How to Pay Fees Online, Including Additional, Retest Payments, and Verify Payment Status on Sarathi Parivahan Portal for Driving License Services

Understanding the Procedure for Payment of Fees on Sarathi Parivahan Portal

Paying fees for various driving license services is an essential step in the application process. Sarathi Parivahan offers a convenient online payment system for users to make payments securely. In this guide, we'll outline the step-by-step procedure for making online payments, including additional fees, retests, and verifying payment status.

Steps to Pay Online and Verify Payment Status:

Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the official Sarathi Parivahan website at

Select Your State: From the homepage, navigate to the dropdown menu and select your concerned state.

Navigate to Fee Payments: Look for the "Fee Payments" option on the website and click on it to proceed.

Select Service: Within the "Fee Payments" menu, select the specific service for which you need to make a payment. This could include fees for a new license, additional endorsements, retests, or other related services.

Enter Details and Make Payment: Follow the prompts to enter the necessary details, such as application number, date of birth, and any other required information. Once entered, proceed to make the payment securely using the available payment options.

Verify Payment Status: After completing the payment process, you can verify the payment status to ensure that it has been successfully processed. This can typically be done by navigating to the "Payment Status" section on the website and entering the relevant details to check the status of your payment.

Paying fees for driving license services is made simple and convenient through the Sarathi Parivahan portal. By following the outlined steps, users can easily make online payments for various services, including additional fees, retests, and endorsements. Additionally, the option to verify payment status provides assurance that payments have been processed successfully. Whether you're applying for a new license or need to pay additional fees, Sarathi Parivahan's online payment system streamlines the process and ensures a hassle-free experience.


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