Vihar Ph-IV
Picnic Hut Park (Distt. Park) at  Ashok Vihar Ph-III
Baba Khimman Singh (Distt. Park)Ashok Vihar Ph-II
Lekh Ram Park (Children Park   at Ashok Vihar Ph-II)
NHP at Ashok Vihar   Ph-III
Tot lot near Wazirpur Village
Tot lot  J.Block Ashok Vihar Ph-II
Ashoka Garden (Distt.Park) at Ashok Vihar  Ph-IV
Name of scheme
Distt. Park at Sarita Vihar
 NHP  opp. Pkt D & E Sarita Vihar
Park along  road no. 13-A Sarita Vihar
Park at Pkt F,G & J at Sarita Vihar
Park along  Pkt K & L at Sarita Vihar
Park at Pkt-A Sarita Vihar
Play area (Abundant Oxidation Pond) at Sarita Vihar
Park at JJ Colony at Madanpur Khadar
Distt. Park Ashoka Park opp. New Friends Colony


NHP  Sunlight Colony
Children Park Mata Ka Mandir at Bharat Nagar
Park behind Petrol Pump New Friends Colony
NHP Dr. Zakir Hussain Park at Okhla mor.
Park in Batala House at Okhla Village
Park in Vinobapuri near Ring Road Lajpat Nagar
Park at Sidhartha Basti near Railway Line
Indraprastha Park  (Distt. Park) at Sarai Kale Khan
Distt.Park at Jasola near Apollo Hospital
NHP adjoining Sports Complex Jasola
NHP at Pkt. 4 & 6 at Jasola
NHP at Pkt.1 & 2 at Jasola
Park near Pkt 1,2,3 at Jasola
NHP at Jasola
Distt.Park at Bahapur
Parks in CommonWealth Games village
Aastha Kunj  (Distt. Park) at Kalkaji
Aastha Kunj (Distt.Park)  Ph.I  & Ph.II  at Kalkaji Distt.Park
Aastha Kunj (Distt.Park) Ph.III Park around Kalkaji Temple
Distt. Park at R Block G.K-I
NHP at Pkt.B  East of Kailash
Park at Distt. Centre Nehru Place
Park & Play ground opp. Paras Cinema Nehru Place
NHP opp. LSR College at GK-I
Park behind Petrol Pump B Block GK-I
Park & woodland opp. Frank Authority Public School to Vikram Hotel
Park at National Park  Lajpat Nagar. IV
Park behind Petrol Pump at East of Kailash
 NHP at East of Kailash
Sapna Nursery at East of Kailash
Park  at Artist corner Garhi Village
 Matka Peer Nursery opp. Purana Quila
Park at officers flats  Bhagwan Dass Road
NHP at Katra Ahiran near PS at Nizamuddin
Hazrat Amir Khusro Park(Distt.Park)  in front of Oberoi Hotel at Nizamuddin
Lala Lajpat  Rai Memorial Park (Distt.Park) at Lajpat Nagar Vinobapuri
Kargil Park behind Rajdoot Hotel  Jungpura ‘B’
Park along Car parking near MTNL office(Nehru Place).
Jahanpanah City Forest Ph-I
Jahanpanah City Forest Ph-II
Children Park Dr. Ambedkar Nagar (Dakshinpuri)
Picnic Hut Complex (Distt. Park) at  Tughlaqabad
Rolling green  at  Tughlaqabad Fort M.B Road
Park adjoining at  Tughlaqabad  Fort M.B Road
NHP near Kalibari Mandir CR Park
NHP adjacent JP Club at Mandakini Enclave
 NHP Pkt A-10 & A-11 at Kalkaji Extn.
 NHP Pkt A-11 & A-12 at Kalkaji Extn.
Park Pkt –A 14 at Kalkaji Extn.
Park along transit camp Kalkaji (Govindpuri)
Distt.Park at  Tekhand Ph.I
Distt.Park at Tekhand Ph.II
Park at Okhla Indl. Area Ph.II
Distt.Park at Dhobi Ghat Kalkaji
Distt.Park  at Kalkaji Near PTC.
Distt.Park at Aurbindo Marg
Park along Punjsons Factory Kalkaji
Park along no. 34 H BIK Kalkaji


