How to own Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Store franchise in India?

Baskin Robbins is a name every ice cream lover knows. There won’t be any mall where there’s no Baskin Robbins. Kids are huge fans of their ice creams and so are grown-ups, this makes it a good investment option if the food and beverage industry is your choice of business. Owning a Baskin Robbins store is comparatively easy. You can directly approach the organization by writing to their business development executives or calling them at 022 42313100. There’s an option at the top stating the availability of locations for new stores. Check out link here. 

Journey of Baskin Robbins

With the establishment of its first store in 1993, Baskin Robbins stepped into India to revolutionise the ice-cream parlours. From one store in Mumbai, they have reached a figure of 682 outlets spread across 145 cities. Nobody can resist an ice-cream, probably that’s the reason behind such quick progress of the company.

Getting a franchise

The company offers three types of franchise of Baskin Robbins as mentioned in the table below. Out of the three, you can choose one depending upon your budget and area. You can open a small corner store or a full-fledged lounge or a regular ice-cream parlour. But keep in mind that ice cream business is seasonal and your investment may give you suitable returns only after a period of one to three years. Although finding customers for ice-creams is a child’s play, it literally is, and you need not worry about branding and quality when you are associated with a brand like Baskin Robbins.

Franchise Type

Cost involved Area required

Ice Cream Franchise

10 lakhs 112 sq. ft. with 12-14 sq ft frontage.

Ice Cream Parlours franchise

14 lakhs 300 sq. ft. with 12 ft front area.

Ice Cream lounge franchise

19 lakhs 500 sq. ft. with 15 sq ft frontage.

Contact details

Once you make up your mind, you can approach the officials at
Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd.

101/A Aurus Chambers,

S.S Amrutwar Marg,

Behind Mahindra Towers,

Worli, Mumbai – 400 099.

Phone number: 022 42313131
Or you can fill the application online on the official website of Baskin Robbins. The representatives will approach you in case your proposal seems to be profitable as per them and company approves of setting up a store at the location you have to offer.


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