How to Stop Picking Your Nails - Ways to Stop Nail Biting

Everyone knows breaking bad habits is a very difficult task. Many of us are very much tired in our lives due to our habits. Each one has some good or bad habits in their daily life. These habits can affect your health also. Some of the common bad habits are bad alcohol drinking habits, bad habits in a relationship, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, toe sucking etc. Today we are going to share quick action ideas to stop nail-biting. Many of people have questions like how to stop biting nails, how to stop picking your nails etc. So all informative details about nail-biting are given below step by step.

Reasons of Nail Biting

First, we will clear the answer of question like why people start nail-biting? The answer is due to nervousness, boredom or hungriness people start biting their nails. Another name of nail-biting is chronic onychophagia. Nail-biting habit is started after the age of 4 and the most interesting fact about nail-biting is that boys tend to bite their nails more as compared to girls. Mainly the nail-biting habit started in the early days when you are a child but for many people, this bad habit will continue into their adulthood.

Nail Biting Effects

People are very much concerned about the effects and risks of nail-biting. Yes, there are some effects and risks of nail-biting which are given below.
  • Risk of Infection - There are many germs in your nails which may lead to you any serious infection.
  • Damage Tissues - Nail biting may damage your tissues or cells which grow the nails.
  • Can spoil your smile - It can spoil your smile also example if you biting your nails and your teeth broke then it will affect your smile.
  • Sick & Illness - Continous nail-biting may lead you to sickness and illness.
  • Gallstones - Excessive nail-biting may lead you to gallstones (pathri) or stone in bladder disease.
These are some effects and risks of nail-biting. It cannot damage you for your whole life but yeah it has some bad effects. It can be prevented through the tips and ways which are explained below. Check out.

How to Stop Picking Your Nails

Now many of you have questions in your mind like how to stop nail-biting etc. There are many ways which will help you to break your bad nail-biting habit. All the tips to break bad nail-biting habits are given below.
  • Find your trigger
  • Cut your nails short
  • Always Keep Your Hands & Mouth Busy
  • Use Gloves
  • Manicure
  • Cover nails with a bad taste
  • Note it as a bad habit
These are all preventions which will help you to break or stop nail biting habit. We will explain these sections below. Nail Biting, How to Stop Picking Your Nails, How to Stop Nail Biting

Find Your Trigger

The first and useful tip which will help you to break your bad nail-biting habit is to find your triggers. You have to notice what you feel and what are the reasons for nail-biting. Once you start noticing the reasons for nail-biting you will find out other alternatives or ways to break this bad habit. Always remember that nail-biting is a bad habit and it will make many difficulties for you in the future.

Short Nails

The other useful tip for you to avoid nail-bitingly is to cut your nails short. The logic behind this technique is very simple and easy if there is nothing to eat or chew then you can't do biting. Cut your nails regularly because it is growing on a daily basis. So always cut your nails and keep them short.

Always Keep Your Hands & Mouth Busy

One more interesting and effective trick to stop nail biting is always kept your hands and mouth busy. Yes. There are many other alternatives that will help you to make your hands, fingers and mouth busy like soft or stress ball, gripper, chewing gum, pen in your hand etc. If your fingers and mouth are always busy then the chance of nail-biting is very low. By following this method you can use your nail-biting energy to any other activity.

Use Gloves

This trick might be annoying for you but it is effective. You can use gloves to cover your nails and stop biting. If your daily routine doesn't match with this tip then you can use its alternatives also like stickers for nails. Gloves can also be used for those who had habits of thumb sucking & toe sucking. The effects of stickers are also the same as compared to gloves. I know this is a silly trick but you can try this in your daily schedule. Once you start using this technique it will surely help you to break you bad nail-biting habit.


It is also an effective way to stop nail-biting. Start spending money and time on your nails and get a manicure. Your nails will look great. Money and time will give you reasons to stop nail biting and stay your nails cool. Try this tip also.

Cover Nails with a Bad Taste

Funny but interesting tip for nail biters is to cover your nails with a bad taste. There are many special bad taste nail paints or polishes that are bitter in taste. If you start using these nail paints then that terrible taste will make you think twice or thrice before chewing your nails. Remember that these polishes or paints are made up of chemicals so you have to concern with specialists before purchasing these items.

Note it as a bad habit

Nail-biting is a bad habit. It may cause many serious effects on your body. So you have to note all the time when chewing your nails that it is a bad habit. Browse This - How to fix bad habits in a relationship Encourage yourself to stop or quit nail-biting as soon as possible. If you start motivating yourself to break this bad habit then it will help you. So these are the best and possible techniques to stop picking your nails. These tips will help you to break or quit bad nail-biting habits. Which technique you will try first tell us in the below comment section. If you have any other ways or tips to stop nail biting then drop it in below-given box.


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