Regional Park along  MB Road
Distt. Park Part opp. RK Puram
Play field at Hauz Khas (Distt.Park) Part
Deer Park/ Picnic Hut at Hauz Khas
Rose Garden Distt.Park
NHP at SDA C-7
Park at DDA staff Quarter SDA C-7
Regional Park at Sanjay  Van (Part)
Regional Park  of Mehrauli Phase 1 to 34 Kishangarh-1 (Part)
Regional Park at Qutab Institutional Area Sanjay Van (Part)
Regional Park behind TB Hospital (Part)
Distt.Park at Dhaula Khan
Distt.Park at Nanak Pura
NHP at  Satya Niketan
Park at Anand Niketan
Distt. Park at RK Puram Sec 6 & 12
Distt. Park at RK Puram Sec -3 & 4
NHP at RK Puram Sec- 12
Distt. Park at Chankya Puri
NHP at RK Puram Sec-7 SM Temple
Park at Distt.Centre Bhikaji Cama place
Distt. Park at Vasant  Vihar (Part)
 Distt. Park at Vasant  Vihar (Part)
Park along School at Vasant Vihar
Biodiversity Park  (Part) at Muradabad Pahari
Biodiversity Park (Part) at Basant Nagar
Biodiversity Park (Part) at Kusumpur Pahari
Biodiversity Park  (Part) at Hanuman Temple  at Basant Nagar
Regional  Park (Part) Mehrauli
Regional Park (Part) at Qutab Minar, Mehrauli
Regional Park (Part) Mehrauli Complex
 Smriti Van Sec –A Vasant Kunj
Distt.Park  Sec-A Pkt B & C, Vasant Kunj
Regional Park (Part) at Andheria More
NHP Sec-A Pkt A Vasant Kunj
Park at (Oxidation Ditch) at Sec-A Vasant Kunj
Regional Park(Part) at Andheria More
Woodland Bhatta  Bricks at Village Ghitorni
Regional Park (Part) Labour Colony at Bhati Mines
NHP Sec D-2 at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec D-3 at Vasant Kunj
Regional Park at Rang Puri
Sultan Garhi Tomb(Distt.Park) at Vasant Kunj.
Park along to Dwarka
Vasant Vatika (Distt.Park) behind Vasant Valley School at Vasant Kunj)
NHP Sec-C -1,2,3 at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec-C 4  Vasant Kunj
NHP between SFS Sec C-4 and DESU office at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec C-9 at Vasant Kunj
Park at Community Centre C-2 & C-9 at Vasant Kunj
Park West of JNU Phase-II at Vasant Kunj
Central Verge Sec C-1 to C-9 at Vasant Kunj
 Cactus Garden (Distt.Park) Sec-B, Vasant Kunj
Park & Play ground at Sec B at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec-B 5 & 6 at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec-B -9 at Vasant Kunj
NHP Sec-B -1  at Vasant Kunj
NHP near Village Masudpur & GD Goenka Public School at Sec-B Vasant Kunj
Park at Barat Ghar Village Mashoodpur Sec-B Vasant Kunj
Park & Green Belt at Mashoodpur Dairy Farm Sec-B Vasant Kunj
Park near  Resettlement of Village Nagal Dewat Rangpuri
Park at Community Centre Sec B-11 Vasant Kunj
Park along Sec D-3 at Vasant Kunj
Park between  Railway line & Sewa Nagar


Park along Krishi Vihar to G.K-I
Bapu Park at Kotla Mubarakpur
Park under Flyover Bridge Defence Colony
Park around Vikas Sadan & Drainage system at Vikas Sadan
Park & Hillock area at Marshi Tito Marg Model Park
Park  near Narula Restaurant at Defence Colony
Park at  Vikas Sadan
Park & Seed bed at Marshal Tito Marg G.K-I
NHP Zone F-3 Hauz Khas Gulmohar Park
Triangular Park at Hauz Khas
Park at Khel Gaon
Park behind “N” Block Panchsheel Shahpur Jat
Park  at AGVC
Park around the tower area at A.G.V.C
Distt.Park  Sirifort Phase-I
Distt.Park   Sirifort Phase-II
Distt.Park  Sirifort Phase-III
Distt.Park  Sirifort Phase-IV
Distt.Park  Sirifort Phase-V
Chirag Nursery
Distt.Park Masjid Moth Panchsheel
Park near Flyover Chirag Delhi
Distt. Park Vijay Mandal Park (Begumpur)
Park at Shivalik Block-A
Qutab Nursery at Lado Sarai, Ph-I
Park at Lado Sarai Phase-V(Tarawala)
Park at Lado Sarai Phase-I
Lodi Era Park at Lado Sarai Phase-I
NHP E-Block, Saket
NHP J-Block Saket
NHP D-Block, Saket
Distt.Park at Saket
Park along around Sarva Priya Vihar
Distt.Park Panchsheel to Mehrauli Road
Distt. Park Swami Nagar, Phase-I
NHP Seed Bed Office Bldg. Sheikh Sarai
NHP infront of SFS flats at Sheikh Sarai Phase-I
Distt. Park Satpula Lake
Distt.Park at Lado Sarai Ph-II
Distt.Park  at Ladha Sarai
Distt.Park at Ladha Sarai Indian Garden
Distt. Park at Ladha Sarai
Park along Haryana Border at Tughlakabad
Regional Park at Tigri behind ITBP (Part)
Regional Park  West Ratia Marg at Sangam Vihar (Part)
 Regional Park  Tongia Plantation at  Tughlakabad (Part)
Regional Park near Adilabad Fort at Tughlakabad(Part)
 Regional Park near Kaya Maya Temple at Tughlakabad (Part)
Regional Park at Badarpur(Part)
Parks at Phulpehladpur, Ph-I
Parks at  Phulpehladpur, Phase-II
Tughlakabad Recreational Complex Zone-III
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