How to start KFC Franchise in India? Cost, Returns & Franchise Information

Getting a franchise is a good option if you wish to work profitably in the food industry. KFC is a favourite destination for non-veg lovers. Crispy chicken wings from the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain are tempting and so is the opportunity of owning a retail store under KFC franchise. Kentucky Fried Chicken started serving its world-class recipes in 1952. Since then the name KFC is dear to all who can’t resist the temptation of eating crispy juicy chicken. Fast food industry has changed the menu to a great extent. And is remodelling the taste as well. If you wish to utilize the opportunity to serve this taste and make profit from it, you can consider taking a franchise of KFC. For this, you can contact them at

Yum! Restaurants International,

12th Floor, Tower-D, Global Business Park,

Gurgaon -122002

Phone: 0124-4025100

Yum! is the brand of which KFC is a subsidiary of. Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wingstreet etc. are other names associated with Yum! International.

Cost Involved and Steps to apply for a franchise

Opening a KFC outlet is more expensive than opening a McDonalds store. That too if the company gives you a green flag. Getting a franchise from Yum! Is not an easy task. They have a chain of master franchise and area developers. Even if you are lucky, they would agree for a rent + revenue model. There’s no mention of franchise process on KFC website either, so contacting the regional corporate office is the only choice. Rest depends upon your eligibility. According to some franchise owner's experiences, average cost of opening a KFC restaurant is around 1 crore to 4 crore, which depends on your location, rent, machinery and type of store. Approximately 10-12% of your total sales is charged by KFC for branding and advertisement purposes.


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