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Jungleerummy.com FAQs, How to Play Rummy Online ?

Hey are you a Jungleerummy lover but facing any issues related to it? So don’t worry this Junglee Rummy faq page will surely help you to get answers of such queries.

Some of you may have questions related to Junglee Rummy lobby or may be related to desktop site. You will find out all the answers here below.

First, we start with the little bit introduction of Junglee Rummy then you will find out the answers in FAQ section.

Lets Start.

What is Junglee Rummy?

Jungleerummy.com is a very popular and leading rummy website which allows users to play all variants of rummy online. The portal offers you a gaming environment of 2D and 3D rummy tables.

They also offer you various royal avatars and challenge players from across the country options also. People can play rummy on their website 24X7.

Interested ones can create an account on their website and play rummy anytime from your mobile phone and pcs and laptops also. Users can play cash games also in Jungleerummy.

Junglee Rummy FAQ, What is Junglee Rummy, How to play rummy online, Jungle Rummy safe or legal

Junglee Rummy FAQs

How can I play rummy on JungleeRummy.com?

  • First, you need to create an account on Jungle Rummy’s website. Just put the username and password and your email address on the site. Once your account is created you can easily play rummy on their website anytime.

How to create an account on JungleeRummy.com?

Can I play cash rummy games from Assam/ Telangana/ Odisha?

  • No, due to states act they not allowing their residents to plays cash rummy games online on Junglee Rummy website.

Which Internet Browsers support Junglee Rummy?

  • Actually, you don’t need to download rummy games to play rummy online. Just open your browser and type jungleerummy.com.

Remember that your browser must be JavaScript enabled and the Popup Blocker is disabled.

Browse – Junglee Rummy Customer Care, Ways to Contact

You can play rummy online on browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6 and above version, Mozilla Firefox and other.

What are the requirements needed in the computer to play rummy flash games on JungleeRummy.com?

  • System must be Pentium 4 and above.
  • 512 RAM and above
  • Screen resolution must be 1024×768 and above.
  • Good quality audio speakers to listen rummy game sounds.
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Recommended – 3 GHz Processor, 12 or more free space on hard disk, support for DirectX v9.0c or above, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 updated version of windows.

How can I update my account information on JungleeRummy.com?

  • Just log in to your Junglee Rummy account on a PC or laptop.
  • Now go to “My Account”? “My Profile”? “Player Information”.

What are Cash Tournaments in Junglee Rummy?

  • It is one of the exciting and earning part of the online rummy game. Cash tournaments will enable to play and win cash on the basis of your rummy game skills.

You just need to invest a small amount on registration or entry fees to get an entry in cash tournament. You can win mega cash prizes.

Most Popular Cash Tournaments Hosted by Junglee Rummy?

  • Loot Tournaments
  • MTT Cash 50/100/200
  • Bumper Loot Tournaments
  • World Rummy Tournaments

My amount has been deducted from my account but deposit failed what to do?

  • Don’t worry if your amount has been deducted from your account but deposit is failed then the bank will refund the money within 5-7 working days. Your money is safe with the bank.

Can I have more than one account on JungleeRummy.com?

  • No you can’t. Your registration on the site and use of Junglee Rummy services is restricted to a single account. You are prohibited from creating or using multiple accounts or multiple ids on the portal.

What is TDS and how to get TDS certificate?

  • The full form of TDS is Tax Deducted at Source. They legally obliged to deduct on all winnings of more than Rs 10,000/- in a single tournament or may be in single pool rummy game or point’s rummy game.
  • You can get a TDS certificate by making call on 1800-572-0555 (Customer Care) from Monday to Friday between (10.30 am to 7 pm). You can send email also at support@jungleerummy.com (Helpline).

How to change the password on JungleeRummy.com?

  • First log in to your Junglee Rummy account and then click on “ACCOUNT”? “My Profile”? “Change Password”.
  • Now enter the current password and new password and then click on the “Save”.

How to play games in Classic 2D View?

  • People can rummy in both 2D view and 3D view. In any case if you want to switch to the classic 2D view then simply join a game and click on the “2D view” button which is next to the “How to Play” button.

Which Rummy Version is most played?

  • Online Rummy has a huge number of variations but the most played online version of Rummy is point rummy format of 13 card Indian Rummy. The reason of this is 13 Card version is easy to learn and play as compare to 21 card game.

What are the best ways to win online rummy game?

  • Your focus must be on melding a pure sequence first because its must for a valid declaration.
  • Second, you need to learn how to use jokers wisely. It helps you in forming an impure sequence or a set.
  • Notice and track the cards which your opponent discard and picks and don’t gift them a game by discarding cards which can be useful for them.
  • Drop high-value cards as soon as possible to minimize your points.

How can I unsubscribe from SMS/Emails from JungleeRummy.com?

  • Just log in to your Junglee Rummy Account.
  • Then Go to “My Account”? “My Profile”? “Email SMS Subscription”.
  • Now uncheck the “I want to receive Promotional SMS/Promotional Emails”.

Your email address and mobile number will be unsubscribed within 24 hours.

How to calculate the winning amount in Pool Rummy?

  • The simple formula is Winnings = (Entry Fee X Number of Players) – Junglee Rummy Fee.

Example – If entry fees is Rs 50/- and 6 players are playing at pool rummy table then the prize will be Rs 300/- which will be credited to the winner account after the deduction of Junglee Rummy fee.

What is RNG?

  • The full form of RNG is Random Number Generator. Basically it is a system which ensures that the cards are distributed randomly absolutely.

This process ensures that no one has manual access or control over the distribution of cards. Junglee Rummy RNG process is certified by International Gaming standards.

Is Junglee Rummy Genuine?

  • It is one of the best and genuine online rummy games sites currently. You can easily play online and win cash.

Is Junglee Rummy Gambling Site?

  • Junglee Rummy is a legal website. According to the Supreme Court of India playing rummy online is not called gambling. You can easily play rummy or any other card game on Junglee Rummy frequently.

Is Junglee Rummy Safe & Secure?

  • Yes, according to the sources Junglee Rummy is a safe and trustworthy website to play card games online especially Rummy.

I hope this given information will surely help you to get answers of your queries.

If you are having any other questions or faqs in your mind related to Junglee Rummy then feel free to share it in below given comment section.

I will update the answer of all the questions in this given information.

So feel free to share your views and valuable queries.

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