ICICI Bank - How to apply for a new Cheque Book online ?

This article has been designed for ICICI Bank's customers with a view to tell you how you can apply for a new Cheque Book through online banking. The steps are very simple but for your help, we have also used the essential screenshots. Requesting a cheque book in a traditional way is outdated now. You don't have to submit that slip which is the part of your cheque book in your branch. So, instead of visiting your bank, we recommend you to follow below-mentioned steps. Requirements :

  • Active ICICI online banking account.
  • Username & Password

How to Request a Cheque Book Online in ICICI Bank

  1. Login to your ICICI online banking account.
  2. Check Bank Accounts in left sidebar and click on Cheque Book Request.ICICI Bank Cheque Book Request Online
  3. Select your account number (if you have multiple accounts linked in it.). Cross-check other details i.e. address with pin code where you want to deliver your cheque book.
  4. Click on the Submit button and it's done.ICICI Bank Cheque Book Request Confirmation
You will see the confirmation message on next page, which says, 'Cheque Book Request has been accepted for your Account No. XXXXXXXXXXX. You will receive the Cheque Book within 5 working days.' It means within a week you will receive your cheque book on your communication address, which has been submitted in your account.


  • Vineet Bisht

    2016-11-13 08:31:48

    Kindly provide the cheque book with my name because i want my widhrawal my provident fund

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    2016-12-16 14:00:05

    kindly provide the cheque book with my name because i want my widhrawal my fund

  • Rahul

    2016-12-27 18:23:52

    Cheque book

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