How to pay Postpaid Mobile Bill on PhonePe App? Best way with screenshots

PhonePe is one of the most used Indian online wallets and UPI. As we know PhonePe makes everything easy even you want to transfer money from a bank account or recharge/ pay bills online. But did you know you can also pay your postpaid mobile bills with PhonePe in just a few seconds. Many of the postpaid number users go to a particular connection official store or use alternative apps to pay their bills. PhonePe is a one-stop solution to make all your payments in a single app. PhonePe also gives you many offer and cashback is also available. In this blog, we are sharing a method to pay postpaid bill step by step below.

Ways  to pay Postpaid Mobile Bill on PhonePe mobile app

  1. Download the PhonePe app from GoogleApp Store or IOS App store. Sign up on the PhonePe app and create your account.
  2.  You will see the section name Recharge & Pay Bills. In that section, there is a mobile icon which is the name of ‘Postpaid’. Click on it.
Postpaid Bill on PhonePe
  1. After clicking on ‘postpaid’ you will see your phone number or you can also change the number and after that select operator. There is a section name ‘Enter Amount’ put your bill amount in that box.
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  1. After entering your bill amount you will see many options to pay the bill either you can pay directly through your bank account, UPI, debit or credit card. After selecting a payment option then click on ‘Pay Bill’.
Payment Options on PhonePe
  1. After you click on ‘Continue’ it will take you to the transaction screen, after the bill paid from your account, it will show you the transaction completed screen.
  2. Transaction only takes a few seconds. This is how you pay your postpaid number bill with PhonePe.
These are the best ways which will help you to pay the postpaid mobile bill through PhonePe. If you are having any other questions then it in the below-given comment section.


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